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Water Spots on Brass Fixtures

We have brass fixtures in our bathroom. It was renovated (not by us) about 5 years ago and even when we moved here, there were already spots (possibly hard water stains) on the faucets. Has anyone had any success removing these and maybe making the faucets look newer, if not new? Thanks.

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I got the Barkeeper's Friend. I had to ask where it was at the hardware store and it got rave reviews from the helper and the customers who overheard me, so I was excited. It took a few tries with making the paste and letting it sit, but the water spots are GONE!!! We've lived here for three years and I've been bothered by the spots this whole time. I had tried Brasso and a few other brass cleaners with no results...Now it looks practically new. Thanks guys!!!

P.S. I also used the pumice stone I found in the cleaning section at Walmart on the hard water stain/ring in my toilet and that is also finally gone. I had tried everything - I thought I was gonna have to buy a new toilet. You guys rock!

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Try cleaning with a product called Brasso, you can get it
some grocery stores, definitely at Ace Hardware or Home Depot.

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I used to work on an old wooden yacht with lots of brass. I used "barkeepers friend". It worked well even outside where the brass was exposed to the sea air. Never Dull & Brasso never worked well for me on the difficult stains but are good for easy maintenance after stains are removed. Good luck!

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Shaklee offers a natural organic cleaner that is totally nontoxic and has been around for 51 years called Basic H. It works great on all surfaces including brass. It is an all purpose cleaner, great for shower doors, sinks, counters, floors etc. Just 1/4 tsp makes a 16 oz bottle of cleaner. I would be happy to give you some to try. C.

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vinegar works well to take water deposits off. If they're really bad, you could try CLR (Calcium Lime Rust remover) or Lime-away...everywhere has the stuff. But I'm not sure if you can use it on brass....but it works great to dissolve heavy deposits.

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Working in a bar, I've been around a bit of brass. We use ketchup or Tabasco (no, really) to remove stains. It has something to do with the vinegar they contain. You could also use Brasso (a liquid) or Never Dull (a polish-moistened cotton) metal polish. I prefer the Never Dull for ease of use. You should be able to get these at most hardware/home stores.

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My mom swears by Bar Keepers Friend. I am not sure if it can be used on brass...but it sure does a bang up job on stainless steel, chroms, and removes the marks from her white sink.

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I heard on How Clean Is Your House?(BBC America) that you can clean brass with sour milk. Not sure how effective, but it seemed to do the trick on the show...?

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