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I have a 15 month old and she has not had her 12 month old shots....which includes the MMR shot (Mumps, Measles, & Rubella). I have heard sooo many stories about this vaccine, saying it causes Autism, high fever, and seizures, and I shouldn't get it. She has an appointment next Friday so I can speak to the doctor but I want to know what experiences anyone else has had with this shot. I have an 11 year old and when he was a baby I never heard any of these stories. I got his shots and I didn't have to think twice about it. But now with my daughter I just don't know what to do. I know the disease that these vaccines are supposed to prevent are way worse than the side effects of the shot. TO THE PERSON THAT COMMENTED AND SAID " YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON THAT CAN MAKE THIS DECISION AND KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR YOUR CHILD NOT THE OTHER PARENTS ON THIS FORUM" Really? Do you actually think I was going to let some other mom tell me what to do with my kid? I don't think so! If you read the question in it's entirety you would have read the part where I said "I have made an appointment with our doctor, but I would like to know what experiences anyone has had with this shot!!!" Please before you respond read the whole question please and thank you!!! : )

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Ok....so I decided to have my daughter vaccinated but just not all at once and her doctor said that was o.k. She is 15 months and she just went for her 12 month shots today. I couldn't remember whether she had the Hepatitis B shot or not....so I have to wait and see about that one. She did NOT get the Chicken Pox or the MMR. So today she just got 3...the Hep A, Pentacel (DTap,IPV,HIB), & Prevnar (PCV). Have not decided about the remaining shots but I do know I want to get them! Thanks for everyones advise!

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This is one of many articles you can find if you look up Mr. Wakefield and the mmr/autism lie. He made up data, and falsified medical records to make it look like the MMR was bad so he could make money off his newly patented measles single shot. There is no link between vaccines and Autism. Some parents just feel the need to blame something, anything, when their kids is not perfect, and this falsified study gave them that. Wakefield is no longer allowed to practice medicine due to these lies.

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My daugher got her shots and she did have a mild reaction to them and she was teething so it may of been part of the probalem she was tired and grumpy and had a slight fever but i dont see a problem giving them to her. MOST schools now a days you have to have the shots to be able to enrol them in the school

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Yes, I too have heard that the whole autism and vaccines scare may have been a scam. I kept my daughter on my own comfort level for getting vaccines as per her age at the time vaccines were scheduled. I just felt a lot of them could wait because she was young at the time and not in daycare or anything like that. I personally think that 12 months is too young for all those shots at once, esp. the MMR and even the Hep. A has a lot of possible side effects (not because I was scared she was gonna develop autism). I spaced them out, by 2.5 she was caught up on everything since she was entering a little preschool.

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There have been huge outbreaks in recent years of common diseases because people are failing to get their children vaccinated.

Sure there are risks with everything but there has got to be more to it that we don't yet understand-genetics, environmental influences, chemicals in our food, etc that react to our body and cause changes and different reactions to vaccinations,etc.

I would absolutely never forgive myself if something bad happened to one of my kids because I chose not to vaccinate. Look at these poor babies that are dying in California and other states from pertusiss because of a drop in vac rates.

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I find it interesting that people with no autistic children can be so certain that there is no link between vaccines and autism.
No, vaccines are not THE cause of autism, but may be A cause of autism (along with several other factors). The fact is the way the medical system is set up, you won't know if giving your child that vaccine will give them autism or not, until you give it to them and they stop talking, or worse have seizures and other severe symptoms.
I spaced my son's vaccinations out, not because I had done any research, just because I'm generally a "hands off" kind of mom. I don't take my child to the doctor every month, and I do what my gut (the Holy Spirit) tells me to do. Thank God I did.
He received his 6 month shots at age 15 months (no MMR) and promptly stopped talking. He didn't say anything in English at all. He had his own language, but made no effort to communicate with others. I had never heard of the vaccine-autism correlation so I didn't even consider that the vaccine had anything to do with it. I thought it was a phase he'd outgrow. Several months later I ran across a few articles talking about the link and decided to do some research. I stopped giving him vaccines. I thank God I did!
He's now 5 and speaks at a 3 year old level. He speaks both English and his own language now, we're praying that through therapy and God's healing touch he will be able to fully communicate. So although my son falls short of being on the autism spectrum, I have no doubt that if I had continued the vaccines he would be highly autistic.
On the other hand I have 3 older sons that were fully vaccinated with no problems at all. So it does depend on the child. There are traits that doctors can test for, however it isn't done because that would be admitting that there is a link.
All you have to do is talk to one mother who had a healthy child, then one day after the vaccine had a withdrawn, non-verbal, autistic little one to know that there IS A LINK!
I have not vaccinated any of my children since my son's incident, its not worth the risk to me.

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This is one of many articles you can find if you look up Mr. Wakefield and the mmr/autism lie. He made up data, and falsified medical records to make it look like the MMR was bad so he could make money off his newly patented measles single shot. There is no link between vaccines and Autism. Some parents just feel the need to blame something, anything, when their kids is not perfect, and this falsified study gave them that. Wakefield is no longer allowed to practice medicine due to these lies.

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This whole vaccine causes autism study is currently being reevaluated for it's accuracy, and is being doubted as being conclusive at all . This was even highlighted on the CBS evening news last night.


Many children have died of measles and still do die every year.Check out these facts from the World Health Organization:


Just to sum it up- if you think measles isn't dangerous, the read the writing on the wall. 18 people die every HOUR globally from measles. Sure these are mostly in countries where the vaccine is not distributed or have poor health infrastructures. However, delaying or omitting the vaccines is just opening the door to more infected children and adults. I know that's not a risk I want to take. I would much rather have an ALIVE child with a few temporary side effects caused by a shot than a child that's dead with a disease I could have prevented by just getting a shot. In fact, I just got my pertussis vaccine to protect my baby daughter. I do whatever it takes to protect my children's lives.
Duke University has done some interesting studies with genetics and other factors surrounding autism.
I would look at relevant research and studies done over some quack trying to make a name for himself. In fact, I think the guy that started this whole autism and vaccination linkage has been banned in some countries.

Hope this helps!

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Both my kids (19 years and 4 years) have had all their shots. They never had any problems with any of them AT ALL.

I know that every child is different but a fever can be prevented by a dose of Tylenol prior to the visit. But a fever is not a bad thing, it means the immune system is doing it's job.

As for the other possible effects, they are much more rare than you would think. They just recently discovered that the study/report that blamed the MMR shot for autism was a hoax...built on false data (the children's medical history did not match the parents' reports) and results were basically fabricated. Since that report, measles is on the rise!

I understand the fear from those whose child was diagnosed with autism around the time they were vaccinated; however, just because the diagnose occurred around the same time does not mean it was the cause. Autistism is there but isn't diagnosed until around the same age as most children get the MMR shot. The corralation is that both occur around the same age.

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i strongly suggest you research the vaccines being suggested, decide which ones you feel are essential and which ones you don't want, and then get your children vaccinated on a staggered schedule. i'm not anti-vaccine but i think kids get way too many, and loading up their little systems with excessive amounts of foreign material all at once is a recipe for disaster.
everyone goes to autism, but that is not the only risk with over-vaccinating. you MUST do your own research and decide what of the overwhelming quantities of information (and misinformation) makes the most sense to you.
vaccinating is a responsible community thing to do. the more kids that are vaccinated for more diseases, the greater the herd immunity.
but the individual risks are real and often grave. for every mom who says 'i would never forgive myself if my child contracted measles' there is one agonizing that she held her child while he got the vac that put him into grand mal seizures.
there are real and significant pros and cons to both perspectives. don't allow the scorn and derisive style of either side to persuade you.

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Please do your research, www.drtenpenny.com, the vaccine book by Dr. Sears are great places to start. The diseases the MMR covers are not that bad, and they are not deadly. My children do not have the MMR vaccine. The only one I would be concerned about it Rubella and that is only after they are of childbearing years. They are all girls. Rubells affects fetuses not people. And most people even if they did not have the vaccine are immune to rubella and they can check this with a simple blood test when they are grown before they get the vaccine. Wait to get the vaccines until you are completely sure that is what you want to do. Because you can always get them later, you can't undo them. And unlike some of the posters said there are no problems going to school. Mine go to public school and are not vaccinated. This is the United States, they can't force you to do anything medical.


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Hi J.! I definitely understand your concerns, as there's been a lot of different info reported to parents from various sources. I am hugely pro-vaccine, and both of my boys are fully vaccinated, no side effects other than some crankiness and soreness at the injection site. I know that as parents, we all only want the best for our kids, and when we hear something bad, we're easily scared. At least I am. But I was in grad school for pharmacology (to make drugs, not dispense them) so I am not a doctor but I understand medical literature and what it takes to get a study published, versus just publishing a book. Here's my take on all the various viewpoints-- most medical doctors are pro-vaccines and vaccinate their own kids, and research studies have shown no autism/ vaccine link. Jenny McCarthy (and other non- experts who offer advice on this subject) are probably well-meaning, but ANYONE can write a book. I could write a culinary book, yet I can barely boil water. Autism is scary and I want to find out the various possible causes too, but vaccination rates have gone down and autism rates continue to go up. Also, thimersol (the bad guy perservative being blamed for the autism link) has been virtually eliminated from most vaccines for years, but autism rates haven't gone down. I think there's an environmental/genetic reason that some kids are autistic and some aren't. Could vaccines ever play a role in a child developing autism? Absolutely. There are very rare, very serious reactions that some people will have to shots. Just like some people are allergic to strawberries, but most people can still eat them. Sorry for the super long post, that's just my opinion. I respect other parents' decisions on just about everything-- formula or breast feed, home school or not, etc, but this is one decision that other people make that directly affects my kids, so I have strong feelings about my kids being around non-vaccinated kids because it puts them at a higher risk of a contagious illness, even though mine are immunized.

Best of luck in making your decision-- I know it's scary, but take the time to read the medically proven research, not just the books written by Joe Schmoes :)


UPDATE: Sorry I forgot to add this one thing-- Correlation does not show causation. Autism is usually diagnosed between 15-24 months if I'm not mistaken? That happens to be when the MMR shot is usually given. It also happens to be when a lot of other things happen, maybe switching from whole milk to 2%. Then we can conclude than 2% milk causes autism. I'm not trying to be callous-- my two boys are not currently autistic, and I pray that they never are. But it's hard (especially as a parent) to NOT attribute an event to something that happened around the same time. When my oldest was about to get the H1N1 vaccine (last year or the year before, I can't remember when all that was going on), at the last minute we changed plans and didn't end up making it to that clinic on the weekend that we planned. However-- the very next day, he came down with a pretty serious case of something. Now, if we had followed through on our H1N1 shot plans that weekend, we would of course have blamed the illness on the shot-- who wouldn't? We want something to blame so we can make as much sense as we can of something. I'm definitely not saying that vaccines are 100% safe for everyone. Unfortunately, nothing is. But the day we stop immunizing our kids is the day when these illnesses make a full come back. Most of us are too young to remember what diptheria or polio can do, or how debilitating some of these diseases are. Just because rubella is only dangerous to fetuses, as one poster mentioned, I don't want to harm another woman's baby and just sit back and think, well at least my kid is fine. Again, sorry for the length here, just a topic that I feel strongly about, as I'm sure a ton of parents everywhere do.

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