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Wash or Dry Clean Silk Blanket

My queen sized 100% silk blanket with 100% cotton fiberfill
says Dry Clean on it. I have successfully washed things before
that said dry clean only. It is quilted in a small pattern so
I am just so tempted. What you you ladies think?

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I have successfully washed most "dry clean only things" with few mishaps. I would wash on the perm press option with wool lite, I would use cold water. I have never washed a silk on anything else. If you are worried about the pattern I would put it in a large pillow case or cloth bag (one of those linen colored laundry bags that college kids use to bring their laundry home in) to keep it from snagging. As far as drying, low temp with a dryer sheet. You may need to iron it to knock the wrinkles out. Before doing this make sure the cotton quilting inside is actually sown into the pattern. If not it could come apart on the inside and fall to the bottom. That is a major pain. I am sorry this is so long. Good luck.

i am sorry but dry clean only is discusting to me. i worked at a drycleaners and thats exactly what they do. they take the product and throw it in a dryer with some chemicals. but it dosent actually get "clean". things with stains are steamed out. i would wash it because its gross if you dont actually set it in water. i can totally see the silk becoming rough and not as pretty if washed.

Hi J., I too have washed clothes that suggested dry clean only, but my rule of thumb is will I be Really disappointed if this item doesnt turn out well? I have washed a blouse that was never the same and couldnt be reshaped after hand washing. I was disappointed, but not wrecked. Ive had other things work out well. My feeling is that I would not be able to replace that size of quilt and would be really upset if it didnt turn out well. I would risk a top or pair of pants, but not something that large/expensive. HTH

My rule of thumb is if it says "Dry Clean ONLY" then you dry clean it. Check in your area for dry cleaners who use environmentally friendlier methods than the cleaners who use "perc". They're most likely pricier than the $1.00 cleaners but they're worth it. I wouldn't chance washing a huge, silk quilt.
If it says "Dry Clean Recommended" or just "Dry Clean", than hand-washing is usually okay. This is a stupid question but is there a manufacturer's number on the quilt's tag you could call?
Good luck.

I've washed just about all other blankets and things before but not sure I should do the same either with my new comforter that says dry clean. You'd hate for it to shrink or disfigure it so might be best to do as it says.

Well, the reason they say to dry clean silk is because water can stain silk, so I think you run the risk of discoloring the fabric, not so much bunching up the fill. You might try handwashing a small corner of the blanket to see if it discolors; if not, I say give it a shot in the machine!

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