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Versed Med for Dental Work

Hi, my 2 yr old son's pedi dentist is recommending he be sedated for 1.5 hours to put a crown on his 2 top front teeth because my son does not want to open his mouth. I have read another mom's posting on sedation, and appreciate the feedback. Howeverm I am still a little worried about putting him to sleep since he will need an IV and it seems really invasive, and not to mention how expensive it is! This same doctor does not recommend other "awake" drugs b/c he thinks kids will get traumatized and might not cooperate as well. A friend told me about a drowsy drug call Versed that her son used to fill his cavaties. He was awake and crying during the dental work but was drowsy but he must not have remembered since he said he liked it there. Has anyone's child used this med for dental work and can share some insight, pros and cons? Thank you so much!

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Versed doesn't actually put you to sleep, it just makes you not remember. It is harmless but might not work if he is adamant about not getting his teeth looked at since he will still have some level of consciousness.

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As a pediatric nurse the results with Versed are a mixed bag and unpredictable. Go with the dentists recomendations.

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When my son was 2 I took him to a pediatric dentist because he had problems and no enamel on his teeth. The dentist there was pushy and rude and wound of tramatizing my son for just a small visit. I found another dentist that was better but the damage was already done and even at 9 now he is better but still extremely frightened. He wound up having to have three baby root canals and two teeth pulled. They recomended that I have him sedated. I was worried but I researched and used a pediatric anethisologist for the job. He was very nice and stayed with my son to monitor him for the two and a half hours it took. He has had a few cavaties since then and we had to do oral sedation which is the versed. My son actually needed a cocktail with something else to keep him woozy enough and the versed is great for forgetting. That is actually one of the purposes of using that drug. Do be aware that every child reacts differently to meds and it depends on your son and your level of calmness. My son does not do well when he comes out of it. He is very independent and cries and what not because he is so woozy he can't walk. But I am happpy to say he has been cavaty free for two and a half years now and does great with exams by himself. Good luck! I am sure it will all work out great for you.

Hello. My son has had to have two IV sedations to have teeth pulled. I would go for the Versed. It doesn't taste the greatest but it makes them very sleepy. My son has had versed several times for medical procedures. But if they have to do IV sedation, there is a spray they can put on the site before the insert the needle to numb it. They have done this for my son as well. Putting them under is never easy. But do ask them for Versed. Usually Versed puts them to sleep, they do not stay awake or makes them drowsy. It has always put my son fully to sleep. Best of luck.

L. Renwick

Hi K.,
Do the IV sedation as your pediatric dentist recommends. It will make the procedure easier and quicker with better results. I have worked for dentists who try Versed with mixed results. The one instance that has stayed with me is of a 3-4 yr old boy who came in totally out of it, but once we started working on him he woke up and had to be strapped to a papoose board. Not only was the outcome of his dental work less than ideal, he remembered everything and refused to even come in the door of the office. In my opinion, it isn't worth the chance of a very traumatic experience that could cause permanent fear of the dentist. As to having them extracted or leaving the decay, those "baby" teeth serve a VERY important purpose. If the decay is SO severe it requires crowns, I suggest re-evaluating his diet and oral hygiene so you don't have this happen again. If he is still on a bottle, wean him ASAP. Don't give him milk at bedtime and make sure you brush his teeth right before bed for at least 1-2 minutes, even if it means holding him down. NEVER put anything in your mouth that will go into his mouth. I find it very sad that in this day and age, with everything we know about preventive dentistry and oral hygiene, that Early Childhood Caries is on the rise in the United States. Sorry if this sounds preachy, but it is our responsibility as parents to take care of our children and this includes their teeth.

PS check out my profile to see my experience in the area. The main reason adults are afraid of the dentist is because of a bad experience as a child. In several practices, it was my job to make the childrens' first visit as fun and positive as possible, setting them up for positive visits in the future. Versed may help them forget much of the procedure but doesn't always make it easier to work on them. Trying to work on a toddler while they are moving and crying can be a little dangerous. I remember a child who ended up getting his tongue cut with the drill because he wouldn't hold still. Very painful and bloody!

They had to use versed on my daughter at 3yrs to removed a deep splinter from her foot. I didn't really want to do it but I also didn't want her to be scared of the experience so I opted for the sedation. They administer it orally and they are fully awake they just won't remember anything. The biggest downfall is when the drug is wearing off kids have a tendency to cry alot and nothing seem to help. It also makes them very sleepy. (maybe not such a bad thing). It's a tough choice. I can say that If I had to do it again I would go with the versed. It has less side effects and not quite as scary. Putting an IV into a small child is frightening to them.
Best of luck to you

I know that kids respond differently to meds than adults do, but I thought I would add my experience in case it helps. A few years ago, I had to have a scope put down my throat so the docs could look in my stomach. The idea of this had me in a total panic (and I am prone to phobias and panic attacks). I was given versed (nothing to do with my fear, just standard procedure for this), and I was totally fine. Versed is supposed to cause an amnesia-like effect where you don't remember anything. However, I remember the whole thing. I remember the spacer in my mouth moving and the tube gagging me. Usually, something like that would completely freak me out. With Versed, I remember calmly thinking, "Gee, I hope someone notices that I'm gagging," and then, when a nurse fixed the spacer and I stopped gagging, "That nurse is so nice!!!" I didn't even move. Despite my tendency to develop phobias (and this procedure touched on one I already have), I was so calm during all of this that I have no fear whatsoever of getting this procedure again. Versed is not "hardcore" anesthesia (though all anesthesia has risks), and the anesthesiologist can adjust the level given. To be on the safe side, I would make sure that a pediatric anesthesiologist is monitoring your son throughout the procedure.

I really can empathize with you. Have you tried a different Pedi dentist? I took my daughter to Little Fish Dental in Rocklin and they gave her a happy gas while they did her teeth. She also watched Disney movies on the ceiling, etc. I was amazed at how happy she was. Our regular dentist wasn't equipped with all the great stuff.
Good luck.

Hi K.-
I'm a pediatric RN, and we often use this drug in the hospital setting. One of the benefits is it causes the kids to not remember what has happened to them, along with being a mild sedative. That is probably why your friends son didn't remember the dental work that was performed on him.

I would just be sure that your dentist is familiar with administering sedatives before asking about this drug.
Hope this helps.

T. T

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