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Video Game Consoles---Which One Do You Have?

I am looking ahead for Christmas gift ideas. I am really getting pressure to buy a video game console. I have kept the kids at bay for a couple of years now but don't think I will succeed for 3 years in a row. My kids are 8, 7, 5 and 6 months so I would like advice on what consoles could cover a wide range of ages, have a great selection of games and would likely last as long as possible, developments in technology notwithstanding---I know I can't beat that one. My kids have talked about the Wii, Nintendo DS and Playstations.

What kind of experience does everyone else have out there?

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I am going to research the Wii. I have already found some online for about $350 with 5 sports games and then some other games the kids have been hoping for. WISH ME LUCK!

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We're a Nintendo family. Nintendo has a good selection of age appropriate games. The WII although pricey has some great games where kids can actually get up and move around.
Game Stop sells new and used games and my kids have learned to be smart shoppers when it comes to spending their allowance. They buy used games and sell the games that they are dont play.

I'ld start looking for the game system you what now. The closer we get to Christmas the harder it will be to find the system and accesaries that you want. Become friends with the kids that work in the electronics department at Toys-R-Us and Target to find out when they get their shipments.

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We currently have the PS3 wich is alright we are having some issues with the wireless remotes loosing sync with the system so the remote just stops working and we have to reset it. ?But you get the blue-ray with the PS3 which we use for our movies. We also had the WII which is a lot of fun but with how young my kids are after a wii mote to their heads we decided to sell that (that is when we went with the PS3) You could probably get all 3 their own DS with the price of the PS3 which the games are cheaper than the PS3 games. I think the WII games are kinda pricy too unless you get the older ones. And the DS is portable which can make long car rides not so boring for the kids. I like all 3.

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I was sure I'd never buy any sort of video game system. My brother and SIL came to visit for a week with my niece and nephew. They brought their WII. The kids loved it, the adults loved it. Still, I stood my ground. Then I read a parenting article (not an advertisement...an actual article) listing 5 great ways to spend time with your children...one listed was actually Wii! I thought about the winter months here and changed my mind. I started checking on pricing and was blown away. So I got on Ebay and found a used one with 3 games (2 are group games so there are actually 15 games total) for less than the amount of just the new Wii system. I also got in the bundle an extra remote. I looked up what all the original cost would've been and I found I was able to get everything used for $210 less (including shipping cost with insurance) than it would've been at a store or new on Amazon.com. I spent a grand total of $250.00 Everything came in perfect condition with the box, etc. I've also purchased 2 more used games for half the price they would be at a store (including one for my toddler). My husband and I played everything one night to test it all out and had to tear ourselves away, it was so fun and funny! Watching each other 'bowl' with our remotes was a hoot...it's as though we were actually bowling so it was hilarious! And baseball was a hoot because we actually swung the remote the way we'd swing a bat...we were cracking each other up! I can't wait for Christmas this year...it's going to be a blast!

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We got the Wii for Christmas last year from my mom. I wasn't sure at first since I'm not much of a video game person but I love it now! The game that comes with has lots of sports and it is a lot of fun to play with the kids. For my birthday I got Wii Fit, which is awesome and tracks my weight loss and work out time. It makes excercise fun and my kids and husband like to use it too. We got the console with a game and an extra controller that came with a game for Christmas and still haven't really played all the games that are on there. My boys got games from Gramma for their birthdays & Easter too. So, we have Cars and Carnival games and Rock Band (but it's a little old for our boys). I would highly recommend the Wii and expect that it will be around for a long while. We also have a DS which is great for trips, but is one person at a time. Our older Playstation 2 & X-box don't get played as much. My boys are 7,5 and almost 4. Good luck!

Gotta get the Wii. It's family friendly and there are tons of games that are kid friendly, i.e. Mario Brothers line. It's also great exercise. My suggestion is you get it now, don't wait until the holiday season. If you can't find one, ask somebody in the know at Target when they're coming in and they'll probably tell you to be there at opening on a Sunday.
Hope this helps.

My husband and I love the Wii. We also have the Playstation 2. What we love about the Wii is that you get up and move around and get into the games. We have a blast playing the bowling and I love the tennis. I feel like I have had a workout after playing. There are some great games for the kids too.

Unless you're a serious gamer, you don't need anything more than the Wii. The DS is handheld, so only one kid can use it at a time. My son has one and loves it, but it's not a "family activity". We all play the Wii and have bowling tournaments - it's lots of fun. Our next game will be Rockband, and we can't wait for that. The graphics are generally not as good for the Wii as they are for Playstation or the Xbox, but with small kids, the Wii is just perfect. When they're teenagers, we might consider those other ones. I also was dead set against having a game console in my house, but have since changed my mind. It's the same as TV or computers - you have to be vigilant with monitoring it's usage, but it can also be a great family activity. Word of caution - Do Not Wait Until Christmas! If you're going to get it, get it NOW. They will either sell out around Christmas, or prices on eBay will skyrocket. I got ours just about a year ago - 2 months later my friend paid $200 more on eBay for the EXACT same setup and that was the cheapest she could find it. Enjoy!!

We have a play station 2 and my kids like it. I would check the price of games and what kind of graphics you are after and go from there. We also have the New Nintendo DS and my kids like that as well.

Hope that helps.

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