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Water Birth And/or Hypno-birthing

Hi all. I am looking into both options. Anyone have experience with either. Baby #1 was a natural birth, but the most painful part was when I was in the bed instead of my labor tub. I'm wondering how your water birth went and what some things to keep in mind are.

Also, I have been looking in to hypno-birthing/Hypnobabies. Did you do this? The only draw back I'm afraid of is that I will feel like I missed part of the experience if I'm in some sort of trance. Did you feel this way? Are there parts of labor/delivery you don't remember as well because of the self-hypnosis?

Do tell! If you'd rather PM me, that's fine.

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Thanks for all the help! As I'm only 23 weeks preggers at this point, it will be a while before I have a birth story to regale and reward you all with. A quick note: somehow I seemed to post on the Chicago area board? I appreciate all the links and professional recommendations, but they won't do me much good down here in Indianapolis :( Luckily, I have a doctor who supports me, a couple choices of doulas with water birth and/or hypnobirthing experience, and a hospital that while I wouldn't give birth at it if I had a midwife, I like my doctor enough to stick with it! Besides, they can't be too bad, they rent tubs, allow water birth, and have complimentary Doula services!
Thanks all:)

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I did hypnobirthing. It was a great experience. I won't go into my birth story, but I will tell you that you don't really go into a "trance". You are just really really relaxed. There isn't anything I don't remember (that I know of LOL) because of self hypnosis. I did not do a water birth, but I saw videos of mom's doing it with hypnobirthing. It looked amazing. Here is the website of my Hypnobirthing instructor

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Hi S.. I am a labor doula and had to respond to this. A waterbirth is so great. I have supported a couple and they are just awesome and help so much with the pain too. Even if you just labored in the tub and then got out and into bed to deliever. Also, I had to recertify this year. We have to do that every 3 years. I did a course on Imagery birthing and it is pretty much the same as Hypnobirthing and let me tell you, it is great. You are not hypnotized like you would think and you know, it is great. I would love to talk to you more on this if you are interested. I have the whole course on CD and would be glad to help you with it. When are you due?

S. Bailey CLD

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I can not share from personal experience but a mom I saw this past weekend had a waterbirth and hypno and raved about it. I will ask her for an e-mail for you.

Go to www.birthlink.com and you may be able to contact someone through them as well.

Parenting Coach and Board Certified Lactation Consultant

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I did hypnobirthing. It was a great experience. I won't go into my birth story, but I will tell you that you don't really go into a "trance". You are just really really relaxed. There isn't anything I don't remember (that I know of LOL) because of self hypnosis. I did not do a water birth, but I saw videos of mom's doing it with hypnobirthing. It looked amazing. Here is the website of my Hypnobirthing instructor

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I did both with my second son. It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it!

Hypnobirthing definitely doesn't put you in a trance - it's not like that at all. It just helps you to perceive what's happening in a more positive, constructive way so that you aren't fighting your body. I found that for me it helped me to feel the pain as "stretching" and "opening" rather than as "something's wrong!" as I did in my first childbirth. I was able to relax into the contractions. (Not that it didn't hurt! But it didn't feel like random pain being inflicted - I was able to focus on the images and ideas from my hypnobirthing sessions and so it felt like useful progress was being made.)

Also, helps you to be relaxed and calm. I actually did a private session with my hypnobirthing coach because I was tense about things not related to labor itself, and it was extremely helpful. Highly, highly recommend! I gave birth (4 years ago this week!) at West Suburban Hospital's birthing center and my midwife practice was West Suburban Midwife Associates.

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hi S.,

Wishing you the BEST in your pregnancy and birth journey.

My 3rd and 4th babies were waterbirths. I am also a CNM and at least 50% of my clients use water for labor and birth. Those of us who have "done it" both ways say how amazed we were that we could have a land birth, as the water experience was so much "easier".

I was so impressed with and LOVED my waterbirth experiences that I did my thesis in my MSN program on water for labor and birth.

As for Hypnobabies and Hynobirth, clients of mine who have used those methods were pleased, particularly with the relaxation during their pregnancies. It seemed the practice allowed them time to focus on their babies and themselves, and was much needed in their busy lives. Not one client has complained of not remembering or losing any of the labor process. I have a dear friend who teaches HypnoBabies classes (as well as being a massage therapist and a birth doula).

For answers to particular questions regarding birthing in water, I suggest you discuss yoru thoughts with your provider. As for the Hypno- birthing option, searching the 'net might offer answers which you want.

Again, Best Wishes!
L. (in Indianapolis)

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Can't tell you about the hypno as I'm a Bradley teacher but my first birth was a fantastic water labor but was too relaxed and had to get out for pushing. Second birth was a wonderful water birth. It was great!!

There is only one midwifery practice that I'm aware of that does water BIRTH (unless you are going to be at home) so be aware of that

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Your breastfeeding quote is hysterical! Love it.

Regarding hypnobirthing. My aunt is now retired but taught this process and I've heard nothing but great stories from her about those she taught/helped. She originally learned hypnosis to teach children with cancer how to relieve their pain w/o drugs - also amazing stories. Point being, the techniques are to relax your mind and body...you are totally aware of what is going on - if anything it sounds to me like you might be "more aware" of the birth because you can relax.

I admire your willingness to use "alternative" methods. Best of luck to you. I'd love to hear how it goes.


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I didn't have either kind of birth but I wanted to do a water birth with my daughter (I ended up having to have a C-Section due to complications). But I have looked into the water birth and it is the best way to give birth for the mother and for the child. The mother and/or father actually can take control of the birth of their own child. There is a midwife in the room but they are there for more of just moral support and to be sure that no complications happen. A majority of women that have water births do not feel the need to have any kind of pain medication during the birth. This kind of birth is actually less traumatic for the child. The woman gets to feel and remember every part of the birth of their child. The water is very warm and relaxing so it will ease your muscles expecially during contractions. I wish you the best in whatever you choose but I would strongly suggest the water birth. Good luck!

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I used a tub for labor with both my kids. West Suburban (where I had my second) has a birthing tub in the 'alternative birthing' room, so if you opted to have the child in the tub, you could. The tub slowed down my contractions so much, that I opted to get out, but I liked that it was available so I had the option. Because as you know, labor is full of all sorts of surprises.

Regarding hypnobirthing, I used it with both kids, and loved it. You still definitely are aware of the whole experience. For me it was more about learning to work with my body/ accept what was going on, and respecting the pain as a communication method with my body. I don't know if that makes sense, but it worked great. My birth instructor once told me that labor is the hardest work, but to make it your best, and it will be the most rewarding. I found that focusing on that idea, and focusing on letting my body do what it needed to do helped a lot. Also prenatal yoga was very helpful in developing an awareness of body. SweetPea Studio in Chicago was great. Best wishes, and good luck!

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I tried both so thought I should respond. I tried Hypnobirthing with my first at a maternity center in MD. The problem was that the midwives kept coming in and telling me that I probably needed to walk around and make some noise. I wasn't sure at what point I was supposed to get in bed and try the hypno thing. In the end, it wasn't a good experience because I was torn...and very insecure about the whole thing. I had my water broken and ended up having to go to the hospital after a long bunch of hours...and then ended up with an epidural...and on and on.

With my second, I tried a homebirth (used Bradley) and had a labor tub in my house for laboring. We had no intention of delivering in the tub. My doula suggested I get into the tub when I was about 8 cm and it was lovely. (I tried a hot tub with my first and it was agonizing...but I had no idea how to breath or relax in there) I couldn't help starting to push and my doctor said it was fine so I never got out of the tub. It was really a fantastic birth..short and easy and smooth. I would highly recommend Bradley over hypnobirthing, personally, though some things were similar.

best of luck...

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I had my second child in the water and I absolutely loved it. I used a birthing tub for both of my labors and the water really helped me during labor. With my first daughter we had problems with the water getting too cold (the tub only has a heater that keeps it warm - it doesn't really heat the water). I think I would have had an easier birth if my first had been in the water too.

I had both of my girls at hone with a wonderful midwife. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
Good luck!

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My second child was born at St. Francis Hospital in Evanston. My midwife was Debbie Lesnick, CNM. I was able to get the labor and delivery room that had a birthing tub in it as they only have one.

I think that the two things that really helped were having a midwife who was familiar and comfortable with birthing and laboring in water. For instance, I had to wear a fetal monitor towards the end of my labor, and she was able to fit a fetal monitor that could be worn in the water. Also, I had a doula, and I think ultimately that is what helped me the most. She was able to help me feel calm throughout the labor.

I ended up not staying for too long in the tub, even though it was very relaxing. For some reason, both of my births involved back labor and the only thing that helped was moving around or sitting on a bouncy ball.

I don't ahve any experience with Hypno-birthing, but I imagine that it would be a great thing to incorporate. Labor is very intense.

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I did hypnobirthing with great success. It's not like you're in a trance (believe me, you don't miss a thing!), but more just a state of total relaxation. I had pitocin to get the contractions started (water broke with no contractions) and I was able to relax and even sleep a minute or two between them (even when they were 4 min. apart!). There are a lot of strategies in hypnobirthing, and you find what works for you. I also had a midwife (at Prentice) who was great b/c she wasn't pushing drugs or interventions on me - and I pushed for 4 hours. I imagine a tub would have been great, but since I had pitocin I had to be monitored. Good luck, and let me know if you'd like more information! Will definitely do hypnobirthing again next time.

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I used hypnobirthing with both my 5 year old and 2 year old daughters' deliveries. First one went way easier than the second one. Neither had major problems, but I think I had more time to practice for the first baby and less time (b/c of a toddler) for the second baby. Also, with first baby, my water didn't break so I got to do most laboring at home. I would do it again and I would recommend it. I took class from Tanya McHale. She mostly teaches in Oak Park, but I rook my classes with her at Illinois Masonic.
There is no "trance-like" feeling, believe me. I think I felt all of it, just had a calm way to deal with it.

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