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Watching Movies Before Bed???

when I put my daughter to bed I give her a sippy and let her watch a movie and she is usually asleep before the end of it? Is this a bad idea?

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I have a 7yr old daughter that would only go to sleep with a movie or TV on. She still does. I have seen no harmful effects to her. We have always been careful not to use "high energy" programs. : )

Does the sippy have a sugar drink or milk or just water. If she falls to sleep with the sippy and has sugar drink and milk the dentist or the doctor will probably tell you not to do it since she falls to sleep with it and can develop caveties later on if she gets used to having a sippy right before bed.

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well considering my two year old is watching the goodnight show on sprout, with a *gasps* sippy cup, maybe i shouldn't comment, ha ha. she's my youngest (i have three, the older two fall asleep to music) and this seems to be a routine that works with her. she doesn't have any developmental delays, she gets plenty of sleep, is in awesome health and has no plans to go on a killing spree due to watching sagwa solve mysteries or whatever the hell it is that sagwa does *snorts*. do what's best for you and your family. if it works and there are no ill effects, don't worry too much about it. now if she's still going to bed with a movie and a sippy cup when she's 17, then we might need to have a talk *giggle*.

i'm a little disappointed in all the negative comments you've received. being a mother is hard enough as it is, without having the "perfect mommy militia" come in and try to make you feel like you're a bad parent. the american academy of pediatrics lists those as guidelines, they're not set in stone. i'm sure V. spends quality time with her child during the day. mom's need breaks at the end of the day too. i know i use this time to catch up on emails and visiting this site and a few others.

I am 16, and my mom let me watch movies before bed when I was little. That being said I don't have sleeping problems, I can go to sleep with or without it on. I know a lot of my friends don't sleep with T.V. on, and they are fine when they stay at my house and I have the T.V. while I sleep and vis visa.

I think you might get some criticism on this simply because it involves TV but in my opinion there is nothing wrong with it. Unless she starts developing sleep problems, and as long as you are ok with this being her pattern I say go for it. I have two children and another on the way, lots of sisters and a brother, and baby-sat alot when I was younger. One thing I have come to realize in all that time, is that every family has a different way of doing things. Some are obviously counter-productive and unhealthy, but I wouldn't consider your baby girls bedtime one of those situations. I have put kids to bed that required many different things, and the one thing that it always came back to was that if they had a pattern, and stability in their sleep habits, then they were always much easier to put down. The more difficult cases were the kids who had no bedttime routine, and no specific bed time. I would say that if you don't have a set bed time for her that would be the one adjustment I would make. That just comes from experience with my two little ones. I am sure you are doing a wonderful job V..

I don't think that is a bad idea. My girls both watch a movie before bed. And, until recently, went to bed with a drink. We now make sure they brush their teeth before bed and after they drink their milk. I put them to bed a little early that way they have time to calm down before having to go to sleep. I usually allow 30 minutes of tv time before bed. It doesn't hurt mine at all.

Okay as a mom of four girls: 18, 14, 13, and 10....

I put every one of them to bed with a movie and a sippy cup. None have any dental issues or developmental issues. I only allowed one movie and they knew at the end of the movie they would have the TV turned off. I am an advocate of routines and this definately was a less stress on everyone bedtime routine.

My son is 3 and loves to watch movies and programs such as Noggin and some Nick Jr. shows. I never did let him watch TV before bed because of what everyone else says but here recently we have let him watch a few shows before bed a few nights a week and the nights we don't let him, he goes to bed just fine. The nights we do let him, he doesn't want to turn them off but I tell him it's story time and that usually works for me. As mothers we know what is best for our children, don't let others make you feel bad about your decisions. I am sure you are a wonderful mother and do the best for your daughter. Afterall, being a stay at home mom is one of the hardest jobs there is. Best of luck.

Well I did that w/ one of mine and let me tell you it was the hardest habit to break. He is going into the first grade now and feels like he still needs to watch a movie before bed.I have 5 an he is the only one that does that. I would reccomend reading a story instead. tv is too stimulating. Also, the sippy cup at bed is very bad for thier teeth.
hope that helps

For the people saying it's a bad idea..blah blah blah. heehee just kidding. We all would like to think we're perfect parents, but news flash....we're not!

My daughter that is 5 falls asleep w/ her TV on. Guess what so do we. Most of the time she just turns it off when she's had enough and falls asleep. We have NO BEDTIME STRUGGLE, SHE SLEEPS GREAT AND WAKES UP LIKE A CHARM. So it's really not a "habit" that has to be "broken". My husband grew up with a TV in his room and he's a smart well adjusted man that didn't sustain any damage from it. She is a great sleeper unlike some kids, really doesn't watch TV at all accept for bedtime (she's usually to busy playing) and is leaps and bounds ahead of most kids her age developmentally.

So if you don't think it's a good idea..that's fine, but it's not going to damage your child! Find something educational..they might actually learn something.

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