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Vacation Time for Home Daycare Providers

My co-provider and I are starting our home daycare and want to know what home daycare providers put in their contracts for vacation and sick time paid not paid how much. Also if the parents take vacation from daycare do they pay or not pay for that any help would be great.

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I do childcare in Oakdale. I have been doing it for almost 2 years. I have 10 Vacation days, 5 PTO DAYS and all the holidays are paid time off also (I specify what these are). If a child is absent or they take a vacation it is still paid. I started with this many right from the beginning. It is very common to have around this many so I don't see any reason to work up to it.

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Hi I am in-home provider and I take 2 weeks unpaid each year and up to 5 personal days also unpaid. I take my vacation unpaid so they don't have to pay double daycare when I am gone. I get all of the standard holidays off with pay like Memorial Day, Labor day etc. the ones I got paid when I was working for a company. If my families take a vacation or don't come for any reason they still have to pay me. This way I always know ahead of time what my paycheck will be and I don't have to worry if grandma comes to town for a week that I am going to be out my income. Hope this helps, good luck with your new business! If you have other questions about starting up or anything send me an email, I would be happy to help. ____@____.com

What I have seen of most providers is two paid weeks off per year, parents one week off per year, paid. I take two weeks unpaid and allow the parents one week unpaid. But I am not the norm. Plus, most providers charge for the holidays. A site that's useful in a lot of ways is http://www.stepbystepcc.com

Our provider is allotted 3 weeks per year paid, but rarely takes more than 2 weeks, if that. If we take off, we always pay. We also pay her for the standard holidays.

As a daycare provider (working on my 11th year) the standard rule of thumb for me is...

If I take the day off there is no charge, If the parent takes the day off they are charged a normal rate.

I usually post all of my vacation days and times off at the beginning of the year. Or I give at least one months notice if something comes up. My parents are all really great and all have a back up provider if needed. They usually schedule their vacations the same time as mine then there is no confusion.
hope this helps
congratulations on getting your license

Congrats on starting this new venture in your life. I have been working in child care for nearly 20 years. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at ____@____.com. I would have to count, but I think I have about 20 paid days off and a few additional non-paid days off. All holidays are paid and I typically take a few additional paid days off around the holidays. But, again, I have been doing this a long time. When I first started, all I took was the major holidays off with pay. Each year or so I have added a little bit more time off - as you would get with most other jobs. If I am closed due to illness, there is no charge. The parents pay whether or not the come, for whatever reason. They are paying to keep their spot here. If they don't come for a week, I am not going to find another child to come for a week, so I would be out that pay. The parent pay to keep their spot here, it is their choice to come or not. I can email you my policy book if you are interested. Good luck getting your daycare up and going!

The daycare I have my kids in now takes up to two weeks and they are spaced here and there and all are paid days. I would think if she were to take a solid week then payment for that week would be due the week before for the week she'd be gone. She does offer parents one free day after a year which is nice. My old daycare would take two weeks as well and one week would be taken at once and the rest were here and there. All time off was paid before the time was taken. Also the old daycare would still care for our kid if school was closed but this new daycare doesn't care for our kids if school is closed.

My daycare provider has 3 personal days a year (these days she gets paid for...they are used for sick days or her kids being sick). She takes 2 weeks of paid vacation a year (not at the same time)and gives us at least 10 days notice (more if she knows ahead of time). She takes the Friday before Memorial and Labor Day off (no pay)because her family does camping trips. Other than that, she takes off the Typical Holidays that I get off from work (with pay)like Christmas if it falls on a week day and thanksgiving, ect.

If my kids are sick or we go on vacation, we still have to pay her. Which is only fair, I think.

I haven't looked in her contract for a while, but I believe this is what it says.

I do childcare in Oakdale. I have been doing it for almost 2 years. I have 10 Vacation days, 5 PTO DAYS and all the holidays are paid time off also (I specify what these are). If a child is absent or they take a vacation it is still paid. I started with this many right from the beginning. It is very common to have around this many so I don't see any reason to work up to it.

Our daycare provider is on the other end of the spectum. She takes 5 personal days per year, 5 sick days per year and 3 UNPAID weeks of vacation. She has a list of backup providers and takes the kids on tons of field trips - to the zoo, the park, McDonald's, Discovery Center, Open Gym teaches pre-school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we just went to the graduation for the kids entering kindergarten. She is a wonderful provider however she has a parent handbook that list and spells everything out and follows it to the 'T'. She is good but WOW it's a lot of scheduling on parents parts.

I have done home care for 10 years and have worked my way up to my current vacation package by adding some here and there instead of rate increases(usually one year is a rate increase, and the next is an addition to PTO days)

I currently have 8 paid holidays and 20 PTO days per year (vacations, sick, etc)....I also will close early for medical appts and not count it against any of my PTO if it is after 2pm (I have had some foot issues in the last year and so several dr appts....but I do my best to get the last appts of the day, etc....can only do so much to accomodate these).

Parents pay all 52 weeks a year unless for some reason I go over my alloted PTO days for the year (like last year I had 2 unpaid days for foot surgery at the end of the year).

Not every area is going to be able to support that tho.....very different just 10 miles from me....good luck!

I have been running an in home daycare for 5 years now and i put in my contract that i get one full week of paid vacation (taken at the same time) with a months notice given and 1 week of pais days divided up with 2 weeks notice any days beyond that are un paid. And after thay have been in care for 1 year or more thay get a full week (taken at the same time) of unpaid vacation with a months notice given to me.
I have never had a problem with this I hope this helps you.

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