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Vomit Stain on Carpet

Help! Does anyone have any brilliant ideas on how to get out red vomit stains on my carpet! Thanks ahead for any suggestions!

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I use Woolite Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner ( with OXY DEEP ) .... works miracles !!

It comes in a blue spray bottle.

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Try soda water, after you blot it up with a clean rag, put salt on to soak up the balance of the liquid. When it drys, vacuum up a debris.
I have a little hand help steamer which I used on an old vomit stain and I was able to remove it.
The little shark hand held steamer has been worth its money in gold - I highly recommend it.
FYI - If you are trying to get out blood, use Hydrogen peroxide - it works like magic.
Good luck with that. If it doesn't come out I guess it's a sign that you need to go pick out new flooring. LOL

Antibacterial Liquid Soap from Melaleuca works wonders on red stains, and it doesn't color fade carpets or other fabrics. I got a set red marker stain out of a shirt with it - yes, I said a set stain. Good Luck.

Our dog is always throwing-up on our carpet.

We do a few things that have helped tremendously.
1. Get Spot Shot and follow the directions on how to remove the stain
2. Get a towel and put it over the stain (fold it over a few times)
3. Put something heavy over the towel to help wick the stain up into the towel
4. leave it there at least 24 hours

Our cat had a cyst that got blood all over our carpet last year. I didn't want to peroxide the carpet for fear it would discolor it, so I searched the internet, and one of the recommendations was Oxy Clean laundry treatment (the spray). It worked like a charm. But, it's really concentrated, so I used way too much and am now trying to figure out how to get it all up so it doesn't keep attracting dirt.

Shaklee's Nature Bright and Basic H2 work wonders. I'm an independent distributor and would be happy to send you some free samples if you'd like to try them!


I have used a product called "Gonzo" which I first purchased at Home Depot. Gonzo has their own website but if you Google "Gonzo Stain Remover" you'll find several places who sell it as well. You might what to try it!

"Nature's Miracle!!!" - you can only find it at pet stores as it's intended for getting pet stains & odors out of carpet and upholstery, but i've used it on everything under the sun . . . and it's been the only stain remover i've used for 8 yrs (w/ two dogs, a prone-to-spills husband, and a 2 yr. old!). Two of the worst stains it got out for us was 1) red vomit on tan carpet that came when my then 18 mos. old puked up an entire raw tomato that he'd eaten, 2) Black coffee that spilled under my couch (I was unaware) and sat for months! You just cover the stain w/ Nature's Miracle, let it sit/soak for 5-7 mins. then blot/rub out w/ a cloth. If it's really bad you may have to do it a 2nd time, but it's rare that a stain hasn't come out for me the 1st go-round. Seriously, I swear by this stuff! Good luck!!

I used a product called Capture from Home Depot to get red wine out of carpet - it worked great!

Sol U Mel from Melaleuca will get out just about any stain! It is the best stain remover I have ever used. It got out nail polish from my carpeting and permanent marker off the tile floor and grape juice from the carpeting as well. It takes the smell out too! Great when you are dealing with pet stains or in your case vomit. L.

I use Woolite Spot and Stain Carpet Cleaner ( with OXY DEEP ) .... works miracles !!

It comes in a blue spray bottle.

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