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VBAC Experiences with Olga Cortez, OB in Denton?

I had a cesarean in December '07 and am pregnant and due in March '09. I had Dr. Cortez for my cesarean (it wasn't planned - I was at a birthing center and transportd for failure to progress) and I really liked her. I would like to use her from the beginning this time, but only if she will give a good chance at a VBAC. Has anyone used her for this? Any advice is appreciated and also any other OB recommendations. I've heard that Cummings is great, but I prefer to use a woman. Thank you!

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Thanks for all the input! I made an appt. with Dr. Cortez for tomorrow and will visit with her about the possibility of a VBAC. I only want one if it is safe for the baby and for me, but I really want one if it is! I'll let you all know what is decided!

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Dr. Cummings was my OB last year. I was so very pleased with the care I got from Dr. Cummings--I was told by my birthing instructor that he was as much like a midwife as an OB can get! I would highly recommend Dr. Cummings!

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HI Dr. Cortez is in practice with my OB (Christina Dooley) they are both great doctors. Cortez helped with my c-section, I was having triplets. Dooley was the main doctor. I would recommend both and I know that Cortez along with Dooley will support you on any decisions you make throughout your pregnancy. Good Luck!

I don't know about having a VBAC but I can tell you that Dr Cummings is wonderful. He was so calming and reassuring. My first delivery was a horrible and terrifying experiance. I had complications early on and he was great. When it came time to deliver, he was so gentle and patient. (the epidural helped too!) but it was a surreal experance compared to delivering my first child.
I think he's the cat's meow!
Good luck!

I see on of her partners, Heather Sutton Walsh. I am going to her because their group is one of the only groups in Denton that will do VBACs. I have had several conversations with her about this because my husband was initally against me trying to VBAC. She spent a long time talking with us about the risks of VBAC but also about the things she (and her partners) do to make sure a VBAC is safe. They stay at the hospital the whole time you are in labor and insist that the anesthesiologists do the same She seems to really be open to trying to give me the experience I want. I really like Dr. Walsh, and she told me that their whole group is like minded - they all trained together at Parkland. I think Dr. Cummings and Dr. Dooley are also their partners. Overall - Im really happy with her so far - she takes time to answer my questions and she is really down to earth.

I also had an unplanned c-section and want a vbac with my next baby. I haven't done much research yet, but I've heard that a lot of it depends on why you had a c-section to begin with. If you had to have one b/c of a situational reason (position of the baby for example), then a vbac is a good possibility. But if your pelvis was too small (my situation, as well as failure to progress) or high blood pressure, or anything that will probably always be a concern, then a lot (not all) dr.'s will recommend from the beginning a c-section again. I still want to do more research, though.

I know that dr.'s just want what's best for you and the baby for a safe, healthy delivery, even if it's not exactly how we had it in mind.

I have had no experience with Dr. Cortez but Dr. Cummings delivered my son. He is a good doctor.

Dr. Cummings was my OB last year. I was so very pleased with the care I got from Dr. Cummings--I was told by my birthing instructor that he was as much like a midwife as an OB can get! I would highly recommend Dr. Cummings!

I know Dr. Cummings rocks, but have been told by very reliable sources that Dr. Cortez is not very supportive of VBACs. She'll agree to it, but will fear monger and try to have you do a RCS.

Dr. Dooley is the next best choice in his practice and she's a woman.

VBACs are very safe. There is only a .5% of uterine rupture. You can find a lot of good info on ican-online.org and here's a really good overview: http://www.plus-size-pregnancy.org/CSANDVBAC/NewestVBAMCr...

i wouldn't choose a dr based on whether or not they'll agree to a vbac. i think you need to go in with an open mind and listen to what the dr has to say, she is going to advise you on what is SAFEST for you and baby, not what you WANT. good luck!

I've heard good things about Cummings too. I use Indranni Redding at Denton Regional. She is absolutely the best doctor I've ever had. I had a preference for a woman doctor as well. I ended up having a second c-section, so if you decide to check her out you should have that conversation early on. She would have done a VBAC for me but I had other issues as well with preeclampsia.

Dr. Lori Gore-Green. She's awesome!

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