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Vicks Vapor Rub on Feet?

My son is 8 months old and has had a cough for about 2-3 days now (with a runny nose), no temperature though. I've heard alot over the internet about putting Vicks Vapor Rub on his feet at night when he sleeps and covering his feet with his pj's. I heard it works better than there chest because of glands in the feet. Has anyone ever done this before? Did it work? How old was your child if you did do it?

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This does work I don't really know why but it does work. I have been doing this for a while and my son will be 5 in two days. This works so well I even use this on myself.

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I won't discount the possibility that this may work, but perhaps it is simply due to the fact that you are covering the feet. Heat is lost from the body through the feet and head, one reason why in genuinely cold climates people wear thick socks and hats during winter.
The feet are also a great place to detox the body and conversely, a place where things are very rapidly absorved.
Vicks and Vaseline are products that contain petroleum distillates, and are really not the best thing for us, especially a tender baby. It would be better to mix one or two drops of oregano oil or tea tree oil into olive or coconut oil, rub and cover.(do a search for foot detox pads) There are also foot pads that absorb toxins from the body through the feet. These would be perfectly safe to use on baby and a whole lot better than Vicks, IMHO.

I heard about that on Oprag too Dr OZ sugested it. I havent had any colds in the family yet s oI have nt tried it, if you do please let me kow how it works!!--C.

I found a natural vapor rub that was good even on my baby's sensitive chapped cheeks (chapped from a cold) and under his nose- it's by Northern Essence- scroll down to the second product on the page:

I would be careful using vicks on an 8 month old. I was told by my pharmacist once that there have been cases of resipiratory failure from the chemical in that stuff in children under 2. Ask your pediatrician. (I was even told not to use those plug in vapor things they have for kids now).

Actually I have heard that the feet absorbs well and could be burned from putting Vick's on them. As I am unsure you should check with your doctor.

This does work I don't really know why but it does work. I have been doing this for a while and my son will be 5 in two days. This works so well I even use this on myself.

Weird! My friend just told me about this yesterday! She heard about it last week and put the vicks on her daughters feet all weekend and she said the coughing stopped! I was going to try last night, but she called at 9:30 pm and I had already put ds to sleep, but Im going to try it tonight. My Ped said Vicks is fine on babies, just use the infant kind. It has more botanicals in it. Jen

WOW! I have never heard this but my son suffers from extensive congestion (no known reason just overactive sinus, I guess) and I sometimes will rub vapor cream on his chest to help if he is really congested. I will have to try this on him... I might even need to try for myself next time I need it. Thanks for sharing! I will let you know how this works. (My problem will be getting my son to let me cover his feet!!!)

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