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Vomiting After Eating

My sister just had a baby boy. He is 3 weeks old, and she has had trouble breastfeeding. The baby has been vomiting up all he drinks. Has anyone had this issue and do you have advice?

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I see you got a lot of advice. Sound like she has a milk protein allergy. Do you eat a lot of Dairy?
Pediatrician should be able to diagnose with a stool sample test. Do you see blood in his stool ever?

my sone went through the same thing, he ended up having acid reflux and was put on Zantac and they also found out that he was lactose intolrent. Hope this helps!

Yes my oldest son had that issue and they told me it was a milk allergy or else reflux...which isn't much fun.

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You have lots of possibilities in all the wonderful responses. One thing your sister might want to have the ped check in her son is for Pyloric Stenosis. I am not completely sure, but it has something to do with the opening between the stomach and small intestine not fully opening for digestion. My nephew went through this for several weeks in the beginning until the doctors finally diagnosed him at about 7 or 8 weeks old with an abdominal ultrasound. This was after they ruled out both allergy/interolance and reflux. My sister both breastfed him and gave formula. His vomiting rapidly increased in frequency and eventually turned projectile. He wasn't holding anything down. My son was only two weeks older than him, but at almost 2 months old, my nephew looked like a skinny, red-faced newborn because he was getting virtually no nutrients for weeks, and constantly crying in hunger before they decided he was not also colicky (!!!). They quickly scheduled him for a simple surgery that involved making an incision in order to allow food to pass properly. The boys are almost 16 months old, my nephew is healthy as can be and now MY son is the "skinny" one! It doesn't hurt to mention this condition, the sooner they rule it out or resolve it the better. Being only 3 weeks old, he will be just fine if they catch it now. But, because my nephew went undiagnosed for weeks with this Pyloric Stenosis, they continue to periodically monitor his kidneys due to the dehydration they underwent through the period of malnutrion from all the vomiting. Hopefully, this is not your nephew's case, but if it is, rest assured that he will be just fine once corrected! Good luck!

My now 15 year old daughter had that problem, and she ended up projectile vomiting after a couple of days. I took her to the Doctor, she was admitted to the ospital and she had Pyloric Stenosis. It is where the muscle that lets your food go from your stomach to your bowels does not relax so the food does not pass through, but comes back up instead. She had surgery to correct the problem, and she is almost 16 now, and has been healthy ever since. Good luck to your sister and her baby boy!

Has your sister had the baby to the doctor's to rule out any medical problem? If not I would suggest that first then contact La Leche League - www.llli.org - They advicate breastfeeding and I'm sure someone will be able to help her. There are chapters of La Leche League all over the country so your sister should find a chapter close to her. Good luck.

L. M

My son developed an allergy/intolerance to the cow's milk protein's in my breast milk which caused a great deal of intestinal troubles. She should definetly talk to the child's pediatrician and try eliminating milk and all products containing milk from her diet for a few weeks and see if it helps. This is not the same as lactose intolerance. It helped my son alot and I was able to start consuming cooked dairy products when my son was 6 months old, and now he is no longer "allergic"
Also, some babies just spit up a lot more than others...is he gaining weight?

I has this problem with my twins. They were allergic to the protein in milk and soy. So I had to change my diet to continue to breastfeed. I would check with the pediatician. Good luck

Hi K. -

My brother and his wife have a 6 week old and they started having the same trouble. They took her to the doctor and had tests done (mri I believe) to rule out a blockage making her throw/spit-up. Since that was ruled out they said it was acid-reflux, which they said happens quite often and usually the baby will outgrow it anywhere from a few weeks up to about 6months. She is also on medication twice a day to help her. I am not sure what type of medication it is though. I know it is helping, but she still spits up a little - it's a lot better than before though. I would for sure make sure she goes to the doctor and they can rule out anything major or could be really serious though.

Hi K.,
I didn't have this experience but when I had trouble I found the La Leche League very helpful and supportive. http://www.llli.org/WebUS.html Nursing is the best thing a mother can do for their baby and I recommend it for as long as you and the baby like it. I nursed my 4 kids any where from 1 to 2 years before they wanted to stop. Maybe a new position will help with the spitting up.

She should also touch base with the pediatricians office and make sure he is gaining weight. If he is then he is keeping something down.

One of the best bits of advice I received was to nurse one side at a time. So the first time you nurse the baby in the morning you nurse the right side only, the next time the left, instead of the 10 minutes on one side and then switch. I never got engorged when nursing with this method.

Best of luck with your little girl and your sister's boy.
D. C

Hi, K.. I'd recommend that she take him to the doctor to get checked for reflux. But a very likely culprit could be allergies or sensitivities to food/drink that she is eating. The most common allergens are dairy, wheat, egg, and soy products. It's a strenuous diet, and takes about three weeks of reading labels at the grocery store, but she could eliminate those things from her diet completely, and see if he improves. There are some really great websites that list all the names of dairy and wheat products (things like casein or whey or gluten) that she will have to look for. But on the plus side, she'll be eating a really healthy diet (!) and will lose all her baby weight! I ate nothing but meats (with salt and pepper -- grilled is best) and fruit and veggies and tons of rice cakes (the apple cinnamon ones).

But get the baby checked by a doctor and maybe a gastroenterologist, too. And my doctor, great though she is, didn't catch the food allergies. A lactation consultant from a new moms' support group did, and so I did all the research on my own and it was a fait acompli by the time I saw the doc. Best of luck! K.

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