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Vomiting Infant

Hello everyone. I have a newborn son who just turned three weeks on Friday. I have not had any problems with him eating (I'm breastfeeding) or with anything coming back up. For the most part he is a very good baby, doesn't cry more than a normal infant would. On Friday he was extremely fussy and nothing seem to satisfy him and then yesterday he vomited what seem like two or three meals for an infant. Ever since then he has severely vomited about four times and keeps down maybe a fourth of what he eats. Does anyone know what might be causing this or had this happen. If it continues today I am calling the doctor in the morning just thought I could get some advice now. Thanks!!

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He could have a flu bug. Infants can pick up things really easily. He probably looks like he is throwing up so much because there is a lot of muscus and spit that is combined w/ the vomit. I would worry about dehydration with such a young infant, if he will take some liquid I would give it to him, and definitely take him to the doctor if he is not better, it is always better to be safe than sorry. I hope he is feeling better soon.

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Hi K..
When my son was about 2 or 3 weeks old, we had a very similar problem. I wouldn't say that he was vomiting, but he would forcefully spit up what appeared to be a good part of the meal he just ate (both breast and formula). He would also seem really fussy and nothing would soothe him. Knowing that acid reflux runs in both families, I told my doctor the symptoms and suggested maybe it was reflux. He agreed and we switched formulas (from Good Start to Enfamil AR Lipil which is prethickened with rice starch so that it stays down better) and he prescribed Zantac (yes, just like the adults use except in a syrup). The combination of these two things worked great and know, a year later, he rarely needs the Zantac (wish I could say the same for myself).
I would suggest definitely taking him to the doctor. It might be something simple, like reflux, but it may also be something serious. And remember, what may seem like a lot coming out is probably considerably less than what went in (pour an ounce of water on the counter...you'll be amazed how it looks like so much more).
Good Luck!


I hope your son has stopped vomiting by the time you read this, but even if he has, call his doctor asap and get him checked out. Vomiting like what you described is not normal. Have you changed something in your diet? You may want to look at your diet and see if you are consuming anything that your son may be allergic to. When I nursed my second son, I discovered, through process of elimination, when he was about 5 weeks old that he couldn't tolerate dairy. He would get really fussy and spit up/throw up continuously. As soon as I cut diary out and switched to soy milk and soy yogurt, he was much better. His first 3-4 weeks showed no sign of dairy allergy, because I wasn't eating as much of it, but once I got back to eating regular yogurt and drinkin milk daily, he was a mess. Good luck, and I hope your baby is OK.


Hi K.,
I'm an emergency Medicine trained Physician Assistant and a mother of 2. I Breastfed my two children until 10, 14 months respectively. From the sounds of your e-mail a medical condition/illness should be ruled out. Small ones such as yours needs an evaluation with abrupt changes in well being. That said here's a little more informaion.
If it is an illness? Does he have a fever, rash, cough, snotty nose, swollen glands, diarrhea? What about exposures? Has he come in contact with children or family who are sick? Can he breath? If his nose is stuffy start the bulb suction they'll scream but at least they can breath afterwards. Babies at this age are nose breathers.
If it is a mecial condition.... Has he not been gaining weight or growing normally. When he vomits is it projectile across the room, exorsist style....we often think pyloric stenosis. Does he wake up vomiting from sleep, or the slightest change in body position he erps? ....think reflux. There are others but medial folks work their list of possible causes from the most common to the least.
One final thought pay attention to your diet. Food allergies are on the rise big time. The Top food allergins in this day is MILK, EGGS, PEANUTS, NUTS, SHELLFISH, FISH, SOY, WHEAT. If you diet has been heavily ladden with one of these back off. Pay attention to any family allgies....apples don't fall far from the three. Also gass producing veggies and fruits like onions, cabbage, broccoli... I learned the hard way that if medicine can't explain it allergies will. Traditional medial training doesn't give adequate training on food allergies. My daughter was diagnosed with severe reflux for a year before I figured out she had a milk allergy. We have no food allergies in the family so this was weird. Today I have a son who is allergic to most soaps & detergents (family allergy) and eggs and a daughter who has severe allergies to milk, eggs, and peanut allergies. Had someone thought of allergies or warned me to check my diet I could have spared my daughter a year of severe GI colicy pain and vomiting.

I hope your little one gets better.

Best wishes

If he is being fussy, I would check his ears and teeth. He may have an ear infection or teeth my be coming in early.

He could have a flu bug. Infants can pick up things really easily. He probably looks like he is throwing up so much because there is a lot of muscus and spit that is combined w/ the vomit. I would worry about dehydration with such a young infant, if he will take some liquid I would give it to him, and definitely take him to the doctor if he is not better, it is always better to be safe than sorry. I hope he is feeling better soon.

Try to limit his intake and burp more often. You may also have to much milk at first. Have you tried to express some before he eats? I had a problem with too much time in between feeding mine and she got too much milk at first. I started expressing some so it didn't gush out and burping her more often and it seemed to work. Have you ruled out a fever or something more threatning? If so try feeding less more often and burping more. Hope that helps.

My son had the reflux...or so I thought...was even put on meds for it....didn't really help. Took him to a woman who helped test him for allergies at under 6 months old (non-invasive - kind of 'out of the box' body work --- dealing with kinesiology) and she determined he wasn't lactose intolerant - he was allergic to the milk protein.
So - changed formulas a fourth time - and he was a new baby!
It could be having to do with the 'reflux' issue...and more often it's caused by allergies that either the child is intaking or you might be intaking for him while breastfeeding... Her name is Jude Boutwell and she's based in Carmel --- I can get you her info...
ps. And of course, it could just be a 'flu bug' right now that's going around... both my sons have had a bit of something that even caused diarrhea...

A very close member of our church family has an infant (whom is now 6 months old) who vomited like your baby...and when it didnt stop, she took her to dr and dr said baby had "reflux" and was put on meds for it.

BUT.before we jump to meds,,,,.have you eaten anything different? When my Sophie was nursing, I had to be extremly careful of what I ate....certain spices...milk products, chocolate, caffene, oh,,the list was long! When she got older,,around 6 months, she got more used to things,,and I could eat what I wanted. If you baby is at a stage of using his arms and legs more,,sort of flailing around it would look like, sometimes they get thier nice full bellies all shook up, so to speak.

And the dr will probably tell you that it LOOKS like alot of spit up,,,but its not. :-)
I remember being so worried about everything about my infant. Trust your instincts as a Mommy. :-) You know what is best for your baby.
Sending wonderful wishes for you and your new baby :-)|

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