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Varicocele and Fertility

what do you know about varicocele( varicose veins in a man's testicles because they are heavy) and fertility. Has anyone had that problem and or a corrective surgery and conceived? Please some advice. Until then praying and waiting!

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As of yet nothing has happened, not pregnant and no surgeries scheduled just many semenology reports and radiology scans, I assume it's a long process. For those who are concerned about my husband being UPSET about my asking for advice, he doesn't mind if we get valuable information. Being educated and well informed is important. Besides it's my BUSINESS also. God Bless those that are not sure of themselves and scared of what others will think. All of the advice is greatly appreciated, and gives me positive life and family changes to look forward to, especially after trying for 3 years... Thinking OUTSIDE of my box.

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We conceived our 1st son (now 10 years old) within 5 months of trying to get pregnant. We thought we'd have no problem the 2nd time. After a year of trying, found out that my husband had a varicocele. He had surgery to correct it. I became pregnant 9 months later (2 years after initially trying). Unfortunately, I miscarried at 9 weeks. Then, 2 months after the miscarriage, I became pregnant with our 2nd son (now 5 years old). For almost 4 years we weren't trying nor preventing pregnancy (my husband kept saying he was probably "broken" again, but never checked). On my son's 4th birthday, we found out I was pregnant with our beautiful daughter who is now 10 months old. So, I actually have been pregnant 3 times after my husband's varicocele was fixed. We have no idea how long my husband had the varicocele. We were very happy with the dr. he had. If you want more information about the dr. (here in San Diego) or anything else, send me a response. Good Luck!

I don't know much about it but I can tell you that my friend's husband had that and he had to get surgery to correct the problem. It caused him pain a lot and after the surgery they finally conceived their first child that is due in April. And he was also a military husband. That's all I know though. Good luck!

Hi, K.. I'm not sure how long you've been trying to have that second child, but my husband has a varicocele, has had one since I can remember, and we managed to have two kids with no trouble. Had to try for about 6 mos. for the second one, but I think that might have been more about my age (38) than his varicocele. I wouldn't worry about it, unless you find yourself experiencing long-term (2 yrs, if you're young)secondary infertility. I'm assuming he helped make the first baby, of course. We had discussed corrective surgery if the fertility issue reared its head, but it never did, so he's still got the thing and isn't really troubled by it.


My husband, too, had the same problem. He discovered there are two types of surgeries (two incisions to work on each artery or one larger incision to work on both arteries). Most doctors will want to make only one cut - faster and they get paid the same regardless. He insisted on the one he wanted. Also, he was experiencing allot of heat and some pain so he had the doctor bill it as needed surgery - our fertility coverage was only 50%.

We did not conceive again (probably due to my age) but, we have been able to add another little girl to our home and, hopefully, she will be a forever daughter soon.

And, my husband is much more comfortable in his pants (he he).

i don't know much but i do know someone who's husband had the surgery and she immediatly got pregnant!
good luck

My husband had a varicocele and had it fixed with minor surgery and we got pregnant shortly thereafter after having tried for over a year with no success. Good luck!

Is it awful that all I can think about (and be amused by) is how appalled your husband might be to know that a group of women were discussing his items online???

I'm sorry, I have nothing else to contribute to this one except for my good thoughts toward you to have a healthy conception.

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