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Vaccinations - Maineville, OH

To vaccinate, or not to vaccinate...that is the question! After having a girl who got every vaccination there is, and did fine with all of them, I am scared to death of the new information that is coming about with baby boys and vaccinations. My son's 2 month check up is this coming Friday. He is due to get 4, plus a new oral one...? We did get the Hep B in the hospital and then the second dose at one month. I don't know how to decide. And there are conflicting responses in regards to whether or not schools are allowing children to start kindergarten who have not received the necessary vaccinations. Am I taking a risk of having problems in the future with school if I choose not to???

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I am asking the same questions you are, so I got the book: "The Vaccine Book" by Dr. Robert W. Sears. It is an excellent book. I would highly recommend it to you.

I just wanted to add another recommendation for "The Vaccine Book". I really don't want to NOT vax, however I wanted UNBIASED and FACTUAL information about vaccines so I could make an informed decision. I found a lot of one-sided extreme views online and found this book to be extremely well balanced. I've only got a few pages to go but it has helped me tremendously in planning a vaccine schedule for my baby due next month. I also have a 3 yr old son that received all his vaccines mostly on time, however I have always been leery about them. You may be able to find someone to borrow the book from or get it at the library. Good luck! We really can never have too much information. :-)

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Oh boy, the last time I answered this question I got a WHOLE BUNCH of nasty emails about my OPINION. Yes, there is a lot of controversy about vaccines and the damage they may or may not cause. There is NO WAY I would EVER NOT vaccinate my kids. I would recommend doing the research yourself, because whatever statistics you get are going to get here are going to be biased by the opinion of the person who finds the research. There is plenty of research to back up BOTH sides. Unfortunately, it seems to me that it is mostly the non-vaccinators who are so defensive about their side of the argument. The reason we don't have those terrible diseases in America so much anymore is BECAUSE of vaccines! There seems to be a lot of vaccinatable disease making a comeback lately, I wonder if it has anything to do with people NOT vaccinating their kids? DUH

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It is a personal decision, but as a peds nurse I can tell you the benefits out weigh the risk. You can also ask them to space out the shots. I don't know of any new oral meds he should be getting though. Since pertussis is making a huge comeback, and we are seeing more and more babies with it, and they are sick enough to be hospitalized, I would make sure to get that one. As for my own DD, I delayed her MMR and chickenpox ones until she was around 15-18 months. For schools, you have to sign a waiver stating it is for a certain purpose. You should also be talking to your peds about all your concerns!

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I say get them when your child is supposed to. There has been a severe break out with measles and it happened to babies who did NOT get their vaccination, saw it in the news this morning.Better to be safe than sorry.

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We debated with our son and my doctor said this to me..... SO, if your kid dies of rubella or measels because you took him to the mall or play ground to play and he got exposed, thats better then taking a minute risk that has never been proven just rumored........... we got the shots.

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I'd recommend The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears. You don't have to start vaccines at 2 months...some doctors think that it's better to let the immune system mature a bit and then to start them at 4 months or a bit later, even. We're delaying Hep B for our son until he's 3 or 4 yrs old. We also decided to skip Prevnar and to only get those vaccines required by law for school entry. The book I mentioned tells you what you need to be concerned about if you decline vaccines.

Hi H.-

I understand that the side effects of the vaccinations can be scary, but the effects of not having them could be worse. I was blessed to have my great grandmother alive for the birth of both of my children. She passed just a couple of years ago at age 96. The stories she would tell us about the sickness that we and our children are vaccinated for were just horrible. Take that for what it is worth to you. I vaccinated both of my children, with no questions asked and they are fine. Good luck and take care! Melanie

Hi H.,
A big factor in any women asking this question is whether or not you are breastfeeding. This makes a big difference in your childs immunity. If you are not then I would consider vaccinating but delay the vaccinations. Also one thing to look into is the large amount of aluminum in vaccines - and how that can be taxing on a tiny babies body.

Dr. Sears "The Vaccine Book" - is a very informative book. He did a nice job laying everything out and also has an alternate and safer schedule you can follow.

It is a difficult decision to make. Do all the research you can and always consider the source!!!

I agree very much with the mother that said to take your time, you can't "undo" it once it is done.

Good luck. Informing yourself is the most important part : )

Ugh. Obviously, there are many who feel your pain when it comes to the great vaccine debate. DD (3) was vaccinated on schedule but after the birth of DS (4 months), I saw that there were two new vaccines (5 rounds in total, I believe) added to the schedule and I began to wonder how much is too much (They have added the rotavirus and Hep A vaccines since I had DD). I would also recommend The Vaccine Book by Dr. Sears (in addition to the Sears Family Web site at www.askdrsears.com). He gives a nice alternate vaccine schedule that gives no more than 2 vaccines at a time, in an order that puts the most important vaccines first. In addition, the child gets no more than 1 shot with aluminum in it at a time. The shots are spread out and it requires more visits to the office or the health dept. but it gives the body more time to process the vaccines and also makes it easier to pinpoint if a particular vaccine causes side effects in your child. I believe that vaccines are a critical part of our public health, but I also wonder who is keeping track of how much is too much. Talk with your doctor...there is no reason he or she should not be willing to work with you, especially if you decide to delay or spread out the vaccines. Between your own research and conversations with trusted health-care providers, I hope you can come to a decision that makes you comfortable. I know that I am working on it too!

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