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Vehicle That Holds 3 Carseats

HI Ladies, We are thinking about having baby #3 but will have to purchase a new Vehicle. Currently I drive an escape which only holds 2 carseats. My question what kind of vehicle recomendations can you give me that will hold 3 carseats. A lot of the Vehicles out there claiim to have 3 seats when in reality it's just a 1/2 seat i the middle.


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For the time being we are going to keep our escape We are able to fit 3 carseats in it as long as we don't use the latch system. My husband is hoping to get a bigger suv next summer. Thanks for everyones Advice!

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We went with the Toyota Sienna, and we love it. There are two bucket seats in the middle that can be positioned separately or together, and there is a bench seat in the back. It's great for travel, too. You can get to the back seats fairly easily from the front.

Mini van... most flexible and roomier than SUV's


Mini van... most flexible and roomier than SUV's

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Have you seen Sunshine Kid car seats? Their footprint in the car is narrower and yet they have a 5 point harness to either 65 or 80 lbs and have the same space for the child. They also are rear facing to 30 lbs, They are more expensive, but cheaper than a new car. They pass European safety standards as well as US standards (side impact testing as well as forward impact). They are very comfortable and if you have 3 seat belts, you will probably be able to fit all three side by side. Baby specialty stores sometimes carry them so then you could try hooking them in. I found that there was a big difference in prices online so it paid off to look around.

BTW, I also love my Honda Odyessey

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we love our Chevy Traverse! and it has a button to open the back with the push of a button... nice when your hands are full. The second row of seats fold up so easliy - with one hand!

I am assuming all your children are younger? We have three kids too and we have the Dodge GrandCaravan. Now our kids are getting older (8,5,2) my next choice might be an SUV. I have to tell you with younger children the minivan's are awesome. I like the Honda and Toyota vans but they are a little more in price but both highly reliable and good reviews. We recently looked at the Dodge Journey and it will do the job. I would love to hear what you decide and what SUV's will hold 6 or 7. My sisterinlaw has the GMC Arcadia but her kids are older. When they are younger and you have to get them in/out the vans are awesome.

My Toyota 4 runner does the job! :)

a van, a suv like an envoy holds 3

My daughter had that problem and she got a mini-van with 3 rows of seats. She took out one seat in the middle which allowed her to reach the 2 rear seats easily. It worked for her. You can also haul a ton of stuff that kids need as they grow...strollers, etc. Good luck, M. B.

The Chevy Traverse has a 3rd row in the back, yet it is considered a cross-over.

We just got a 2008 Toyota Sienna and it rocks. We test drove all of it's competitors and it was the best (in our opinion) by far! It has the most head/leg room, best gas mileage, more power, comfier seats. We got the 8-passenger LE version and the 8th seat is a normal-sized seat. (It's in the middle of the middle row.) That's where we put my son's car seat so he can see out the front windshield on trips! I babysit so I have another car seat next to my son's and the other day I had to put yet another one on the other side. It was a bulky one, too, and it fit fine. (Plus I had three kids in the back. They have an older version and they were even saying how much roomier it was back there.)

The back seats fold down into the floor and the middle seats fold up and can be taken out if needed. If the seats are all up, the storage in the back is awesome - very deep and wide. (My son's jogger will fit in it, and it's rather wide.) If they are all out, you could honestly haul drywall if you had to!

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