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Wanted - Baby Running Stroller

My sister is having a baby in a couple months and my family would like to go in together and get her a running stroller. Any suggestions on the best one to get?

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I have an original baby jogger II, it is great! It is light weight and works on all terrain( including snow!). I reccomend e-bay, you can get last years model or whatever and they are less expensive than if you buy at a regular retail store. Good luck!

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I have a great BOB that I loved. My daughter is out of it now. It's in excellent shape and would be willing to sell it. Let me know if you're interested. I live in the Denver Tech Center.

I have the Baby Trend Expedition and I love it. It was one of the least pricey (under $200), for the entire travel system, including a carseat base. I was a little worried it wouldn't hold up, but I have had zero problems with it and really like the stroller. I would recommend it!

If she is actually going to take it running, then I highly recommend the BOB Iron Man, this time of year you can usually find last years at killer deals. This stroller has a locked front wheel which makes running pleasurable. It is also good for off road and trails. The down side would be it is not highly maneuverable for casual use but it is a far superior jogger.

Good Luck

We love the Chariot. With a quick attachment, it can go from jogger to bike trailer to hiker/snowshoeing to walking. A little pricier than some, but top of the line and you only need to have one thing in your garage instead of three!

If you have the money buy a BOB. They are the top of the line. If you are like the rest of America today and are looking at a good deal you might want to check another brand.
I have an Instep Safari. I love it! Some of the features include: a swivel wheel that will lock into place when running(this makes it really easy to maneuver in small spaces like the mall and have all the stability wanted while jogging), It has a car seat adaption bar I was able to use the car seat I already purchased and it adapts to most brands, my husband really likes the fact the handle bar adjusts he is 6'1" and I'm 5'3" it has comfortable positions for both of us, It has great storage below, and has bicycle tires for a little rougher terrain. We were able to buy it for under $150.

we got a jogging stroller that also has the carseat insert in it. I think this is a great option because newborns aren't really supposed to be in jogging strollers, upright and jostling about. but with the ability to put the carseat on top baby can be properly held in the seat and the jogger grows with baby as once baby is out of the newborn carseat he/she can go right into the jogger without having to buy a separate jogger and regular stroller with carseat insert. we found it at babies r us. i don't even remember the brand, but you should be able to find it there.

I relly like the runner we got...the Jeep Running Stroller. The model we have is a little difficult since the front wheel is fixed, but there was another Jeep Running Stroller at Baby's R Us that had a swiveling front wheel to make turning easier.
There are also some pretty neat running/biking strollers out there that I have used when running with my friends and had to borrow theirs.

A lot of the jogging strollers are good. My only advice would be to make sure the front small tire pivots. Mine does and I love it. It is so easy to turn and feels lightweight. My friend has one that the front tire is staionary and does not pivot and I hate it. I borrowed it once when my sister came to town and we wanted to to go shopping. I used mine and she used my friends. We had to keep trading off who pushed the one that the tire didn't pivot because it doesn't turn easily and makes your wrist hurt. So just make sure the front tire pivots. Good luck.!!

I have an original baby jogger II, it is great! It is light weight and works on all terrain( including snow!). I reccomend e-bay, you can get last years model or whatever and they are less expensive than if you buy at a regular retail store. Good luck!

I second Robin M. and the Chariot. We have one and love it! I mostly like how it does all the conversions for different things. It also has a screen and rain cover built onto it, so no need to purchase those separately. We made sure to buy a double even though we only had one kid, because we knew we wanted more than one kid.

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