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Waking up Sore on Newer Mattress.

Recently my husband and I had some overnight company and we slept on an airbed while the guests had the bed. We realized, that for the first time in months, we didn't wake up achy and sore. For the last 2 nights, we've had our bed to ourselves and have been sleeping so poorly and waking up really, really sore. We bought a $500 Beautyrest mattress only 2 years ago but now it seems we are in need of something else. We've considered buying a topper for it, maybe a memory foam, but I thought I'd ask the wonderful women of mampapedia first.


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we were looking into mattresses about a year or two ago. We were told by a friend/ person who owned a matress store you have to spend at least $1500 to get a good matress. We ended up with a waterbed in the end.

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If you loved the airbed, then you will love a sleep number bed. Same concept. I have one and love it!!!

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I just did a TON of research because I bought a new mattress last weekend (mine was 11 years old, queen, paid maybe 250 at an outlet for the set -- it had dips, was compressed, etc....it was time to go). Sleep number and tempurpedic are the best mattresses on the market. Because we have little kids and are having another baby in May, we didn't want memory foam. My sister has a sleep number and honestly said she didn't notice a huge difference from her traditional expensive mattress she had before marriage. If you are a stomach sleeper - do not get a pillowtop (it is like sleeping with your back in an arch all nice-- painful) and the pillowtop compresses over time so you will see most of the reviews and complaints about dips and lack of comfort in the first few years are about pillowtop or Europ top mattresses. 2nd, if you are a side sleeper, do not go with a "firm" mattress -- you need something with at least a little give or you will have pain in your joints, upper back and hips over time. We went with a plush mattress- some give, no pillowtop, not too firm. We have had it almost a week and it is pretty perfect. Latex mattresses or individual coils are best for those who move around a lot at night and sleep with another person in the bed....with tied or traditional coils you will feel their every move. Yes, you have to spend money to get a good mattress -- the ones we looked at were $1500-$2300 on sale. It sucks...but you should try to get one with at least a 30 day comfort guarantee or exchange for a different mattress and with a REAL 10 year warranty or more (not a pro-rated mattress warranty, which I might add is what Sleep Number does -- they decrease warranty by time you have had the mattress). Good luck! I was SOOO sore on my old mattress (I am 8 mos prego) that I preferred sleeping on the COUCH before we got the new bed!

We love our sleep number beds. Pricey! But worth it to us. Our friends and my Mom love the other "pricey" beds........ tempurpedic.

Shop around. If you can't afford these type of beds then a really good topper just might do the trick. Everybody is different.

Was the air mattress softer than the bed OR is the bed softer than the air mattress? If the bed is too hard, they yeah, it MAY help. (cushioning)
I actually know some people who got rid of their mattress and got one of those more expensive air mattresses as their bed...

My husband and I bought a king size mattress set when we bought our house. We spent MAYBE $800 on the set. MISTAKE! Three years later we had to buy a new mattress. You really get what you pay for. We ended up spending around 2 thousand dollars on a new mattress. We were able to use the same box spring bc it wasn't old. It hurt to spend that much bc we really didn't have it. Had to put a bit on the ol' credit card.....but what a difference. A great night sleep every night since then!

we were looking into mattresses about a year or two ago. We were told by a friend/ person who owned a matress store you have to spend at least $1500 to get a good matress. We ended up with a waterbed in the end.

I would definitely get a memory foam - good quality - not waffled. We are saving up to get one for our king sized bed - they are not cheap.

I am not in the mattress sale business, but from experience, you need to spend some money to get a quality mattress. A good night sleep is so important and you cannot walk around with a bad back. I think you need to spend more than $500 to get something decent. Most places has some sort of comfort guarantee. So, if you purchase something new, be sure to ask what happens if you do not like it in 30, 60 or 90 days? Make a conscious effort to think about how you feel each morning when you wake up. Return it and get something new if you are not 100% satisfied. We are on our 4th mattress in about 12-14 years trying to get it right. The last one cost us about $3000….YIKES!! But it is the BEST we have ever had!

We just bought a sleep number. Still adjusting but it is better than the pillow top we had previously. We opted to NOT go for memory foam because we heard many complaints about how hot it can be. No biggie for me I am ALWAYS cold but DH would have an issue with it.

We had a cheap mattress from a local factory and it lasted only 2 years. We just got a new Simmons BeautyRest, not the firmest but one step below that, King Size, around $1600. I HATE the Tempurpedic ones, they make me sweat all night, it is like laying on plastic foam all night. We considered the SleepNumber bed since my husband likes soft (side sleeper) and I like firm (back sleeper). We compromised with a firm mattress with a pillow top attached. The new mattresses do no need to be flipped but do still need to be turned to avoid channels where you sleep (hubby weighs a lot more than I do). Here in Massachusetts, Jordan's Furniture has a "sleep lab" where you can not only lay on each mattress, but they have a sensor pad you can lay on which shows your pressure points in the position you sleep in and from that they recommend soft/firm/type, etc. Finally, it is really hard to compare prices between stores since each store will call the same mattress by a slightly different name - on purpose I am sure. Make sure you have a lot of time to spend and go hang out at a mattress store to lay on each bed you think you like for a good 10 minutes or more - every mattress is comfortable for a few minutes when you are tired!

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