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Verizon FIOS (Good or Bad)


My husband and I are thinking about getting Verizon FIOS service. My husband is all for it and I have heard some bad stories and am a little reluctant. If you have FIOS service please let me know how you feel about it. Would you recommend it to anyone? I am just not sure. The people that I talk to say they are waiting for one more thing and then they are gone. Then Verizon made front page this morning and that did not help at all with my husbands cause.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thank You,


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I want to thank all of you for your input on FIOS. I placed an order through my friend who is a Personal Account Manager (PAM) for them. This way I get the instant Refer A Friend $100 credit off my first month bill and also the camera/$200 promo and all the perks. Brighthouse does not give that and I get my very own PAM. What's not to love.

I just want to thank all of you. I hope I will love FIOS as you all have.

Thank Again,


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We have had verizon fios for almost a year and never had any problems with it at all.

Hope this helps


We got FIOS in November and love it! We had Brighthouse and the bill just kept going up month after month so we switched. We already had Verizon internet and home phone service so it seemed like the logical choice. We like the channel setup much better and we have 3 boxed now instead of just one. My son's computer is super fast since the upgrade and we've not had any problems with the service at all. I'm sorry we waited so long to switch. Change is scary but not always bad.

I would never recommend it. They have no reason to keep you happy since they require you to sign a contract for 2 years. I tried it for 15 days and didn't think it was all it was crakced up to be so I switched back to Brighthouse.

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My husband works for verizon, installs FIOS fiber, he scoop, the product can't be matched in quality, regardless of what any other company says. However, the customer service end of things can be a pain. Customers aren't always the top priority and that peeves him, cause with out customers there is no business right??!?. But its about the bottom line. Verizon can be tough, because their customer service isn't always great, but over all, their products are hard to beat.

We have had FIOS now for almost a year. Other than a few minor issues and i major issue we really like it. The minor issue was the reps that work at the kiosk in best buy (where we signed up) dont know much about the system and can mislead you if you have specific questions. The major issue is that we also have the bose surround sound system and after many replacement boxes from verizon and an entirely new bose system, verizon told us that the bose might be to advanced for the verizon cable box but they are working on the issue. Other than that we have a sony surround system and everything is great. (I think bose is over rated anyway and would never buy another one). Other than that we have never had a problem with the bill or customer service. The reps are very knowledgable and are helpful. We used to have comcast so anything would have been an improvement. By the way to all you bright house subscribers all you have to do regarding you bill with them is call and ask what promotions they are offering and they will switch you to a lower price. We had everything they offered and only paid 120.00 a month.

I have had FIOS since october 2007 I am enjoying TV, Telephone, and wireless internet service. I read the article yesturday also and have to concur that I cringe whenever I have to call them the customer service is horrible. So basically they have a great product but if anything goes wrong you have a problem in resolving the issue. One moe thing the $99.00 is quite deceiving I was told that I was signing up for the triple package and it would cost me 99.00 my bills are more like 160.00 per month they charge you for everything in addition to the 99.00 and it adds up substantially to the bill. I am hoping someone comes out with an equivalent package so I could change. If you do decide to go with them get someone you know that has it to recommend you they will give I beleive 100.00 credit to both parties and this will help with all those other fees they are charging.


We got FIOS in November and love it! We had Brighthouse and the bill just kept going up month after month so we switched. We already had Verizon internet and home phone service so it seemed like the logical choice. We like the channel setup much better and we have 3 boxed now instead of just one. My son's computer is super fast since the upgrade and we've not had any problems with the service at all. I'm sorry we waited so long to switch. Change is scary but not always bad.

I have FIOS Internet and I LOVE it - I have done it all Brighthouse, DSL, etc.. and this is the BEST - Service can be an issue but the tech that came out to our home was wonderful - I try not to have to call in for service and if I do I try to make sure that I can take the time to wait.

I recommend it to everyone that I know.

As for phone service I use Verizon's Voicewing which is not FIOS per say but it is their verison of Vonage.

I am to have fious tv installed today 5/11/2013

Hi E.!
We were one of the first communities to get FIOS. We LOVE it! We have never had a problem with customer service or technicians. The techs went above and beyond both times we've had them out (install and adding services). We had Bright House and we're not happy and had terrible customer service. As in anything, just make sure you read everything to make sure you are getting the deal you expect. Good luck!

I had major billing issues w/ Brighthouse- they were a nightmare and my issues were never completely resolved. I cancelled and went to Verizon and we love our television and internet quality- I can really tell the difference. My husband works from home often so I would really recommend their internet over Brighthouse any day. I've had Fios for a year and have had no problems. I think all providers have issues, to be honest with you. I wish the paper would write something on Brighthouse next, like I said, it wasn't worth it to me anymore to argue with them so I just cancelled and let them keep my money.

My husband and I got FIOS when it first came out in our area, about 7-8 months ago. It has it's good and bad, I guess. The picture is better for sure. We had have all HD televisions in our house and there are more HD channels on FIOS. Now for the bad, unfortunately, there are more bad than good things...unlike with BH, you need a cable box for all televisions that you would like to watch regular stations on. Without a box you get the basic stations that you would get on a TV without a box years ago, the basic news stations, not even USA or FX. If you are a fan of the DVR I do not recommend it. The guide is always wrong, whether it is the actual show or just the descriptions, as well as the fact that we have had many occasions that something is scheduled to record and doesn't, which is partly the fault of the guide being wrong. We have had many interruptions in service, but I had this problem worse with BH, but, it has not gone away with FIOS. There were many charges on our initial bill that we were unaware of or that should not have been there. They charged us separately for installation of internet and cable, which was done at the same time. My husband actually spent the time on hold and they refunded them without an issue. We were also mislead with cable boxes. We were told that we would get the same channels that we got with BH without the cable boxes, which I already explained was not the case. So, we had to have Verizon come out a second time to bring 2 more boxes and they have given us a credit for the year for those since it was their sales person's error. So, it is irritating to have to call and get things fixed, but, they are happy to fix it and do whatever they can to make you happy. Plus, the installation takes about 4 hours and that it kind of annoying.

We have had verizon fios for almost a year and never had any problems with it at all.

Hope this helps


I have had FIOS internet for the past 2 1/2 years here in Florida and in Texas and I love it. Would not even consider another internet provider. I have my internet automatically deducted from my checking acct each month and have not had any billing issues. The speed is phenomenal and the service never goes down. The only downside we have experienced is the email account I am not super crazy about, but you can always set up another email through yahoo for free. Do not have the TV but have friends that do and they love it as well (my husband is a huge football nut so we have directv for the football package so he can see every game ever played:)). Hope this helps!

I have fios////LOVE IT

Here is a link to a Tampa Trib story about Verizon. If I were thinking about FIOS this would definately change my mind. Hope this helps. http://www2.tbo.com/content/2008/mar/26/customer-troubles...

We've had verizon for about a year now & we love it, being a previous Bright House customer I can see the difference in the service, not to mention how much my husband loves NFL Network & my daughter loves Boomerang :)

Good Luck & God Bless :)


We had Comcast for over 10 years, and got FIOS. LOVE IT!!!! We've now had it for about 6 months now and its fabulous! We are very happy with it!

I hate verizon, sorry..............I had a bad experience with them......took me months to resolve the problem, billing.........plus they suck you in at a certian low price then when that is up, they raise it extremely high!

The service itself is great. Verizon's customer service, however, is awful! The company is too big for its own good.

Hi E.,

My Husband is a technician for Verizon and installs FIOS. I will not tell you either way to get it or not, but I will tell you that if you have any questions or would like the service to please contact me and he can put a referral in for you. Good Luck in your venture, I see a lot of people responded with differing opinions!!


G. J.

DON'T DO IT!!!! The computer service is not what it is cracked up to be and at least 2 times out of the week I cannot get into my emails. The TV is so slow when it comes to On Demand and when recording!!! They mislead you with their prices, so once they get in the house - you can expect to pay more than what you thought.

Check out BrightHouse's package - many of my friends have that and have never told me bad things!!! Everyone I know that has Verizon can't wait until their contract is up!

I am renting a house. My landlord had FIOS set up for both my house and his. We both HATE it! First of all, they install an ugly box with bright lights on the wall. It is not small........18" by 11". This box has to be close to an electrical outlet or we would have put it in a closet. I'm looking for a tall dresser to put in front of it to hide. Nor have I noticed a difference in internet service or phone service in terms of being faster or better. I hope this helps you make a decision.

Good Morning E.,

we have had verizon for almost a year now and really love it. in the beginning we had a few issues with our internet in which they had to come out and do something to the connection back up in the garage (which was annoying being as i did not want to have to wait for someone to come back anf fix it) but we got through the few trials we had and it has been fantastic since. i would definately give FIOS 2 thumbs up. i agree with the other comment about the fact that their customer service isn't the best, but being as i do not have to deal with them that often (and most other companies do not have great customer either) it really doesn't bother us. hope this helps. have a great day!

Hi E.,
If you don't want to pay anymore than you are paying now don't switch. We switched in Oct and I can't say that we have great reviews. Our bill is more than Bright House and I guess picture quality is better but there are pauses in show all the time. I can't remember having that problem with BH. Our bill is supposed to be 135.00 but we have not seen one for this amount. This month is about 160.00. The BH commericals are correct with you never know how much you are going to pay. If you like to sit on hold you will love verizon as well. I even fell asleep once on hold and woke up and still on hold. My advice is if it ain't broke don't fix it.

I don't know what FIOS stands for but we have verizon home and cellphone service and I think my daughter has internet and phone service from them. We have used them for years and as far as cell service goes, They have the broadest coverage area that I know of as I have tried many companies and so far they are the best. I also got a message from a salesman on my phone that said right now they have many new package deals for cell service. We have never had any complaints about their service.

I have it and at frist I was happy with it,but then after a month I started having problems with the internet and only the internet,that's b/c the tec told me that he was going to cancell my DSL service on the account but to find out he didn't.
Then other problems started to happen which to this day is not fix,but that is part my fault since I was working during the holiday season and then I had gotten sick then the kids.So I haven't found the time to sit on the phone and wait to get things taken care of.
But other then that I love having the Fios b/c when there is a storm the T.V does not go out unless the power goes out. hope this helps you.

My son and daughter-in-law signed up for FIOS and they say the picture is better but still haven't received their choice of a TV. That was a couple of months ago. I would be careful because I have heard of extra charges that Verizon doesn't tell you about when you sign up, my son gets the entire package of movie channels which cost a lot more than the $99. that Verizon advertises. I am very happy with Bright House. my bill is $109. for phone, high speed internet and HD TV. I get all the channels except the movie channels. and the picture is very good
So, maybe this will help you to compare. Bright House didn't charge me for any installation, even though they had to put an extra phone line in my computer room

We have Verizon FIOS and we love it! We have had no problems with it at all. We have had it a little over 2 years. We are not even thinking of changing it.

We have had FIOS for quite a while now and have had no problems at all. My husband loves the NFL channel and he says the picture quality is so much better than cable. Hope that helps.

BAD. The service itself isn't bad, but the billing is a nightmare. After we moved and disconnected the service I spent hours trying to get one of their offices to talk to the other to see that we had indeed returned the boxes and paid in full. My mom has had simliar billing problems with them. It's just not worth it.

Hi E.,

We've had Verizon FIOS for about a year now & love it! It's nice to not have major washouts when it's raining out and we really haven't had any problems with our service. Fortunately we haven't had problems, so the customer service part of things hasn't been an issue for us.

FIOS for internet is also incredible! I only have good things to say about our Verizon FIOS!

J. :)

We LOVE our FIOS! We had some installation issues, but once it was set up we have a superior TV picture (even on our non HD TV's!) and our wireless works everyplace in our home. We got the DVR and it is very easy to use and holds much more than we could get with our previous service. If you make a lot of long distance calls....the package is well worth it. They run amazing promotions all the time...we got a free flat screen TV....so watch for the promotions.

K. R


I have had Verizon since November and it was a little bumpy. I really enjoy the crisp clear channels. I use to be a very high advocate for Brighthouse until I got Verizon FIOS. I think that Verizon is helping with the customer service aspect. I have a Personal Account Manager that I call if I have any issues with billing, equipment or need a technician. She is excellent and I really sleep very well with knowing that I do not have to worry about the issue. She told me that it is a Pilot in the Brandon Area for now, however it will go Hillsborough County wide in the next 2 weeks. I love FIOS and you will too.

Good Luck!

Hi E.

We too have Verizon FIOS..however because of our 46 HD TV from Samsung, Verizon and Samsung have not got EVERYTHING figured out yet. We get HD for some of the time and then all of a sudden it's NOT AVAILABLE....CRAzY! We didn't have much trouble with Verizon prior to getting our new HD TV...

Having talked to area neighbors with other carriers, they all have the same general complaints whether it's BRIGHTHOUSE, or DISH NETWORK! Personal preference I guess. We liked verizon because of NFL network (ha!!) GOOD LUCK

We have FIOS and have never had a problem, very few outages. someone cut the fiber once, but that wasn't Verizon's fault and they came out to repair it quickly. I have checked my bill routinely and have never seen a wrong charge as mentioned in the article so I have never needed to call their service center so I can't comment on that problem.

We used to live in New Tampa and had the cable provider (tampabay.rr.com addresses - can't remember the name). We were in an apartment for 6 months waiting for our house to be built when we first moved here and I swear that cable was out more than it was working. I know that may have been the exception since it was an apartment complex, but it has left a bad impression for me.

We got the whole package, phone/internet/cable ~ we have since canceled the Cable. Too many problems to list....Brighthouse cable is way better! BUT I love my wireless interent, very fast!
You have 30 days to try it free, so try it.

My husband and I absolutely LOVE Fios. It's so much faster than Bright House for internet (4x faster on our speed test we did!). My only frustration is it's just taking us some time to get used to the cable guide since we had DirectTV for so long, but that's to be expected. I also love the Verizon On Demand (especially the free kids shows), which of course we had nothing like it with satellite, and the widgets for instant traffic and weather are so nice. I don't know what people are saying about "waiting for one more thing then the are gone"... from the time we called to schedule installation to getting our free perk item, it all happened at a very considerable speed. Hope this helps!!

E. - We had Verizon FIOS installed last June when we moved to the Tampa area. So far so good! We love it and it definitely has made our computers faster (me and my husband both work from home). The only bad thing was - they do not have the properly trained technicians because it is such new technology. Just make sure you have someone sent to your house that knows what they are doing. The first guy that came had no idea - he ended up calling in a someone else and luckily that guy knew what he was doing. Good luck - we do like it!

I would never recommend it. They have no reason to keep you happy since they require you to sign a contract for 2 years. I tried it for 15 days and didn't think it was all it was crakced up to be so I switched back to Brighthouse.

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