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Waking up with Soaking Diapers and pj's....HELP!

My son has been waking up the past 5 mornings with his diapers soaked through and pj's so soaked that I can ring out the urine. I thought that his diapers were getting abit too small, so I went up to the next size, only to have the same problem with the soaking diaper and pj's for 2 mornings. We do not have any problems during the day, only at night.

I thought about buying the overnight diapers, but I only found them in a size 4, the same size as the diapers that are still too big. I a little weary about buying them beacause I'm guessing that they will be similiar to the diapers.

I also thought about buying the plastic diaper covers, but do not remember seeing them in any stores, so I do not know if they're even around anymore?

Can anyone help so I can don't have to do more laundry than usual?

Thanks and Happy Halloween!

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I had the same problem with my daughter (and it would wake her up at 5AM). I found the following idea in a parenting magazine and it works for us (though it sounds silly): I put an "Always" maxi-pad with wings (thin, regular length) across the top of her bedtime diaper. Sometimes she's still a little damp in the AM, but it is significantly better than before.

You can get most cloth diapers, covers and accessories online. I shop at http://www.nickisdiapers.com/ (shipping on covers is free). You could try a wool cover; I use a synthetic cover called ProWrap, which is economical and good for days & nights.

Hello, I'd try the overnights...I started using them when my son was in a size 3 diaper also, but found that they still absorb way more than a regular diaper...they are different fitting, so they should work better for you...good luck!

When my son was younger we had the same problem. There is a product similar to feminine pads that is called a diaper doubler, and it goes inside the diaper. The supermarkets carry them in the diaper section. You might want to limit drinks past a certain time as well, but try the Diaper Doubler-they are great! Good luck!

If they will at all fit, I would recommend the Huggies overnight diapers. I had problems with my daughter's diaper leaking at night, and the overnight diapers really do hold a lot more than regular diapers. If they are too big, maybe you could put one on over a regular diaper? Good luck!


SAME problem! Oh my goodness, I was at my wit's end with night-time wake ups or early morning ones; love my little guy, but I need my sleep :) I hated the Huggies overnights as while they would sop up the pee, they got hard and inflated, ultimately waking my daughter up since she was like a weeble by morning! NO fun :) . So when this started happening with my son, we tried the newly released Pampers Ultra-Absorbancy kind. What a LIFESAVER these have been. They hold way more urine than a typical diaper (as evidenced by the nights my husband forgets to put him in one and we have a wake up call way too early!) but they don't expand or get hard the way the Huggies do. They're pricey, and while you get what you pay for we use them only for night-time or for naps and buy them at BJ's where it's cheaper (bonus: this month's BJ's Journal has a SEVEN dollar coupon just for the super absorbancies! I've contacted every family/friend who I know won't use them and have a whole stack to use! woo hoo!)

Hope this helps,
p.s. they come in the bigger sizes ~ my little tank (26.5 pounds) just turned 1 on Wednesday and we have him in size sixes at night. Next he'll be in Depends :)

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