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We Have Stuffed Animals to Donate

My wonderful daughter has decided to pare down her overload of stuffed animals. She wanted to donate them to Children's Mercy, but they can only accept brand new items (understandably). These are all like-new. Most are either Build-A-Bear or Webkins. She's even giving up her 2 American Girl dolls. She's also donating clothing for these items. Can any of you recommend a good charitable organization that would put all of this to good use? We're not really interested in an organization that would sell these for profit, but rather would dole these out to children in need, or who are in crisis. Thanks very much.

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Thanks to everyone for all of your wonderful ideas. The toys are now at Synergy in Parkville. The next round will go to our local police station. What a wonderful resource group all of you are. Thank you again.

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If you aren't able to find anywhere else, I would recommend donating them to a senior center. They really like hugging the stuffed animals or giving them to grandchildren that come by to visit. The activities/ recreation department will accept them and they will be used for Bingo prizes. I know it sounds a little unorthadox, but seniors really appreciate them.

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Oooops, guess I'm too late for suggestions, but want to say you are blessed to have a giving, caring child. Kudos to you on raising her.

Try Hope House. It is a domestic violence shleter and many of the children that enter it come with nothing but the clothes on their back.

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the second week in november I believe it is, Stanly Steamer collects stuffed animals from anywhere they can get them, cleans them, then takes them downtown for "Santa" to give to underpriviledged children! I have been sending animals with them for about 8 years! Call them for drop off points or you can bring them to Marquette High School (in chesterfield where I teach) and we will get them sent off.

your daughter is doing a very nice thng!

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There is an Army program which accepts stuffed animals. The military personnel use the stuffed animals to befriend Iraqi children. Please visit http://www.freewebs.com/arkansasmissourisafe/beaniesforba... There are most likey other web sites too. Thank you.

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Maybe a crisis nursery or shelter for battered women/children? I don't know what you have in KC, but you might try contacting DFS...? Maybe even DFS themselves (for children going into foster care???)

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I don't know of any cheritable organizations, but we give our stuffed animals to the Police Department.
When a child has to be removed from their home & they have to leave with only the clothes they are wearing the Police give the child a stuffed animal. Some of these kids are removed because they live in a Meth house & the house has to be destroyed with everything in it. The stuffed animal that the Police give them is their only possesion. I'm not sure if the Fire Department has the same type of program or if the stuffed animals have to be new. Call your Police & Fire Departments to see if they have this program.

It is a beautiful thing she is doing to help children in need!
God Bless!

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How about donate them to the Fun-Run business? They don't sell the toys. All of their rooms have been done up as "GREEN" as possible recycling used food boxes for the grocery store, using used medical equipment for the doctors office playroom they have. I forgot, they have a room that is like a pet store. The stuffed animals would be great. They also have a toddler room that they might want stuffed animals in and the room that is a playhouse would be good too. This couple has put everything they have into starting this business. I'm sure they would appreciate any help they could get.

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If you aren't able to find anywhere else, I would recommend donating them to a senior center. They really like hugging the stuffed animals or giving them to grandchildren that come by to visit. The activities/ recreation department will accept them and they will be used for Bingo prizes. I know it sounds a little unorthadox, but seniors really appreciate them.

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Synergy in Parkville is a domestic violence shelter. The women and children there sometimes only get out with the clothes on their backs - any donations I'm sure would be greatly appreciated!

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I have someone else who has stuffed animals to donate also. She wants to send them with my husband who is leaving for Iraq. I'm checking into that... Let me know if you are interested in donating to the Iraqi children.
Thank you!

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what about those christmas gift organizations? I think alot of them accept gently used toys

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Children's Home Society - we give stuff to them all the time. They even pick up from your home. I don't have the number - they call us about once a month to see if we have anything. When I stopped by their facility to donate, I saw that they take care of some really really needy kids.

Also Epworth Center. They do great work with children.

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Hi K.,
Shriners Childrens Hospital in St.Louis would be a great place to donate these items. I know they always give children stuffed animals or toys after they have a procedure done. They are a great organization and help family and children from all over the nation.

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One thing to check into is a local Battered Women and Childrens shelter. Most children that are there have had to leave everything behind in the middle of the night. Im sure they would be happy to take them off your hands. I know that our Fire dept has a Toys for tots program every year for Christmas and also our Ambulance Service and Fire Dept take stuffed animals along on their trucks to comfort children who are involved in an accident or fire. Hope these ideas are helpful.

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Try calling the police and fire dept. for the stuffed babies. they sometimes take them for their emergency's to give to scared children. Department of family services might be able to help as well as Youth in Need. They all take children in. Sometimes these children are taken without any toys/lovies/or even clothes.
I am proud for you of your daughter, I hope she continues to feel that love for others...

I have a friend who is donating hers to an adoption center. Maybe look into that.

HI K....I know that YWCA Head Start would accept them and put them to good use. If you email me I will give you a name and number to contact someone. T. H

For the stuffed animals...the ones that are still in good condition...could I suggest you contact your local police department?? A lot of them carry stuffed animals in the trunks of their squad cars so they can give them to children who are upset by things happening at the time they are interacting with the police.

Have you checked into a Women's shelter? They get children in their sometimes with nothing more than the clothes on their back. One of the hospitals in Spfld Mo accept good stuffed animals for their palative care patients. Even older people like something to comfort them at them end. Did you try your children's services department? Sometimes when they have to pick up a child, it's nice to have something to give the child that they can cuddle on.

What about Youth in Need?

Hi K.!
Have you heard of Lydia's House? Lydia's House is a local organization that provides transitional housing for abused women and their children. Lydia's House serves about 35 women and up to 70 children! It is confidentially-located, furnished apartments for abused women and children for up to 24 months, while they are trying to get back on their feet after fleeing their abuser.
They usually leave while their abuser is at work or in the middle of the night WITH NO BELONGINGS! NONE! Just the clothes on their backs.

Not only will they probably love your daughter's stuffed animals but they also take any toys, home goods or clothing donations.
I personally worked to set up an apartment for a woman and her 3 children to move in to. It was a eye-opening experience.

I think it is wonderful and very generous and thoughtful of your daughter to donate her beloved animals to charity. I look forward to telling my 8 year old daughter about her generosity.


Hugs and Good luck!

Family Haven - A YMCA facility for families to stay for a few months to get on their feet. It's been years since I volunteered. Typically single parent and children are there. Bless you and your daughter.

Have you called you local police department ? Many police departments carry stuffed animals in the trunks of their squad cars to give to children in a crisis situation.

I remembered this when there was a car accident one day in front of my house. The woman and her children got out of the car and sat on my lawn. The children had some injuries and were understandably very upset. I had my kids go in the house and bring out stuffed bears for each child while I talked with the mother. It did wonders for de-escalating the situation while waiting for the police and ambulance to arrive. My kids allowed the children to keep the bears they gave them (of course), so these little guys had something to hold onto through the rest of their ordeal at the hospital and whatever else happened to them after they left my yard that day.

Womens abused centers can always use donations, and or homeless shelters where kids dont get very much stuff anyway. Rev. Rice in the city perhaps. There is a womens shelter on McKelvey called Fishes and Loaves.

You could try a foster agency, or your local church. A battered women's center I'm sure would love to have them. I'm not sure where you live but the Violence Prevention center in Belleville, IL I think takes those sort of donations. http://www.vpcswi.org/ ###-###-#### Hope you find a good place to donate them.

wow, i wish we could use them at the hospital where i work. the little girls would love them. but like cmh, we can only take new stuff. :( that being said, christmas time comes and many organizations need toys, salvation army, dav thrift stores, etc. that's very sweet of your daughter!

Please call the Johnson County Sheriff's Office ###-###-####) and they will make arrangements to send someone to you to collect the stuffed animals and clothes you have and will deliver it to the women's shelter for you (since the location is kept extremely private).

Check to see if you have a local women's shelter. They are usually seeking toys for the children that come there.

How extremely thoughtful and caring of your daughter! What about her school, or school district. They are often looking for gifts for needy children at Christmas. I know the Wellsville Elementary School did this last year. I used to work for the Olathe District Schools and we did this every year. It's a thought, I know I already have a box that my husband's 15 year old has been paring down into to donate to the school again this year.
God bless her and her charitible spirit. J.

I would check with either your local hospital (maybe a donation for the children's ward for X-mas?) and even the fire department. I've heard that the firemen typically carry some kind of stuffed animal to give to kids on the scene since they have usually lost everything when they are called.

Just a recommendation...I would hold onto the American Girl dolls and see if your family can't adopt a family for X-mas...I can't think of any little girl that wouldn't LOVE having one of those under her tree! What a special gift!

By the way...kudos to you for raising a daughter who thinks of giving her precious items to other kids who need them! Great job mom! :)

Women's center shelters are a good place. There are often kids there and they often have to leave everything behind when they escape their situation

In Wichita, there's a non profit called the Treehouse. The website is www.wichitatreehouse.com. They take donations of all kinds from infants to age 5. You could check their website or call them. They have a wonderful outreach for low income moms. I've donated a lot of my infant stuff to them already. I pray your daughter will continue to have a giving spirit. It will serve her (and others!) well in life!

Hi K., you have gotten alot of great responses but I just wanted to add one more Nurses for Newborns located in Shrewsbury.


We recently got rid of over half of my daughters stuffed animal collection. I donated the stuffed animals, and some dolls to the city fire department. They carry them in their trucks, and in police cars to give to kids to hold on to for comfort in times of crisis. It's a great place to consider donating stuffed animals.

Check out www.annieshope.org -- they are a bereavement center for children. They offer many services throughout the STL area and I would imagine they would love the animals and dolls.

Local nursing homes are also interested. The older and mentally disabled love to have something to cuddle with during their stay.



I would try a battered womans shelter in your area!! The little girls there I am sure would think it is christmas to recieve such nice dolls and stuffed animals.


If you come to the Wichita area or would care to box them up and send them, the Wichita Children's Home accepts donations of gently used stuffed animals, dolls, etc. We have taken several of my children's there. They are an emergency children's shelter for kids who have been abandoned or taken out of their homes for their own safety, or other legal reasons. The animals are given to children when they arrive to help calm them. There is likely a similar organization in the KC area to which your daughter could donate her gently loved toys.

A couple options: first, find a local homeless shelter in which to give them. Secondly, talk to your local police department or army recruiting office; they can direct you to a women's shelter in the area, or to a social worker who might need them. Some places have a program either through the police department or through a social worker that gives gently used toys and clothes to children who, for whatever reason, may have to be pulled out of the house (i.e. a child from a drug addicts house where they would have to get rid of all the stuffed animals or clothes that came with the child due to the drug smoke being on the items).
What a sweetheart of a daughter you must have.

Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Agency would love them.

3210 S Lee's Summit Rd
Independence, MO 64055

###-###-####. We are open 8a-5p, Mon-Fri.

Good Morning K.. What a Wonderful daughter you have. That is so awesome!! Have you checked with pregnancy crisis centers? or Children's homes? Toy's for Tot's? Not sure if TT's take nearly new toys though. Never hurts to ask. At Christmas time you could take several of the Angel tree cards and wrap the toys up to give. Some little girl would love them new or not.

Call your local fire or police department's or station close by, since some give Bears to children in accidents to help calm them. See if they would be interested in using some of them.

Just a few things that popped into my mind.

Give your little girl ( young lady ) a Big Hug for me, she is an amazing child.

God Bless you and yours daily
K. Nana of 5

Oooops, guess I'm too late for suggestions, but want to say you are blessed to have a giving, caring child. Kudos to you on raising her.

Call your neighbor fire dept. maybe they will accept them or the red cross

I know you already have MANY good suggestions. . .
Not knowing where you live, but if you live close to Spfld., Mo, Isabel's House, the crisis nursery of the Ozarks, might take them. Isabel's House is run by the Junior League of Spfld, and temporarily takes in kids that are at risk for being abused.

You are to be commended about having such a thoughtful daughter.

Sts. Joachim and Ann Care Service in St. Charles (4112 McClay Road) has an Adopt-A-Family at Christmas program where hundreds of families buy gifts/clothes for families in need. Your daughter's dolls could be added to one of the hundreds of packages. Families are given an option to put down what type of gifts/toys they would like per family member, so it would most likely go to a little girl who specifically requests a stuffed animal or doll (especially the American Girl dolls). Ask for Yvonne at ###-###-####.

Women's and children's domestic violence shelters always need stuff like this. Often they have to leave their homes with nothing to sneak out.

I don't know of one but I'm sure if you call family or child services... through the state, they could direct the items or your inquiry.

What a great thing for your daughter to do!

L. C.

I suggest GiveWhatYouGot.org.

It's a local organization that puts together birthday care packages for KC area foster children ages 1-21.

There is a drop-off location at 95th and Nall.

Heart-N-Hand Ministries in Belton. They do have a thrift store but you could ask them to just donate the stuffed animals to needy families. The thrift store is also non-profit and the money made there goes to pay for the food that is distributed to the needy families as well as other needs and clothing vouchers are given to needy families so the families that really need clothes won't have to pay for them but can shop and get some nice things for their family.
We have also taken the girls ministry that meets on Wednesday nights to the nursing home and sang Christmas Carols and gave the residents a stuffed animal so you could also do something like that. The residents love getting gifts and having someone spend time with them or you could donate them to Highlands for the new babies or take them to the homeless shelter and distribute them to the kids there.

My daughter's Brownie troop is currently collecting gently used stuffed animals to donate to needy families in the area. If you would like to donate any, please let me know.

Hi K.,

Our local EMS ambulance accepts donated stuffed animals. They give them to passengers that are children. Maybe you can find an area EMS ambulance that does this. Or even a fire station??

Be sure to praise her! What a wonderful, thoughtful child!

Best Wishes,

J. H.

I know that police stations take animals, but not sure if theirs is a new thing as well. From recent experience in the last few months, most towns or a larger one close to them will have a child advocacy center/sexual assualt center and I know that the few we have dealt with had use dbut in good shape stuffed animals!

Try Hope House. It is a domestic violence shleter and many of the children that enter it come with nothing but the clothes on their back.

You can donate them to Leavenworth County EMS. They put them on the Ambulance so when they transport children (even some from or to Childrens Mercy) they give them to them so they are not so scared. The kids get to keep them too so they have a special gift from their ambulance ride.
You can contact the Director of EMS. His name is Jamie Miller ###-###-####. They would love the donation. And the toys do not have to be brand new.

I would save them for the Mayors Christmas Drive, or check with the VFW or check with the hospital ER or the fire or police dept.

I am starting a stuffed animal mistry for children in crisis and would love to have them ! I am not a non prfit organization . I am just a women who loves children and an wants to give them a little joy in thier time of need . if you would like to have them go to this ministry please let me know .and I will send you the address .
thank you
T. C.

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