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Very Large Goose Egg on Forehead

My daughter is 11 1/2 months. Two weeks ago she climbed on the couch and fell off and hit her head on the coffee table. She had a small line where it was cut and as the goose egg grew it split the cut open and then started to bleed. With two of my boys having concussions years ago I knew to give ibuprofen to take down the swelling and didn't let her sleep... two hours later she took a nap. I don't think she had one, but to be on the safe side.

Here is my question~
This happened two weeks ago.. the bruise and the cut is completely gone. But she still has the goose egg and it hasn't gone down.. it sticks out about an inch and is an inch and a half wide. It's located above her right eye on her forehead. Should it be gone by now? Or should I get her into the dr? With 4 boys we have had all injuries.. cuts, bruises, broken fingers, dislocated fingers, stitches... and goose eggs, but they never lasted this long.
Is it something to be worried about lasting this long or will it take more time and just go away?
Thank you!

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My son bumped his head at 5 months and the bruise lasted about 4 months. I took him in and the doctor said it was okay and would fade (which it did). I think you should take her in to see if there is a fluid build-up. They may have some suggestions or may need to drain it.

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WIth two boys, we've had our fair share of gooseggs, broken bones, cuts, bruises....

My youngest had the exact same happen to him when he was 10mos old He was starting to walk, fell into the step up to hte kitchen from the sunken living room, and got a huge goosegg between the eyes. The bump went down but stayed for a month or better... our doctor said the bump had calcified during healing. He's almost 4 now and its totally gone... it lasted for a couple months.

If you are concerned, take her in. But Im' sure thats all it is, and it'll be fine.

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My son, now 10, had something similar happen to him when he was about 3 or 4. He fell and had a bump on his head, the swelling never went down and it was really hard. We took him to the dr later and we were told that sometimes after a trauma like that the body starts making new bone there as if it were broken. Now that he is 10 it really isn't noticeable at all but we can still feel the bump if you run your hand over it.

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My 3 yr old daughter fell out of a wagon at school and got a goose egg on the top of her head. It is still there, this was 2-3 months ago. My mom is a nurse and said they take a LONG time to go away. It would also make sense that it has calcified and will never quite go away. My horse ran into something and bruised her face, the lump calcified and was there for a few years and has finally started to be less noticable. Same concept I suppose.

To be on the safe side I would take her in. You don't want to screw around with head injuries.

My son is 18 months and I have called the doctor I don't know how many times after all of the falls and bumping his head again and again. He has a permanent knob from one bump. It's been about 7 months or so and it's still there but less noticeable. His doctor told me it might never go away completely. As long as the bump is really hard and not squishy you don't have to worry. It could be there for a while though!

im not a mom or an adult but, my mom said the best way is to put ice on it to keep the sweeling down and to keep the baby awake and keep the ice on for about five or ten minutes

Hi R.
I would take her to the doctor just to be on the safe side.

I would take her in to have it checked to be on the safe side- I recently went to a class at Bethesda hospital in St Paul and the instructor stated that little ones can have a lot of problems from falls as time passes. Getting it checked out might be the wisest thing to do

Hi R. -
When i first started dating my husband I remember him having a goose egg on his forehead due to being hit in the head with a knee during soccer. He had it for a LONG time! He did get it checked out by a dr (b/c at the game he did suffer from a concussion). As far as my kids go - they have had several bumps/bruises/goose eggs and none of them have stuck around for more than a couple days. It's always best to get head injuries checked out. I learned the hard way. My dtr fell once and since I got the bleeding to stop, I didn't go into the dr's office. I only called and talked with a nurse. Little did I know that it was her hair that helped stop the bleeding. So, the next day we noticed more bleeding and had to head to ER for staples (b/c I waited too long for stitches). She has a nice size scar now (in her hair) but only noticeable during certain hairstyles. I would at least call the nurses line and discuss the situation. It might ease your worries.

Head injuries need to be checked out by a doctor. Natasha Richards, the actress who fell on the bunny hill while skiing died because of a head injury she didn't get checked in time. Your daughter could have a crack in the skull or bleeding in the brain when she hits that hard. I am glad that all turned out ok with your daughter, but please, if it happens again have her checked out to be on the safe side.

I think that's a long time for a goose egg. My daughter has had a couple from falling and they've gone down within a couple of days...I think I would take her in...it can't hurt.
good luck. hope everything is okay!

I don't believe she got a concussion. Did she cry when it happened? Did she get headaches afterwards? Did you notice fatigue, irritability or light sensitivity the days/weeks following? If she cried then that is a good sign neurologically speaking...it indicates no loss of consciousness. Sometimes bruising takes a long time to go away, especially when it is an area that has a rich vascular system, like the face/forehead area. I would not worry. If there was something bad going on it would have happened already. Next time apply ice immediately to help reduce swelling. I hope this helps!

My son bumped his head at 5 months and the bruise lasted about 4 months. I took him in and the doctor said it was okay and would fade (which it did). I think you should take her in to see if there is a fluid build-up. They may have some suggestions or may need to drain it.

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