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Warning About Gogurt Yogurt

I just wanted to let you know what happened to a friend of mine. She had given her three year old a Gogurt for snack (it was not frozen, just chilled). Fifteen minutes later the 3 year old turned blue and stopped breathing. My friend immediatly called 911. The operater asked her a series of questions, she stopped her when she realized the child had eaten a Gogurt. The operater warned my friend that this happens often. The yogurt in Gogurt is so thick and the tube is much wider than a kids esophogus. The yogurt had gotten stuck in the child's esophogus, preventing her to breath. The Gogurt box warns parents not to give kids under 6 frozen yogurt, but it is actually very dangerous frozen or not! Thank God the little girl is now fine, everything turned out O.K. If you give your child Gogurts, please stop!! Just want to keep all of the kids safe.

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Thank you for the warning! It seems strange that I would be out of touch with such topics, but I could never afford the more expensive snacks and always improvise by making my own. Then I get into guilt because they think they are "missing something". Then when they beg, I start to rationalize why I am being unreasonable...so the point being, I do not aLways listen to that inner voice and need the input of others on these kinds of dangers!! Kudos! L.

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Thank you for this information. I buy my son Gogurts all the time, since it is an easy snack to carry. I'll think twice about giving him that from now on.

Thanks for the warning.
My son eats these sometimes and has never had a problem (he is also older, he never had any "Gogurt" until he was 5, and is now 6)
I don't just hand the tube to him though - if they aren't frozen then I do squish the tube a bit to make sure it's well mixed within the tube (also makes sure the yougurt is a uniform consistency), and he eats them sitting at the table under supervision. Personally I think completely avoiding the product is a little extreme. I usually give him these frozen, he seems to prefer them that way and can't gulp as much in his mouth at one time. The yogurt is very thick, which is why I didn't give them to him before he was 5. The thickness makes them great frozen, though.

Thanks for this important info !!!!!!! My 2 yr old loves them .I'll think twice about giving him that from now on.

this is a wonderful peice of info. i, myself, do not buy it for my kids but my mom does. when the kids do eat it they sit at the table supervised. but that doesn't really matter. if you are going to choke, than you are going to choke. i will be pasing this on to all of the parents i know. and since my oldest is only 5 i will be "saving" other kids two years younger than her. thank you so much for posting this

Thank you and I threw mine out!! I will tell all my friends as well!!!

Thank you very much for your post, K..

Thank you for the Gogurt warning. It is so sad to know that several children have been hurt and/or killed after eating Gogurts.
Gogurts have been out for a long time. In my opinion I don't think the problem is in the actual Gogurts but the children trying to fit too much food (in this case yogurt) into their mouths and not chewing, sucking or eating the food appropriately. Kids can, and do choke on just about anything they put into their mouths. Just like we need to watch small children when they eat hotdogs, grapes, popcorn, etc. we need to watch when they eat Gogurts and anything else they put into their mouth.

Thanks so much for the warning!! My kids are always asking for Gogurt!!!

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