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Want to Move to a New State for a New Start.

Hello, I'm L. and I live in Dallas, TX and I have been all of my life and I fill that I'm not really accomplishing anything here. I have family here not we are not that close. I want to one day get a degree in nursing, get married and stop having to live paycheck to paycheck but I don't seem to be getting any closer to those goals in TX. I have a baby girl five months old and Im thinking of moving to a new state for a fresh start. My question is; Is there anybody that knows of any good states with great opportunites in the job and education market, that possibly has nice warm weather and safe to make a big move for a single mother.

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Thank's everyone that gave me some advise. I have decided to get a degree and move in 2009. When my daughter is a little older and I have a career path.

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Hi L.--I admire you for being willing to move to find a new life/start. I too lived in Dallas all of my life and all of my family is in Dallas. My husband and I moved to Georgia this summer and so far it's been a good experience. However, if you're wanting to continue your education, you might want to get that done first. Moving will bring the stress of finding a nursing school, finding daycare/school for your child, finding a place to live, a job, a church, dependable friends, babysitters, etc...With the demands of a kid and nursing school, moving might be a bit much right now. Perhaps find a program in-state (the community colleges and TWU have very good programs) and work on your degree. Once you've finished, you can apply to work anywhere because everyone needs nurses. This will eliminate a few of the stressors of moving and you will have time to really enjoy your new life!

I would stay and get your education here. You may want to start taking classes now so that you can apply to nursing school. You also may want to start working in the Health Care field. I know that if you work for THR (Presbyterian is part of that system) they will help with your education and even have a program set up to get your RN ( they work with ElCentro). As an employee your classes and books are covered. They also have a program so that you can bridge to a BSN. I am not in that program but know some that are.This might be a very good option for you Nursing School is very expensive but it can be done, so many ways to get aid to pay for school but you need to have established residency in an area. I am currently a nursing student , single with three children. Good luck,

Hi L.,
I totally hear what you're saying of wanting a new start. How about just moving elsewhere within TX for now. because trust me i wasnt that close to my fam either but now that i live in TX i am hating it soo much here, especially cuz i cant see my family and friends. because nothing beats your childhood friends whom u consider as fam and what not. Just thought i'll let you know how i feel being that I moved to TX form another state 3yrs ago.
Also, moving to another state and then going to get your degree will be VERY difficult and EXP. for the first yr you are there you would need to pay "out of state tuition" so in my opinion, get your degree in TX and then move to a place you might like elsewhere.


I've lived in NM (very short time), Houston and the East Coast. I would suggest staying in the Dallas area until you receive your nursing degree.

Moving to another state and starting over is hard, especially when you have a child and no support system in place. At least here in Dallas, you are familiar with resources that could provide you with some help while you try to obtain your nursing degree.

I'm not trying to be a cheerleader for the DFW area, I would prefer to be living elsewhere, but due to job and family obligations, I will stay put. BUT, the cost of living here is pretty good when you compare against other major Southern metropolitan areas (you mentioned you wanted to live in a warm climate). Texas has NO state income tax (some other states don't either), keep that in mind.

I suggest trying to enroll in a nursing program asap (Jan), collect information about other cities that fit your criteria (such as nursing opportunities, family friendliness, activities for your child, opportunities for YOU to socialize with other like minded adults, educational system, cost of living, etc). After you figure out where you would like to live, I suggest looking online and getting an idea of where in that city you would like to live, how much it would cost to rent/buy a home and start saving, so that when you do move, you're not struggling.

Hopefully this helps you some. I understand wanting to pack up and leave ASAP, but the transition would be MUCH smoother if you have a well thought out plan.

Take care,


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