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Vibrating Pelvis

Ok, so this is odd but I wondered if anyone else has experienced it.

Every now and then (a few times a month), I get a strange vibrating sensation in my pelvis, above my left hip. It started about 2 years ago. It doesn't hurt but feels just like a cell phone vibrating. Does anyone know what it is?

What can I do next?

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I have had the same thing and thought that I was crazy or needed to stop wearing my cell phone on my waist. I thought is was something like phantom cell phone vibrations. Thank you!!

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I'm right there with ya moms! Just last night on the way home I thought my phone was in my left pocket...nope! Any doctors in the house?

LMAO.... and I thought I was going loony! Always on my left side also and I know it is not my ovary since I do not have one there! Mine sometimes hurts a little bit- but not really painful. I just always assumed it was gas- not that women get gas or anything (that we admit lol)

I will definately be watching this one for answers since I never had the guts to ask it! So thank you for that!

Blessings to you!

Ok this is funny, but I don't get them in my stomach I get them in my left thumb and index finger occasionally and I just thought it was the same thing like when my eye twitches lol. I was always told when your eye twitches it's like a muscle spasm or some people have even told me like a little seizure I tend to believe the muscle spasm more. Good luck on you quest for an answer.

I actually have had the same sensation but have never put it into words! I have no clue what it is and it happens so infrequently for me but I am curious if someone else can tell us. I have actually grabbed for my cell phone. Interesting.

I thought I was nuts! I have that same thing happen ALL the time. I always put my cell phone in my back pocket....and am constantly checking it because I always feel like it's vibrating. Gee wiz...good to know I'm not the only one LOL! I don't know what it is, very strange though.

Don't know what it is, but me too!

I have had the same thing and thought that I was crazy or needed to stop wearing my cell phone on my waist. I thought is was something like phantom cell phone vibrations. Thank you!!

Oh my Goodness.... I thought I was going crazy! Same sensation! Feels just like the phone is on vibrate, but not intense. Very interesting. I will watch this posting to see if anyone knows what this is.

Hello, I am a Doctor, a chiropractor to be specific, our office actually treats pregnant women and moms for this reason and others! This is often caused by superficial nerves in the pelvis most likely due to the compression of the lateral cutaneous nerve as it runs through the inguinal ligament. Sometimes this worsens if you gain weight (such as with pregnancy) or wear tight clothing. Very treatable and preventable with conservative care.
Please contact me if you would like more information!
Don't be alarmed this is a normal sensation however you do not want it to be constant or get to the point of pain. I suggest chiropractic care to stretch out the psoas muscle (which lays over that nerve) and a lumbar and Sacro Illiac adjustment to help relieve pressure off that nerve, relax the musculature, and prevent this occurance

Contact me with more info or if you have questions

Dr. Alexis Landgrebe

Funny that we're all watching the post looking for an answer. I've had this for two years too. Weird.

okay, I have NO IDEA what this is, but yes, I have had it too. It kinda feels like when you feel a baby kick at the very beginning of a pregnancy for me, but not in the same place and of course I know I am not with child at the time. I haven't figured out if it happens at a certain time of the month because it is so strange that I am usually surprised and put off guard and reassure myself for a moment that I am not pregnant. LOL! A few times I thought it was a phantom sensation like remembering a baby kicking you....but you are not alone.

perhaps it's your intestines moving along, or gas- am not sure, because I've never had that, but it could be your digestive system?

I know exactly what you are talking about!!! I started having the same experiences after my first pregnancy about 6 years ago. The expereinces occured most often during and immediatly after my sons were born. My youngest is 5 and I still will have the these episodes every now and again. I have NO idea what it is! Let's see if someone else knows!! LOL

I had that in my abs once. It is just a muscle being a little bonkers. It will go away after a couple of weeks. My doctor wasn't alarmed about it at all.


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