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Weak Bladder

This might sound a bit strange but I think that I may have a weak bladder.I constantly am going to the bathroom alot no matter how much I drink.Does any one else have this problem or have any advice about it.
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I have noticed that since I had my daughter I have had a weak bladder as well. Trust me you are not alone. It is so frustrating.

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Do you go often and yet never really feel empty? There is a condition called interstitial cystitis. Basically, it feels like an infection, acts like an infection, but they can't find an actual bacteria to treat or real reason for it. I suffered from this for years. In fact, in time I became so sick with it I had blood clots in my bladder and was no longer able to get more than a few drops out at a time. This can become very serious. They had to go inside and planned to do a biopsy. But they only found that the walls of my bladder were all scratched up looking but still no reason, no tumors and no cancer, thankfully. But it didn't really give me the relief that I needed, only more questions.

I was desperate and I used to read every book I could get my hands on about natural healing. Even though they did not find an actual infection they could treat, I went on the assumption that was what I had. I found a doctor that said to take 2000 miligrams of vitamin c every hour on the hour until the symptoms passed. I only had to do that for 24 hours. And yes, I set a timer and took the doses all night even while I was trying to sleep. That was 10 years ago and I've never again gotten that bad. I've never taken anymore antibiotics which never worked anyway.

I have learned to water down cranberry juice to the point that it's about 20% cranberry and 80% water. I buy the kind that is sweetened with only other juice and no added sugar. I take vitamin c when I start to feel at all like I have to go too often.

I sincerely hope you don't have exactly what I do/did. It could be an actual infection you can have treated.


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I also have this problem from having big babies. From what I have learned most women just live with this problem. There are things you can do to help. One thing is to take a little extra time and be sure to get every drip out when you go to the bathroom. Anyway, there are web site on this topic, so you might try goggle.

Your not alone, after having my daughter I still pee when I sneeze!

A wonderful OB in Tulsa recommended a "super-kegel" he calls his namesake exercise for tightening/strengthening up the lower abdominal area after childbirth. To do "Aikmans," lie flat on your back, knees bent, one leg crossed over the other; lift your bottom up, and kegel 10 times. For me, he recommended this 3 times a day - to help with the same symptoms you described. It took about 6 weeks to feel like I was back to normal (more in control, less frequency), but it really helped me.

This may not have anything to do with your bladder. This may be your ureathra feeling or being infected or just irritated.

I too, have the problem after 3 kids. Kegels can help but you have to be diligent about doing them. Pee before and after intercourse and stay hydrated.

Some personal hygiene products and lubricants can also cause this irritation. If you have exhausted all these avenues then you should go to the doctor and try one of the anti spasmodic medications and invest in liners specifically for this problem.

I have noticed that since I had my daughter I have had a weak bladder as well. Trust me you are not alone. It is so frustrating.

You just may have an overactive bladder. Also if you have had kids you have had pressure on your bladder and can cause it to be overactive. You can get things for this.

Hi J.!

You are NOT alone. After having children, your bladder just doesn't hold up like it used to. I will get on my trampoline with my kids and jump...and well, that only last a few minutes before I am off and running to the bathroom.
I have done the Keigel exercises; like I was instructed too, but it doesn't work that well, especially when you are jumping, coughing or sneezing.
I guess it is something we as mothers; have to live with. I know that there is medication that we can take, but I really don't want to have to take it. I suppose if it gets bad enough, I will.

Take Care

Hi J.,
I also have 4 children and this same problem but I think it's because of having 4 children and now I have a weak bladder. My OB/GYN Dr. told me to do kiegal exercises to help strenthen it up. It's bad news if I wait to long to go or sneeze/cough. Hope this helps W.

I live like this daily. Doctor said big babies caused it for me. Just haven't gone to the urologist yet, I just deal!!

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