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Very Sore Breast 3-5 Days Before Period

Well here I am again with an embarrassing question that im sure you all can help me with! Last month and this month about 3-5 days before my period my breast become very sore. I have done some research and see this is normal but mine are to the point to where i cant touch them with out crying. if i wear a bra they hurt if i dont the weight from them is enough to bring me to tears.... what gives with this. is their anything i can do to help with the pain? is it really normal to hurt this bad? or should i be in the er saying my boobs hurt please help!

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That used to happen to me. My obgyn told me to take two vitamin E capsules a day. I think it may be like 800 iu. It really did help me, so try that. I hope this helps

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I think I would be calling the doctor/OB-GYN. As far as the bra could you wear a camisole with a shelf bra. It might not be as supportive as a regular bra but some support.

That does not sound normal. You could be pregnant and then they would hurt more than just your monthly. If you are not pregnant, I would definitely call and go see your OB b/c they are not supposed to be that sore to the touch.

Two things...cyclical pain associated with your period is nohing to worry about. Second...breast cancer is usually painless until the end stages, so really, don't worry. BUT, I would talk to your OB and let him know that this is impacting your quality of life. He will probably prescribe an anti-inflammatory or a mild pain medication to take a few days before the pain typically sets in and for a few days into your period.

Hope this helps!

Have you changed your birth control?? I would consult your doctor.

My dr put me on a water pill because of that. My boobs would hurt so bad, that I would cry when I put on a bra. He gave me a prescription, but I finally went to an over the counter water pill during that time. It worked wonders!

Hi E.,
I have had cystitis since I was young, and have had the most relief from breast pain during premenstrual time by completely cutting out caffiene from my diet. (My OB/GYN recommended this). It takes a month to get everything out of your system. You might try that and see if it helps. That means chocolate, tea, coffee, carbonated, caffeinated drinks, everything. If you still have pain, you need to see your OB/GYN. Breast health is serious.


Go to the doctor. I know it may go away but this type of tenderness before your period is to much. Go to the doctor. If they don't have time to see you right away, insist that they make time for you. You need to be checked out. There may be an infection.

I hope you feel better.


Though that pain could be normal, most the pain I've experienced and heard of related to premenstrual syndromes are more of a tenderness than that much pain. I don't think a trip to the ER would be necessary - but, I do think it would be a good idea to make an appointment w/ your care provider and rule out any lumps...etc.

Birth control can cause worse breast pain - so, if you're taking any bc, you may want to consider stopping for a while. (I tend to believe that an unatural control of hormones can cause a lot of problems)

Those are my thoughts...

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