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Wedding Dress with Cowboy Boots...

Hi ladies,

I am looking for ideas, websites, pics, blogs etc... of wedding dresses with cowboy boots worn underneath. Any thoughts? Comments? Cute? Not so cute? My fiance is from Texas however I am from waaaaay up north. He loves to hunt, he loves the out doors. We enjoy riding horses together at his family property however, I am usually in my gym shoes. He has joked that I need to get some boots. ; ) I thought it would be really cute to show up on our wedding day with "cowboy boots" on.

fyi...this is a very casual/backyard style wedding...


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Clarification...he has not asked me to wear them...it was just an idea I had after seeing a cute pic online. I just thought it would be a fun suprise.

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My sister wore cowboy boots with her dress and it was fantastic! I actually wore cowboy boots and I officiated the wedding. There is nothing wrong with the look and I personally think it's great!

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I'm A Texan now. Have gone to a lot of weddings where the bride puts on her boots at the reception and kicks up her heels and has a blast!
I would not wear boots to the wedding....just me.
But I would to the reception!

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As a former wedding event planner and caterer, I think this would be a wonderful idea and a really great start to a marriage. Having been responsible for many "western weddings" I have seen this done many times and with it being casual,it's even more appropriate. You can have a beautiful western theme wedding and still retain the atmosphere. David Tutera did an awesome western wedding, you may want to pull up his website for ideas.

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My sister wore cowboy boots with her dress and it was fantastic! I actually wore cowboy boots and I officiated the wedding. There is nothing wrong with the look and I personally think it's great!

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Best Wishes for your marriage! I do lots of Wedding planning and am a Native Texan.

There are a ton of Brides around Texas that do wear boots under their gowns, but most of them do not wear them for the entire reception.

If you do not already own a pair, they need to be broken in.. They are also hot.
And can be cumbersome under a large gown. Many wear them with shorter dresses and they look cute.. Of course down here we are used to seeing this, in other places, they probably look like a costume item.

I Googled Brides in Cowboy Boots.. Under "Images" Here is the link..


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I know gals who've worn white boots under their dresses. If you're in Texas, you have to be able to find a place you can at least order some.
I thought the old fashioned button up boots were really pretty and a little more feminine, but I'm sure you can find something.
I know a woman who wore jogging shoes under her dress and revealed them at the pre-wedding photos because of the "joke" about her groom having to chase her for so long. Her groom wasn't in on it until after.
Do what you think will be fun. It's your day!!!

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I like it---I bet he loves it!


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My daughter wore nice shoes to walk down the aisle, but when she walked out on the dance floor for the first dance, she picked up the front of her dress and did a little shuffle to show off her boots. They are her everyday boots that were already worn in. I wouldn't go with those white wedding boots that you would never wear again. I bet your fiance will love it!

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do it, sounds adorable! I wore sparkly tennis shoes with my princess wedding dress.

here's a few (scroll down):
she had formal shoes for the ceremony and awesome boots for the reception


(you can see them just a bit in the last pic)

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Absolutely go for it! I also agree with Riley that you should get some "real" boots - nice ones, that you can also wear after the wedding. Get them in advance so you can work on breaking them in a bit before your wedding day (somewhere he won't see you obviously). I'm sure you have a ton of stores around you to go find a nice pair of boots. I'm originally from south TX and lots of my cousins got married with boots under there dress, the guys where nice boots too and also maybe a nice black cowboy hat and a bollo tie. If you haven't choosen a dress yet, try to take it into consideration and maybe get one that has more of that Western/TX/cowgirl feel.

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I'm A Texan now. Have gone to a lot of weddings where the bride puts on her boots at the reception and kicks up her heels and has a blast!
I would not wear boots to the wedding....just me.
But I would to the reception!

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I wore cowboy boots in my wedding, as a nod to my family/father's legacy. My father actually owns Cultured Cowboy (talk to Chuck if you call!) and I worked there for over 7 years. The rest of the wedding was a "formal" wedding (well, as formal as you can be in an outdoor wedding) and I was the only one in boots (even my dad wore dress shoes!).

As for photography, there are only a couple of shots where you can see the boots. Your shoes aren't seen most of the time, but when you lift the skirt a bit it adds a fun aspect. It turned out really cute!

Looking back over my wedding photos, my boots aren't shown at all, except for the shots where I specifically wanted them to be. Garter removal during reception, and a few bridal portraits where I made a point to have them shown.
Here are a few of them:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/suthernstrawberry/46970740/i... (it gets hot in SC!)

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If you're going to do it... I'd strongly recommend buying "real" boots, instead of wedding boots. Real boots, and nice ones, cost several hundred dollars. It would seem a shame to buy boots for the wedding that you couldn't actually use *after* the wedding. Avoid white, and any pastel color. On horses they turn dingy/dirty almost immediately.

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I'm from SE TX and I've seen it a lot. I personally think it is adorable. My favorite boots are my green and brown box toe Ariats. Go to cavendars. There are as many styles of boots as heels and I'm sure you will find some that suit your style and will got with your dress. Have fun! I love to wear my Ariats for riding our horses, they are so comfortable. They were a couple hundred, but very good quality.

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As a former wedding event planner and caterer, I think this would be a wonderful idea and a really great start to a marriage. Having been responsible for many "western weddings" I have seen this done many times and with it being casual,it's even more appropriate. You can have a beautiful western theme wedding and still retain the atmosphere. David Tutera did an awesome western wedding, you may want to pull up his website for ideas.

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i have seen this done on tv wedding shows, bride magazines, trailor trash to richy rich girls weddings. lots of brides do it down here. i would however break them in very well. boots can rub blisters easly espicaly new ones worn all day. look up some photographers and see if you like them.


i think she wore the right style of boots. nice girly pointed toe boots.

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I say do what you feel comfortable in and don't worry about the fashion. If you think your hubby will love it and you want to do it then do it! It's you day! :)

I wore sneakers under my wedding dress. We were getting married outside (on grass) and I have huge feet. The thought of wearing heels and walking in a dress in front of all those people made me want to put sticks in my eyes. I just knew I'd trip down the stairs or my heel would get stuck in the lawn. I ordered my sneaks from some lady who decorates them with pearls, lace and ribbons especially for weddings. Most of my guests LOVED them, but I did get a few whispers ("I can't BELIEVE she wore tennis shoes!!"). I didn't care. My husband didn't care. My feet were happy and I didn't fall on my fanny.

Congrats on your wedding~ have a great time!

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Just went to a wedding held a few weeks ago in a Methodist Campground - at the Arbor? Outside open chuch with shavings on the ground - left saying that this was a wedding of my choice - loved it! And yes she was wearing cowboy boots and looked charming! Her dress wasn't real fancy but was beautifully elegant! I say go for it! Her boots were her own slightly worn brown and her dress was an almost white, with dark ecru embroidery around the bust line.


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Love the idea and the reason behind it! Go for it, it's your and his special day, so do something you'll both have fond memories of!

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Here is some:


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My cousin found some white lace up boots that had a cut out detail that looked like lace, they were perfect with her dress! It looked very cute.

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How sweet to try to surprise him this way. Bet he'll be pleased!

I'm a country girl through & through I say DO IT! It will look cute & your hubby to be will LOVE it. It would be a great surprise!

I own a bridal boutique and have had brides that are going to wear cowboy boots all the time. Some are wearing shorter dresses and it's a very intentional look. Cute for sure if it's your style and the right kind of wedding. And if your dress is long, hemmed properly to where when you're standing your shoes don't show and it's just touching the ground...you'd barely see the boots tip when you walk but otherwise it's a fun photo opportunity to lift up your dress a little and see those boots or when you are dancing and kick them out. I mean people will know but it will be fun thing. Sounds like your wedding could be perfect for it. It's actually kind of a cool look too!
If you just go to google images and search boots bride you'll see all kinds of photos.

You only get married once so wear whatever you want. It is your day and you have to enjoy it to the fullest. Have fun and if you "break" tradition this way, oh well.


I think it's a really cute idea, especially if you are having a casual outdoor wedding. As for the dress, in my opinion you need something casual and simple...I like this one:
Or you could go for a cocktail length dress if you want to go that casual with it; cowboy boots and short dresses are cute together.

Sheplers has a link for some western wedding items, perhaps this well help: http://www.sheplers.com/womens/western_wedding/?source=Ov.... I've also found a website, cultured cowboy, that has western wedding dresses: http://www.culturedcowboy.com/wedding/bridalwear/pages/we.... A friend from college had a western wedding & she wore a western style wedding dress w/fringe on it. There used to be a pattern for that dress but hadn't seen anything like it for a long time. If you know someone who sews or if you can, yourself, try to look on EBay or a place that sells out of print patterns for it. Or you may just look in a western apparal store & find a dress or even a fancy western style skirt & blouse that would work, or not fancy & decorate it/embellish it yourself or have someone to help. Hope this helps! Good luck & congratulations.

My girlfriend got married in Navada wearing an old fashion red velvet dress and white cowboy boots! I am telling you she looked awesome! Have fun!

Cowboy Boots with a short sundress is the summer uniform in Fort Worth - especially around the Stockyards, Billy Bobs, etc. I think it would be adorable, but word to the wise, boots take a long time to break in. They can be very stiff and uncomfortable at 1st, especially if you have never worn boots. Maybe you could find some that look like cowboy boots but are actually a softer leather and meant for dressy occasions.

My very good friend got married at her parents ranch. She wore a form fitting white dress- with nothing on the back and red cowboy boots! It was awesome! She used sunflowers with rafia bows and red bandanas to decorate. Her sister was her bridesmaid and she and the best man wore jean skirt/jeans and white starched shirts with red bandanas on their necks. Her sisters bandana was small and tied around her neck at an angle so it looked almost like a red choker bandana. They both carried wildflowers with sunflowers in them tied in red bandanas. It was beautiful and I do mean beautiful!!! I love the combo of the wedding dress and the red boots!!!

I'm a photographer from College Station, TX, and do many Aggie weddings, so I see A LOT of boots under wedding dresses. Usually, the bride chooses to wear her boots at the reception, wearing some sexy heels to walk down the aisle. Some do choose to wear the boots the whole time. You do need to consider... are you getting married in TX? It's HOT here, you know since you have visited, but it can be especially hot and uncomfortable with boots on under a wedding dress from mid-May to the beginning of October, if you are not used to TX. Do break in your boots, and get some that you can enjoy later, as so many others have mentioned.
I think this your idea is a wonderful surprise to your soon-to-be-husband! Since so many times the guys have "little surprises" in store for the bride and the crowd gathered during the garter toss, you could surprise him instead by putting the boots on right before the garter toss and when he lifts the dress, he'll find the boots! This way, if your feet are not quite used to the boots, you can just wear them through part of the reception, and you get to wear sexy shoes, too! Anyway, good luck! If your wedding is in TX and you need advice, don't hesitate to PM me!

i am not a fan, & since you don't normally wear them i would say no...if you're in a more casual dress maybe even go barefoot...but i just dont think cowboy boots are cute esp. with wedding dresses

Cute idea I think, go for it. I bet you can find some great ones on the internet. Good luck to you.

Justin ropers makes an irridescent pearl white roper, just so you know. LOVE the idea!

Love it..love it..love it!!!! I had a friend that wore boots..so cute..her colors were chocolate and teal and to match her party she wore chocolate colored boots.. Pictures were so cute. As long as you wear a long dress so they don't become the focus of the ceremony.. They will be fun during the reception. Do break them in beforehand

I think it's cute and anod to your soon to be Texan hubby and his family. But like a few posters said, make sure you break them in, I had cowboy boots years ago and thought I could wear them out to a club all night the day I bought them. The blisters were huge and painful. I hobbled around for a week. Wear them down the aisle , flash your hubs so he sees them, take a few pics then change in to a pair of sexy shoes, the kind us northerners like!(lol) Congrats on the upcoming nuptials.

I think it would be super cute. But I would say buy them way before and break them sukers in! Nothing worse then brand new boots when your tryin' to dance, and walk around.
I wore flip flops under my wedding dress. It was very me. =)

A friend of mine wore white cowboy boots with her vintage, white lace wedding dress. It suited her style. The dress was mid calf length so you could really see the boots. Personally, not for me. But, it was definately her. I think that with a long gown you could probably pull it off without it being too noticeable, or you can wear shoes during the ceremony and change into the boots during the reception. Enjoy your wedding and do what is comfortable for you and suits your personality.

I wore cowboy boots with my wedding dress - dress was white and boots were brown and pink, which determined the color scheme for our wedding. Came out really cute and not tacky/cheesy at all. We had a casual outdoor wedding as well. Good luck to you and congratulations!

I think it would be darling! Go for it. They come in every color and style. Find something you love.

Love the idea! So cute! It really doesn't matter what kind of shoe you wear; they will rarely be seen. However, it will make for fantastic pictures and a sweet little surprise for your hubby to be.

I like anything original at a wedding. Go for it.

(Ever see that video of the wedding party dancing down the aisle? Or the one where the grooms break into the "Thriller" dance? Adorable.)

I think it's a really cute idea. I did a photo shoot once where the bride brought her soccer cleats with her for her bridal portraits. I think anything that projects your personality is fantastic! Have fun with it:)

I gotta go against the popular grain on this one--I vote no. Also, I remember David Tutera trying to talk a Texas bride out of just this idea. And she was FROM Texas! Either way, have fun!

There are plenty of wedding pics out there with women who woe boots. I would just suggest to stick to white boots if you are wearing a white dress (or cream boots with cream dress.) I'm not too crazy about the dark colored boots with a white dress. If you google wedding boots, or western wedding pics and look at the image results you will find a ton.

Here are some pics I found:





I wore boots to my San Antonio wedding with a long, traditional, white wedding dress. My best friend had a pair of ivory boots that she bought for her wedding so I borrowed them for mine. And if you want to wear them during the wedding, why not?! No one says you have to wear uncomfortable shoes to get married. The boots were comfortable (I highly recommend breaking them in before your wedding day) and my best friend even borrowed them back at one point to give her feet a rest from her shoes (so I guess you could say I had on maroon pumps under my dress for a while too).

I was also at a wedding this past weekend where the bride and bridesmaids all wore flip flops. The dresses were long enough that the only thing that peeked out when they walked were their toes. No one knew any wiser and everyone had happy feet by the end of the night.

Bottom line, wear whatever is going to be comfortable on your feet on your special day. Your husband will love your regardless of your choice.

Cute! I actually think a pair of sparkly or funky boots would be amazing. I have seen lots of brides who wear a really long elegant dress and it is only at the reception that you see this awesome pair of red heels etc...I wish I would of though of something so creative at my wedding! I really like the idea of a long gown "hiding" the boots and then showing them off at the reception. Have fun and congrats:)

Maybe with a "prairie" look type wedding dress... all white, cotton, eyelet type fabric... etc.

But really, the wedding should be a joint idea... not just because he is from Texas... what about YOUR ideas of a dream wedding? did it include cowboy boots?
Or did your Finance WANT you in cowboy boots with your wedding dress?

Whatever floats your boat.
People even get married in scuba gear under water.

good luck,

A co-worker got married a couple years ago in Colorado. She had a themed wedding and wore boots and an old fashioned, high-necked lacy dress. Her husband wore a black 'duster' type coat and white shirt with bolo tie and black hat. Think western, turn of the century look. There is a small clapboard church in Durango, I believe, and they had the wedding there then the reception was held aboard the Silverton train. Her brother took pictures and had them done in color, black & white and sepia, they turned out beautifully! Congratulations to you!

I think it would be very cute! I saw a girl wear bright blue heels with her dress, it was her something blue. If I had it to do over again, I would have done something funky with my shoes!!

I also have a soon to be daughter-n-law that is looking for ideas in that same category. She has found a beautiful wedding gown that is short in the front and long in the back and is going to wear a pair of white pointed tip(squared off) boots with her dress. I wasn't so sure about it until she put on everything and she looked absolutely amazing, just beautiful! She will definately bring tears to my sons eyes, when she finally takes that walk down that isle. I say go with it...........Wear those boots girl!! That will be one moment he will never forget.

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