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Wall Appliques/stickers WON'T STICK...HELP!

I just bought some wall appliques/stickers and peel-and-stick wall paper border but it will NOT stay up. Any suggestions on what I can do to make them stick. I cannot take them back. UGH!

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks for all the help. I got some roll on wallpaper paste and that seems to have done the trick. No perfect but better. That extra $8 for the paste was well worth not having to throw away all those appliques.

Thanks again.

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The stickers work best on flat walls with clean, dry flat paint. They will work on other surfaces with varying degrees of success. When you get your order, try a small sticker. If it doesn't stick well, there is a product that can be used to increase the adhesion. This product creates a stronger bond. You can get it at Staples or other office supply stores. It is made by 3M and it is called Super77. Put the sticker on the wall. Spray some adhesive into a paper cup. Using a small 1/2” brush, lift the edge of the sticker off the wall and paint the adhesive on the back of the sticker. Push the edge back on the wall. The sticker will stick within a few minutes as the adhesive dries. Be careful not to get Super77 on the face of the sticker. Lighter fluid can be used to clean excess glue, but may damage the sticker. If the walls are very glossy, you can try using Hi-Strength 90 by 3M.

I had the same problem with my wallpaper border. It was peel and stick but kept falling. I found out after the fact that those types of things don't stick well to textured walls. I ended up having to apply some wallpaper glue and that did the trick. It's too bad they don't tell you this stuff before you buy it! Sorry!

You either need to wash your walls or paint them. I am not saying your walls are dirty but all walls get dust on them. They work best on fresh paint. Also they work better on enamal then they do a flat paint. You could get the hanging stickers in the hardware department for posters. They don't cost much and come right off without leaving a mark if you decide to move them or take them down. Also in the craft department you could get the removable two sided tape. I personally like the stuff from the hardware department best.
Good Luck!

Hi A., if you have oranged peeled walls they will not stick. Try a little poster gum.

I wish that I could help on this, we used the same stickers for my toddlers rooms Dora and Spongebob. I hate to tell you this but even with textured walls they stuck. Sorry

We had the same problem with my son's wallpaper border. His actually stuck at first but started peeling off. We bought wallpaper glue and just applied it to wherever it was peeling. I guess it's the textured walls that it won't stick well to.

I had the same problem with winnie the pooh appliques and I was told if your wall has any texture to it it will not stick. The guys at Home depot said to lightly sand along where you want to apply the sticker and it should stick then. Otherwise short of putting xtra glue on the sticker not much else you can do i don't think....

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