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Waking up Congested

My son is just over 7 months and for the last couple of months he has been waking up in the mornings congested. He was also getting a stuffy nose at night as well. His Dr. just said it was probably something in the room that is bothering him. Even though he has been in the same room since he was brought home from the hospital, we bought a good purifier thinking it would help the problem, but it has only cleared up his stuffy nose. The only thing that changed when it started was he went from his basinet to his crib. I am wondering if it is something in there that is doing this. We also have 2 cats that I love dearly but want to find a better home for. They are not allowed in his room, but they are around him during the day. So maybe something related to them. But it only happens at night so I dont know.

What can I do next?

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You know, lots of children wake up congested for not much reason at all -and it is doubtful that he is allergic to your cats as he would have had a reaction to them long ago (and allergies know no night and day. Its a 24 hour thing).

My daughter will wake up congested if her room is too cold or if there happens to be a breeze coming in through the cracks of the windows. Have you had your sons ears/sinuses looked at by his pediatrician? Congestion is often related, and even caused by, problems with the sinuses (they can be slow to develope properly in young children) and the ears. If you haven't had him seen by his ped, do that first just to rule out a sinus infection or fluid in the ears.

As far as treating the stuffy nose now - put a cool air humidifier in his room at night - he will find the white noise VERY soothing, and will clear up his congestion. If this doesn't help (but it usually does) you can try giving him the recommended dosage of infant's benadryll - if that does the trick, he is probably allergic to something in the house.

Stuffed Animals - or Curtains - they will both have aquired a fair amount of dust since his birth.... They probably didn't have much - but do now - especially since he probably doesn't play with them much.

Another possibility is the windowsill or lampshade....

Good Luck - I have terrible allergies and the doctor insisted we not have stuffed toys in our rooms as children.

My youngest son, who is now 2 yrs old, was frequently congested up until about 6-7 months. He slept in our room for those first few months & I noticed it more at night but also after he would have a bottle of formula. After switching formula & a couple of trips to our ped, I happened to have a visit w/dr. who wasn't our regular ped. who told me that babies' nasal passages tend to be smaller & slower to develop which makes it harder for them to clear out the congestion. That made me feel much better. Since he has an older brother who was in preschool at the time, he did have a cold thru some of this. But right about your son's age, his nose seemed less congested. Hope this helps & good luck!


I don't think is the cats, maybe he is allergic to the matress or the sheets. Try changing the sheets to organic ones. Also I have an 11 month old baby and a cat, she got a little congested a few times same as your baby, in the morning and at night, we change the heather filter and pbl solved! too much dust circulating in the house....you might want to check the airconditioning...

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