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Washing a Beanie Baby. . . Please Say There's a Way!

My son has this ty beanie puppy dog (not those super large ones but the size of pretty much any regular stuffed animal -- not the tiny things). It's not supposed to be washed other than wet cloth, but apparently it was under or very near him in the middle of the night when his diaper leaked. We have no choice but to wash it somehow. This dog is retired, so if something happens, we can't get a new one, and it is his second favorite stuffed animal that he has to have every night.

We were thinking of maybe putting it in a pillow case and tying it closed so it wouldn't get agitated so much in the machine. We don't have a gentle cycle, though, so we aren't sure if that will work. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

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We washed it in a pillow case with the towels and had no problems. We didn't put it in the dryer, though. . just air dray. I can't believe how white the white part is. . .it was way past bath time for that puppy. Thanks to all of you!

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I just threw them in the washing machine anyway..if you are worried about it.. put it in a pillow case. We washed my daughters 100 times..they realy stand up to washing.

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I would put it in a pillowcase in the dishwasher on the top rack, the super hot steam should clean it.

Why not just hand wash it in the sink?

Just squish in around a little, let it soak, then rinse out and if needed do another soaking soap cycle.

I have never washed a beanie baby before but that is how I would resolve the problem without the fear.

I made the mistake of washing a stuffed animal in the machine and his mane turned into dreadlocks by the time he was done getting his machine wash.

I, too, have had success in washing beanies in the washer tied in a pillowcase. Eventually, a loved stuffed animal will show wear.

Our kids both sleep with their favorite beanie baby dogs. What we did when we started washing them was to find unused/unwashed ones for them on eBay. We now have a nice spare in case something should happen and we bought two additional that we have stored for the future. Seems excessive, but you can't put a price tag on something which brings your child that much comfort.

Good Luck!

I just threw them in the washing machine anyway..if you are worried about it.. put it in a pillow case. We washed my daughters 100 times..they realy stand up to washing.

My son has several stuffed animals and I do what you said, I tie them in a pillowcase and wash them in the washing machine, usually with towels and I do put them in the dryer too. Nothing has fallen apart yet. And if they are white and need a touch up from dirty hands any time, spray a mist of alcohol and water on them and brush it with a toothbrush. Good Luck!

I wash ALL of the stuffed animals that say use a wet cloth only! I toss them in with the towels to wash them and then dry them. My sons lovey "Wags" is 4 years old - looks "well-loved" ie. ragged, but he smells good and is clean! The trick is to get the time when they aren't with the lovey to toss him in the laundry!

I've washed some beanies (for the same reason) and luckily we've had good success. Hers are no longer made either.

Hand washing also works.

But if you're still unsure, the old fashioned way to surface clean stuffed animals is to place them in a paper bag with cornmeal and shake them up. This absorbs liquids and agitates surface dirt off of them. Then you just use a soft bristled brush (like for baby) and brush the cornmeal residue off of it.

If you can find a spray that nuetralizes "odors" spritz it with that.

Good luck, I'd hate to think what would happen around here without a special friend or a certain blanket..:)

My oldest daughter has a white Webkinz and my little one has a favorite dog. Both say do not wash. Well, they get carried around in and outdoors everyday, they have to be washed. I do what you said, I tie them in a pillowcase, or net bag (lingerie bag) and wash on a short cold cycle. Nothing has fallen apart yet. Good Luck!

I washed (with towels) the lizard from the McDonald's beanie baby set, and his eyes fell off. Even though they were very small, I didn't mind that they disappeared, and he doesn't look deformed without them! Mr. Lizard otherwise survived and is still one of my g'girl's favorites.

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