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Very Overweight and Pregnant- Is This High Risk? Morning Sickness Help

I am 6 weeks PG with my second child. While I am really excited, I am concerened about my health. I was about 30 lbs. overweight when I got pregnant with my son (he is now 15 mos.) and I gained about 30 with him, never really lost the baby weight and have continued to pile on the lbs. I feed him very healthfully, but I am bad about convinence foods for myself. I am now probably 80 lbs. over and not to mention on a tall/large frame. I am concerned about having to go on bedrest as that is not an option with a very active toddler. I don't go to the doc until Feb 13. I am also very queezy, which I was not with my my other pregnancy. Has anyone else gone through preganancy when they were already overweight? What can you tell me about your experience? Also, any advice for the nausea? Thanks!

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Hi D.,

I too was overweight when I was pregnant. I had no complications but I still had it in my mind, "Oh well, I can eat what I want...I'll just loose it after the baby comes"...that's the wrong attitude!! I am now struggeling to get the weight off. If I ever get pregnant again, I am going to have my doctor send me to a nutritionist. That may be an option for you. Your doctor will probably only want you to gain around 15 pounds during this whole pregnancy. God Bless you and your family!


I was very overwieght with all three pregnancies, and I have had not one issue from it. You are going to be more prone to high blood pressure and/or gestational diabetes. However, if you take care of yourself, exercise, and eat well while pregnant, I bet you have a great pregnancy. :-) I had absolutely no problems whatsoever, all three times!

Happy Gestating!

yes, it is definitely high risk. In order to put your baby first, you're going to have to put those convenience foods away and do what's best for your baby. The heathlier you are, the better chance you give your baby. Hopefully that will be the motivation you need to say no to the junk and say yes to the healthy stuff.

With each child I had, I kept the pregnancy weight and added on to it. So by the time I had my 4th daughter, I was considerably overweight (100+ pounds). And I am small framed and short, so it was really bad. Diabetes is why I finally lost weight, and if you are pre-disposed like me, you may get it early also. Gestational diabetes is a big concern for you I would think, but I was not put on bedrest for any pregnancies due to weight. You need to be around for a long time for these babies. See if your doctor will "prescribe" a visit to a nutritionist. If you start eating right for your baby now, it will be easier to continue after the baby is born. For the nauseu, try keeping water and saltines on your nightstand. In the morning eat a few saltines and drink some water before you try to get out of bed. It was the movement on an empty stomach that got me. If you are going to try to eat better, sugar free jellos were my life saver. I felt like I was satisfying my need to eat, but only 10 calories. Feel free to contact me direct if you need someone with this experience to talk to: ____@____.com I am in the Plano/Frisco area. - L.

I won't lie to you. Yes it is high risk to be over weight and pregnant.
I started off more or less around the same overweight as you and I didn't gain barely anything until my 7 month due to depression because my husband left me when I was 4 months pregnant and I was dehydrated.
I was put on strict bedrest throughout my entired pregnancy due to my complications. I had high blood pressure, round ligament, dehydration, preterm labor, severe morning sickness, migrains, inflammation of feet/ankles and hands.
I ended up in the hospital a dozen of times throughout my pregnacy and was there over night or stayed for a week to monitor my blood pressure and labor.
I ended up having a emergency c-section because the baby's heart rate was very high.
He is my miracle baby and was born at 7 lbs and 5 oz and 19 1/2" He did have some problems breathing when he was first born but god was watching over him:)

As far as the morning sickness the dr can prescribe you something (Zofran) which helped me.
I also had crackers and sprite before I got out of bed. Always have snacks and never leave anywhere w/an empty tummy.
Peanut butter and graham crackers helped me..

Good Luck and god bless

I was of average weight in my pregnancy, but I did suffer from very bad morning sickness the whole time. As someone else mentioned, Zofran was wonderful. I have really bad insurance so it cost me a LOT, but it was worth it just to be able to eat again. I was basically at the point that I couldn't eat unless I took it, and even then was very limited on foods. If you are feeling that awful, call your doc and see if you can get in earlier than the 13th. Take this pregnancy as motivation to start eating right again. Try apples... that was one of the few foods I could eat easily. And remember that you should be walking daily. Even if it is just around the block, get a little exercise in every day. Good luck!

First of all Congrats!!! I was overweight with my pregnancy too. Of course it's always going to put you at a higher risk of high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and bed rest. I however, lucked out, I had a smooth sailing pregnancy. I really tried hard not to gain too much weight with the pregnancy and that may have helped...who know's right??? I also had morning sickness too and the advice I was given was to eat protein at night, like cheese and to keep some crackers at the bedside and have a couple before you get out of bed. It might be worth trying. You can also ask your OB for some medicine if it gets too much. Hang in there, you'll make it through!!! Good Luck

Hi D.,

At 274 lbs (about 100 lbs. overweight), I found out I was pregnant last September. I am now the proud mommy of an 8 1/2 month old baby girl :)
My doctor told me (at 6 wks along) that I was destined to get pregnancy-induced hypertension and gestational diabetes. She wanted to schedule me for my c-section at that first appointment. I switched to a midwife and delivered my little girl naturally at the Allen Birthing Center this past May, and I had neither PIH or GD.
Yes, you are at risk because you are overweight, as was I, but it is not a certainty that you will have problems. I had virtually no problems throughout my pregnancy. You will have to work on your eating habits, as being sure to eat healthy is a good way to avoid problems. I would encourage you to check out the Brewer pregnancy diet, and to talk to your healthcare provider about a good diet for you (I don't mean diet as in to lose weight, I mean as in an eating plan). Everyone is different, but being overweight doesn't mean you can't have a healthy pregnancy. You can do it! :)

As for the morning sickness, I was just queasy a little bit for about 4 weeks, and then it was pretty much gone - but I think that eating little bits at a time really helped me through that. I've also heard wonders about preggie pops - you can order them online or you can get them at most maternity stores and babies R us.

Good luck!

I am not sure about the first question but as for Nausea. I went to motherhood and bought this sucker called preggy pops they worked wonders for me. I was good to go. Good luck

Hi D.,
I was overweight with my last 2 pregnancies - about 60 lbs. and did not have any problems. A good friend of mine had a baby this past Friday and she was over 140 lbs. overweight and short with a small frame. She never was on bedrest and had minor complications in the labor/delivery. Lots of praying wouldn't hurt :)
With the queezy feeling, there is a product called Empact (all natural, with no side effects) that has helped me and many others. Go to www.Mannatech.com (product website) and www.glycoscience.org (research and development website) to find out more information. Email if you would like to know more.

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