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Washer & Dryer - Torrance,CA

So after 14 or so years, I am looking to replace my Washer and Dryer.
I have the typical top loading Kenmore models right now, and I am really looking to get a FRONT loading, Energy Efficient, Low Water Use...etc washer, with matching dryer.
I have NO clue as to what brand, etc.
A repair man told me once to try to hold on to my old set as long as I can, since the newer machines have so many electrical issues that can go wrong that are costly to repair.
So, my question is: Do you know of a front loader that you absolutely LOVE or HATE, and Why.
Not sure price wise what I would spend, would be nice to know about how much you spent ofcourse.

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Thanks for all your replies.
I am leaning towards Frigidaire, one reason is because it seems this is a brand of Electrolux, and this is what I remember having as a child in Europe (and that thing NEVER broke). A few of you gave good reviews for this brand, and I also realized that it is what my In laws have, and no complaints so far (except one knob breaking from them slamming the laundry closet door on it for 4 years). My second choice would be Samsung. I think washing loadsize and/or price will determine my choice.
Now I'm just waiting for a sale - and I'm off to the store! Thanks again!

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We bought a GE front loading washer that saved water, energy efficient, etc and we hate it. I do like that I can wash more clothes at once but the shortest wash cycle is 45 min so there is no such thing as a quick load. My kids are older now but I would never recommend it to someone with babies or young kids where the need for a quick wash or a soak is needed. Get a warranty. We bought it in Nov and someone has been out to fix it once already.

I have Maytag Neptune front loading w/d. We payed $1500 for the set. They are energy efficiant as well as using less water. Amount of water used depends on size of load. They also have a touch screen and many different settings that can be customized. I absolutly LOVE!!!! them. I can do very large loads and everything is clean. And they are pretty quiet. When I washed my first load, I was so excited that I could barely hear the washer. I highly recommend them.

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Hi E.,

I loved my old Kitchenaid top loader, but when it died we purchased a Kenmore Elite
model ####-###-#### front loader and I bought a pedestal which is great because you don't have to bend so much when you load or unload the washer, and the pedestal has some storage as well.

My advice is to buy the LARGEST machine that you can afford. I was told that the cubic foot measurement isn't the same for the top loaders as compared with the front loaders.

I also like having the express wash cycle. This is designed for when you forget to wash something and need it in a hurry. I wanted that feature for when I forget to wash the boy scout uniform, or the baseball uniform and need it in a hurry.

Regarding the mold issue: My machine has a special cycle to clean the machine once a month - you just add 2/3 cup bleach and use the special Clean Washer cycle. You need the special cycle as it adds more water, and rinses the machine out so you don't accidently bleach your next load. I leave my door slightly ajar after each load - and that made it so I didn't have a problem, but once I forgot a load for a few days, and as the machine is air tight it was a stinky load by the time I got to it. So, I used the Clean Washer cycle and the machine was fine after that.

The best part about my new machine is that it holds more than my old machine so I do less loads.

I kept my old dryer, as it still works, and having it match perfectly wasn't important to me. I think the washer was around $799 and the pedestal was another $200.

I hope this was helpful, and I hope you are happy with whatever washer you buy.


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We selected our Samsung front loaders from doing a ton of research, and consumerreports.com highly recommends. We got one notch under the top of the line and it's been wonderful. Laundry finishes so much faster and it's just a better laundry experience, if that's possible :) Once you get all of the controls/dials down, it's pretty awesome. Also, it has VCT-vibration control technology, and balances itself out w/in seconds! My monthly gas bill has gone down $10/month (from $26.50 to $16)!!!

I've heard NOT to buy the Whirlpool set from Costco. They've been advertising a set w/pedistals for a long time. I checked out the reviews for them and they were horrible! It consistently had vibration and electrical issues.

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Please seriously rethink your decision to go with a front loader. We moved into a new house this year and bought the LG steam cleaning front load washer. Steam clean - hypoallergenic - great for my asthma, right? Ha! About 3 months in, I started to notice that all of our clothes were smelling funny, so after rewashing on extra hot, even with bleach, it kept getting worse and worse, to the point where I had to throw out a lot of our clothes!
After researching a bit online, I read that LG washers are notorious for this, and actually Whirlpools, Electrolux also have the issue. They don't completely empty all of the water and detergent out of the drum of the washer, causing mold to grow on the inside of the washer itself, which redistributes all over your clothes. The only solution, it seems, is to buy a pretty expensive product called Affresh and run an empty "tub cleaning" cycle once a month. After that, after every wash cycle I have to drain the bottom of my machine, and leave the door hanging open. AND I have to use the extra rinse cycle for every load (despite the promise of conservation and high efficiency). So far, we've been doing all of this with mixed results - it hasn't completely fixed the issue.

I talked with a friend in Europe, where they've had front loading washers for decades in every house, and she couldn't believe my story. It seems awfully ridiculous to pay over $1000 for a washing machine that makes your clothes moldy. Maybe the Bosch might not have this issue, but it's about 2x the cost.

If I could get my money back, I would and go back to the tried and true top-loader. Actually, with the money in the trash from thrown out clothes, I could afford to throw the LG in the dump, and buy a top-loader!

I'm not kidding, either. Do some research online about this issue before you buy. Start here: http://housewares.about.com/od/laundryappliances/qt/preve...

Just something to think about...I have heard from several people that front loaders (the kind with the glass on the front)can have electrical problems as well as mold/mildew issues with the gaskets not sealing correctly and that once the machines develop this mold/mildew that it cannot be corrected easily.

Best of luck in looking for a new washer and dryer. We have a Whirlpool Cabrio and have really enjoyed them. I think they were about $500 a piece.

Wait for another month or two to buy and you will get a good stimulus rebate. Google appliance stimulus, and they say in late October or November if you buy an appliance with an energy seal, you get a rebate of up to $250 back. We have had our washer and dryer for 26 years and it still works good. You may have a lot of time left on yours!

Love my Whirlpool duet!

I love my front loader (in terms of how it cleans my clothes and saving money by using less water)--I have a frigidaire, but the only thing that I would change is to get a bigger load washer. I didn't realize that there were such differences in how many clothes they wash. My mom's front loader does twice the load size that mine does. :)
This article at ConsumerReports.com tells the best ones to buy http://pressroom.consumerreports.org/pressroom/2009/01/co...

Good luck!

I have the Bosch 500+ series and am completely happy. They aren't as flashy as some of the other sets. But, after lots of research (and reading about mold issues), I decided on Bosch. We lived in Indianapolis when I purchased them and were able to get them at "contractor's cost"....got the set for about $2000.
Have fun shopping!

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