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Vaporub for 2 1/2 Year Old

My 2 1/2 year old has pretty bad congestion right now (just started). She has a slight runny nose, but mostly she is coughing up mucus. She also has a fever... I will not give her oral cold medicine as I have heard that it should not be used until she is older. How about Vicks Vaporub? I know it is medicated, but also I see it is recommended for 2 and over... Have any thoughts mommies?

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Surprisingly, my doctor said a strong "NO!" to Vicks Vaporub! She said that it has caused severe respiratory problems in little ones, and she said they are trying to get the word out now on the "dangers". So, I guess as a pre-caution, I will not use it. I know it helped me when I was little, but we also have asthma, allergies, and other breathing issues in this family so I won't take the chance. Thank you Moms, for the quick responses!

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What has helped my children and myself, I try to avoid meds whenever possible. In a cool mist humidifier I add menthol and eucalyptus oil, as well as some lavendar. The menthol and eucalyptus help to thin the mucus and the lavendar helps to relax. Some of my friends also add some vanilla. Best of all, it can be used no matter what age. I had tried the plug in stuff, until I found out that overheating can lead to a fire. I have also been known to use the breathe right strips for kids to help with a stuffy nose.

You can also rub the vaporub onto the front of her pajamas. This will keep the rub from being directly on the skin but still close enough that she can still breathe the vapors. You can do this along with placing it on the feet.....which works wonders.

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A few holistic suggestions. First one is to eliminate dairy products from her diet for a while; since they create mucus. If the fever is not too high, let it run it's course, as it's her body's way of activating the immune response. Give her acidophilus either powder in applesauce or chewables. This will help to build up the normal bacteria in her intestines. A ginger compress would be fine for her. Get a fresh piece of ginger about the size of your first finger and slice it into boiling water. Then let it slow boil for about 10 mins. Put a hand towel in the water. Turn the boil off, and put the towel in the water and let set there for about another 10 minutes. If her congestion in only in her throat,put the towel losely around her neck. If in her chest, put it on her chest. Cover the towel with plastic then another towel. Put it on as hot as she can tolerate. Then take it off when she tells you it is getting cool. Best to do before bed.
Lastely, as most important. Elderberry syrup. This will kick out anything viral.
Good luck,
L. M

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They have a baby rub if you are still concerned, but the regular stuff will be fine. They have a cream version that is just like lotion, wonderful! We use the sudicare children's plug ins as well, as long as you can keep there door a little open to ventilate.

They have Vick's Babyrub that's not medicated. We love it for our kids! Sometimes we've had to look a bit in different areas of the stores to find it, but it's great for them. The medicated stuff has the possibility of causing their bodies to create too much mucus. My son is 4 and I still use it for him, because I don't like him being medicated too much.

You can also rub the vaporub onto the front of her pajamas. This will keep the rub from being directly on the skin but still close enough that she can still breathe the vapors. You can do this along with placing it on the feet.....which works wonders.

I used to put Vicks on a very damp washcloth and placed it suspended above their beds so the vapors would waft down to where they could smell it, but this was long ago. I have not heard that it's not recommended for kids anymore. I'd certainly listen to the advice of your doctor as there are MILLIONS of things we "used" to use that we "thought" were ok but now know are not safe at all. I use Vicks or Peppermint oil for the same thing for myself but I don't put it on my skin or my kids' skin. I hold the open container under my nose/their nose while sitting and reading, etc and breath the vapors. It opens up nasal passages and helps for quite a while. I don't like to put anything like that on our skin due to the chemicals. Our bodies absorb whatever we put on them so my rule of thumb is "if I wouldn't eat it, I won't put it on my skin because my skin will eat it anyway". Just my 2 cents!

My Mom used Vicks on me and my sister growing up. We had no problems. I use it on my son when he has a cold and it helps him, too. I still use it myself. There's no asthma or any breathing problems in our family.

Have you considered using one of those plug-in things (made also by the Vick's people) that put the menthol scent into the air vs. directly on the skin? My husband has used them and has gotten great results. We just plug it in at night and it seems to clear up his congestion pretty good. Another thought, we have a humidifier that allows you to add vicks 'juice' to it so it also pumps it into the air. Just some thoughts and best of luck!

There is a vaporub for children. I used it when my daughter (now 3) was two. Also, try the making-your-bathroom-into-a-steamroom-thing. Get some rest when you can so you can take care of her.


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