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Vit.D Suppliments

HI Ladies! I recently saw a news broadcast regarding infants and toddlers were not receiving enough vit D in there diets. They recommended using suppliments. Does anyone do this? And if so what brand of suppliments do you use and how much? Thanks!

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Thank You Everyone! I got a tremendous amount of great info and am thankful for this site! Thanks again ladies.

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My pediatrician recommended Enfamil's Poly-vi-Sol. It's liquid, with it's own dropper. You can put it in food or in milk or whatever. It's 100% daily value for infants and children 4 and under. Breastfed babies especially lack Vitamin D. She also recommended the sun, but I stick with the vitamins too. It's about $8 per bottle at Walmart, and most boxes (if not all) have a $2 coupon inside.

I know a wonderful supplement that is Isotonic. That means that kids can drink it and it is absorbed in 5 minutes into their bodies so that they get the benefit without having to loose nutrients in digestion. It also has probiotics in it. It's called "Might-a-Mins". The same company has awesome children's vitamins for kids on the autism spectrum that help with digestion or consentration. Which ever the children need. Let me know if you have questions or you can find them at www.marketamerica.com/thevoiceoftruth.


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Even just 20 minutes of sun per week on just exposed face and arms is the best source of vitamin D. It is good for you to get vitamin D too... go for a walk with the stroller and enjoy some sun too.

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Unfortunately, you are hearing only part of the story with regards to vitamin D. Geting good nutrition in the body is great prevention and being health.

Yes, it is good to get our children outside and reap the benefits of the sun. A good diet, fresh fruits and vegetables, and pure supplements. One mom recommended a mutli-vitamin. That is good. We can't get everything from our food supply.

When deciding which multi-vitamins are good? Well for an 11 month old, it would need to be a chewable vitamin. Make sure there isn't any processed or artificial sugars.

The one I used for my children has Xylitol, which is derived from fruit and veggies and is actually good for their teeth.

M. Potrykus
Mama Bear Productions

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Just a few minutes in the sun each day (about how much your child would get going to and from the car a couple times) is usually enough Vit. D, believe it or not! The problem is that as parents we're freaked out by the sun so we slather our kids in sunscreen every time they go out (which is not a bad thing), hence they're not absorbing Vitamin D from sun exposure.

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Be careful supplimenting with Vitamin D. I am currently taking it because of medications that I am on are causing other problems and the lack of Vitamin D was confirmed with a blood test. Vitamin D is created by spending time out in the sun also. My doctor has been very careful with how much I take and expressed how important it is not to over do, vitamin D helps with calcium absortion. Before adding anything other than a general multi vitamin please check with your doctor to make sure you or your children need it. With some vitamins too much can actually cause damage.

Good luck
Chelle E.

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They need to be out in the sun. It doesn't take more than 15 min in the sun (for caucasion babies) to get the vit D they need for the day.

Parents are afraid of exposing their baby to the sun, but they need it!

Did you know that sunburn is Vit. D overdose.Your body only needs a certain amount a day and too much will burn your skin or change its pigmentation.

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The best source of vitamin D is natural sunlight!!!

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A little bit of sunshine goes a LONG way!

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HI J.,
The only vitamin supplements that I would recommend are made by Shaklee. Kids love the Ocean Wonders chewables or the infant powder supplement. They are the purest, natural, no artificial anything and guaranteed to work or your money back. Almost all other commercial brands have fillers and artificial sweeteners or sugar. If you don't know a Shaklee representative, check out my Mamasource business "M. Goes Green". Going out in the sun is also a good idea,just don't overdo it. Hope this helps.

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