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Wearing Flip Flops to School?

My 6 year old keeps hounding me to wear flip flops to school. She says all the other girls are doing it. Well, its not going to happened. First of all, its not even that warm yet, and even on the days she doesnt have P.E., they still have recess and run around like monkeys. Am I the only one who thinks its inappropriate to wear flip flops to school?

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Dont get me wrong yall, I LOVE flip flops myself. Just dont think they are appropriate for school.

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I agree with you...with the exception of the last week of school, then it is hot and a more relaxed setting, IMO.

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They are not allowed at any of the public elementary schools here in Austin, because they run the track every day and have recess..

Call the school office and just ask.

They are allowed in Middle school and high schools here.

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My daughter is 13 and I still don't let her wear flip flops to school. I agree with you-it is not safe especially if they go out for recess or have stairs in their school.

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As someone who broke her foot while wearing flip flops, I say NO! NO! NO! I never realized how dangerous flip flops and slides can be until I stepped off a step wrong and twisted my foot while wearing the flip flops. I broke four bones in my foot and ripped two ligaments. All from stepping off one step funny. Because flip flops and slides have no support for your feet, if you make one wrong move you can do real damage. The possibility for problems is huge at schools where kids are running and playing.

The orthapedic surgeon I had to see told me that the vast majority of children he sees with broken feet or sprained ankles were wearing flip flops or poorly fitting Crocs. He told me in no uncertain terms to never let my little kids wear flip flops. And it's advice I'll follow... I don't want my kids spending 12 weeks in a foot brace like I did!

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Flip flops are NOT school attire. PERIOD. They are not safe in school conditions. In fact - they are forbidden at our elementary school...yes, a child got injured (running on the playground, kid running behind caught up faster than they thought - stepped on the "flip flop" and she tripped - broken nose, chipped teeth, etc. parents threatened suing and instead the school said "no flip flops"..)

I don't care if everyone else is doing it - if they were jumping off a bridge -would you do it?!

Flip flops are for the beach and pool. NOT SCHOOL!


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No. I hate that they've become "shoes". Many schools ban them. Our elementary school asked us to keep SD's clogs (then an in thing) at home. It doesn't matter if all the other girls do x or y or z. I wouldn't allow it.

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Our elementary doesn't even allow it. In fact, they ask for all closed toe shoes. It's a safety issue on the school site. Even if they did, I'd put my foot down on that one!

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I completely agree for 2 reasons.
1 - They are a safety hazzard, which is why most schools will not allow them (at least in our area).
2. - I beleive children should wear "proper attire" at school. I think it sets a tone of respect for oneself and for the school.

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I am fairly certain our school policy says no flip flops. These aare not my favorite shoes.

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LOL - every school that my kids have ever attended flip flops were against the dress code and they would have to sit on the bench during recess if they wore them.....that being said, even if they were allowed, I would not let my kids wear them. On the other hand, I really don't think that the school should tell me what shoes I can/cannot send my kids to school in. I bought both of my kids nice pairs of keen's they cost me a lot of money, they are like hiking shoes that are canvas but are kind of open so that your feet can breathe in the summer time. They said the kids couldn't wear them. I thought that was completely ridiculous. I guess there are so many parents who do not put their kids' safety first that they have to be this way, but seriously, those shoes are not a safety hazard. sorry for the rant.....

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Many schools have a 'close toed shoe' rule. All elementary schools I taught at had such policy.

I personally don't have a problem with flip flops. I love them. Didn't even like them till I was in college. I wear them just about every day of the summer and spring. I'm wearing them as we speak. I wore them when I got married. My husband wears them any time he wears shorts.

That being said, my almost 3-yr-old has never worn them. He falls down enough as it is. Don't want some flippy thing tripping him up all the more.

The way I see it -you are teavhing your daughter what it is to be 'presentable' and 'respectful.' Teachers don't wear flip flops - they dress nicely to be respectful of their students and staff and their profession. Students should take the same level of respect for their education and dress appropriately. When I was in High school, we had to tuck in our t-shirts. Hated the rule, but it was a lesson in dressing for the real world where you are trying to get a job and hold a job, etc.

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