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Weak Positive Pregnancy Test (Help!)

I am currently 5 days late in my cycle and have taken 3 pregnancy test, last one being this morning. All three have been very weak positives. I read on-line that that could indicate an ectopic pregnancy. I am going to see my OB next week, but was wanting to see if this had happened to anyone else, if so did it turn out to be ectopic? I have been pregnant before and that test was very positive the first day I was late. Thanks for any help or advise...

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I too was late and knew I was pregnant in my heart, with my second child. I took five pregnancy test all came back negative, two different brand & days and weeks apart and still negative. Even though i was tired and felt the symptoms of being pregnant. Did not get confirmation until I went to my gynecologist, that's when I tested positive. I had a great pregnancy, baby was born healthy. So don't think negative. That test does not necessarily mean an ectopic pregnancy. Good luck.

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I had weak positives with my last pregnancy on three different tests. My daughter is 2 1/2 now. That was the only pregnancy I had a weak positive for as well. Good luck to you.

I had a blood test done at the Dr. to confirm my pregnancy. They will get a number instead of a line and be able to tell you if it is within a normal range. If your hormone number is low, they can do another blood test in a couple of days to make sure it is increasing at the proper rate. Good luck!

The test may be weak positive just because you are so early in you pregnancy. Do you have pain or other reasons to worry about ectopic pregnancy like tubal reveral or history of pelvic infection? If not them the test will get stronger over time as your HCG level rises as the baby grows

When I was pregnant with my son I took 5 tests that ALL showed Negative.... I had a physical exam at the obgyn and he even said that he didn't think I was pregnant. When you are pregnant the walls of your uterus change color....in this case the doctor didn't see any change.

At my insistance, they drew blood and did a blood test.

My son is now 22.

You cannot rely on pregnancy tests bought over the counter.... You know your own body.... If you have a strong feeling that you are pregnant....you probly are.

The best advice is...... GO TO THE DOCTOR.

Hi Jessica, after 2 healthy pregnancies (with solid lines when I was late), I also got a faint positive test when my period was late. I took like 7 tests, they were all faint. About a week later, I started my period. This happened to me 2 times. I thought I was pregnant, but a week later, I would start cramping and then start my period. They did bloodwork both times, and the hcg levels were not going up. I never got a concrete response if I miscarried or not.
Now, 3 weeks ago, I was late again, took a pregnancy test, and to my suprise I had a very bright positive line. The pregnancy was confirmed through bloodwork, and now I am 6 weeks pregnant.
My advice to you is, call your doctor and ask for bloodwork to check your HCG levels. They should check the levels twice, and they are supposed to at least double. That way you'll know for sure. Good luck!

I would go to a lab to have a blood hcg level pregnancy test done before you go to the doctor next week. (You will need a prescription from the doctor or the doctors office can call the lab with verbal orders). Then at your appt. have the doctor's office do it again-that way you will be able to compare and see if the numbers are rising or falling. My weak tests did result in a miscarriage-my report said "possible ectopic". But so many women have written you that had weak tests and now have a beautiful child as a result! So I would just get things checked sooner than later so you do not have to go so long being uncertain.
Mary V.

Not always! With both my (healthy) babies I got a very faint line a week or more after my missed period.

Hi- the same thing is happening to me so I hope it does not mean ectopic pregnancy! With my first child, the pregnancy test turned very positive right away. And just last week, I took two pregnancy tests after being a few days late- and they were both very weak. I mentioned this to my ob office on the phone and she just said I was still really early. My appt to confirm is still 2 weeks away.

Dont freak out. You are just fine. Both of my pregnancy tests were like that for both my girls. Doctor said it just took a while for my hormone levels to kick in. I am sure it is the same with you. If your doctor was worried about it he would have had you come in this week to check. Don't freak out. You will just make yourself a nervous wreck and that doesn't do you or your little one any good. Think positive! and Congrats!

Try not to worry! Many tests give a weak neg or a false positive result. I would bet your pregnant and your HCG is a little low. Good luck to you:)

Hi there! I'm 39 years old and that happened to me when I was 36, almost 37, so I have three tests too, all of them weak like that, I didn't want to believe them jijijiji, but let me tell you, I have a 20 month old boy now, so you know.
Enjoy it and don't worry too much, go to your Dr.
Congrats girl.!!!!!!

My first test was very week also and I took it 2 weeks late. But the very next day I took a digital test and positive popped up before I even sat the test down!!! Don't jump to the worst assumption so fast. More than likely your HcG level is just low right now. Take a different kind of test and wait until you go to your OB/GYN. Everything will be fine. Take care and congratulations!

When I got pregnant with my daughter, all my pregnancy tests had VERY faint positives and she was fine. I think it has something to do with hormone levels. Anyway, the doctor told me faint or not, if there's anything there, it's positive. Congratulations! And Good Luck! :)

I don't know about a weak positive indicating ectopic pregnancy. But positive means that there is the presence of the hormone that indicates pregnancy -- so congratulations are in order! Call your OB and schedule an appt. and ask about that ectopic question -- I hadn't heard of that before.

with my first pregnancy i took four pregnancy tests, the first was negative (1 day late), i took another one at 7 days late and it was faintly positive- it showed 1 dark line and 1 barely there line, so i took one that showed a + for positive and only the i line was there twice. i finally called the doctor and had a blood test and it was positive. so, good luck!

If my memory serves me (I did invitro), the test measures the level of a hormone - which excretes in a range per pregnancy, meaning it would be twice that if you had twins. I know I did progesterone suppositories to support the pregnancy for two months following the test. Our generation is very difficient in progesterone. If you are a little worried about the weakness, maybe it would empower you a bit to just get progesterone cream from either your doc or from a natural food store (less concentrated) and do that. It does help support the pregnancy.
Many wishes and thoughts for you. I remember that time and hope that all goes well. J.

Look online for the test with the lowest threshold of HCG. It should be able to pick up a positive result easier.
I just had a pregnancy that took 5 days to register on a test and was very weak, then I got 2 positives (it was a 2-pack, so what the heck) on a digital test, and then got my period the next day. I, too, was worried about ectopic and don't know if the stress caused me to miscarry or if it just wasn't meant to be.
Either way, your body will figure it out soon enough. Don't stress. Relax, hope for the best, and just eat well, drink less caffine, and wait for the OB appointment next week.

mine was weak and barely visible, she was a girl and I had her 7 months ago.

I have had weak pregnancy tests when it was early in the pregnancy and everything was fine. It usually means that we are not producing enough of the pregnancy horomone to make the line dark. In my case I would wait another week and take another test and the line would be darker. Also are you taking the test in the morning...sometimes that helps. But I think that going to the doctor will help, because they can do a blood test which is more accurate. I hope that everything works out for you.

A weak positive just means less HCG. As pregnancy proceeds this level rises. Did you do your test with your first morning urine? It will be more concentrated in the morning. Also, I have never heard that a weak positive means an ectopic pregnancy. Pregnant is pregnant and the hormone levels should be the same regardless.

Hi Jessica,
First you need to calm down. The weak line meaning and ectopic pregnancy, I've never heard that before, be careful about on-line info unless it comes from a VERY reliable source.

I think the best thing to do is just wait and see what your OB/GYN says. And if there is any question about your condition they will likely do an ultra-sound.

Don't let your mind run wild with all the "what-if's", go see your doctor.

Good luck!

M. W.

Mine were weak & I was 7 weeks pregnant! They were so weak I was convinced they were negative, but my husband pointed out that even weak, it was a positive. Mine was a normal pregnancy, even though I was sick a lot, but everything was fine. It could be the brand of the test or just not a lot *but enough* of the pregnancy hormone in your urine.

Good luck & I hope you get the answer that is right for your family.

The first test I took was also very weakly positive. I waited another week or two, and it was definitely positive. We now have a beautiful almost 6 week old little girl.

Your OB can repeat the test (blood or urine) to reassure you. Usually people have risk factors for an ectopic pregnancy like a history of pelvic inflammatory disease etc.. In a normal pregnancy it can take time for the hcg level to rise so the test can be weakly positive.

Good luck!

I took 3 pregnancy tests also when I was pregnant with my daughter. The first 2 were negative (1st taken at 7 days late, the other at 11 days late), with the 3rd one finally being positive (at 14 days late). It was VERY faint, but it's because I ovulated WAY late and didn't actually get pregnant until after I was already late. I don't know enough on the subject to say for sure, but it doesn't seem to make much sense to me that this would mean an ectopic pregnancy. The pregnancy test is testing for a hormone that is in your body. It seems like WHERE in your body the fertilized egg/embryo is located would make no difference as far as the test goes.... your body will produce this hormone anyway and the test will pick it up. Just my thoughts.... :-) Good luck!!

First of all I wanted to say that I have been blessed with a healthy son & daughter but I have had 6 failed pregnancies as well. After the first few I learned that when I had a very light line on the test that the pregnancy was not going to pan out. I never had typical miscarriages. I would continue to carry the baby anywhere from 6 weeks to 12 weeks but there was not a heartbeat. I too had very dark lines on the test with my son & daughter. I hope maybe this is not the case for you but just wanted you to know that is what happened with me and none of them were ectopic. They just all ended up with a D & C.

Dear Young Mom,
My advice is if your more than 10 days late in your cycle, then by all means
GO TO THE DOCTOR!!,Good Luck,Love,

My first was very positive. With my second pregnancy it was very light, weak positive (I was told it was because I wasn't producing enough of the pregnancy hormone yet). After a year and a half of trying, I almost didn't believe it. My pregnancy was completely normal both times. Gotta love the internet, sometimes I feel like there is such a thing as too much information. Try not to worry too much, I'm sure everything is fine. You'll feel better after you see your doctor. Good luck! Having two is soooooo different, but I love it!


No advise just a ((hug)).

And i know that every pregnancy is different. And it's still very early.

Probably not good. Either an ectopic or a "non-viable" pregnancy. If your pregnancy is normal, your HCG (the pregnancy hormone) should double every three days, meaning the test should be much darker the third time.
I had two miscarriages before my son, and with the first one, my test was weakly positive.
I hope I'm wrong. Good luck.

I too was late and knew I was pregnant in my heart, with my second child. I took five pregnancy test all came back negative, two different brand & days and weeks apart and still negative. Even though i was tired and felt the symptoms of being pregnant. Did not get confirmation until I went to my gynecologist, that's when I tested positive. I had a great pregnancy, baby was born healthy. So don't think negative. That test does not necessarily mean an ectopic pregnancy. Good luck.

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