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Using Proactive While Pregnant

I have been using Proactive for awhile and it's the only thing that can control my complexion. Since I've been pregnant I have limited the use of Proactive since it's unclear of the effects on a fetus. My current OB could not find information on Proactive when she looked it up on the FDA drug list, so she advised me to stop using it (since then I have stopped). However, my previous OB told me it was safe to use during pregnancy. Do any of you ladies have insight on the use of Proactive during pregnancy?

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My OB specifically said only to use acne topicals with salicylic acid, NOT benzol peroxide--which is in proactive.

I would be cautious.

I used Proactive the entire time that I was pregnant last year---with my OB's approval. I didn't have any problems at all. I am 38 and I gave birth to a very healthy little girl that is 8 months old now.

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My three daughters each have different OBs and all of them told them that the Proactive Acne System was completely safe to use during pregnancy. That should clear things up!! (sorry- bad pun)

I used it during my pregnancy and had no issues. I had one spot on my cheek that just kept breaking out badly. I, of course, asked my OBGYN and she said it was absolutely fine to use it. Hope that helps.

Eight years ago I ordered Proactiv and when I got it in the mail, there were warnings all over saying "don't use if you are pregnant, nursing." I called Proactiv immediately & said "what is in this that you don't want pregnant women to use this?" and they said if your ob says it's okay, go ahead. And I remember saying "No, if you are telling me NOT to use it & you don't know why, then I'm NOT using it!" My ob also didn't see any obvious ingredients that would keep me from using it, but I didn't research very much after I called Proactiv & with all the warnings they gave in the directions.

Since then, I have always used, until recently, Arbonne's Clear Advantage line. It's perfectly safe and the supplements are awesome. Make sure & use the supplements! I also think it helped my baby have a baby complexion too! Find a friend who has the 35% discount off of retail & you'll get a better deal. It's not that expensive and helped me tremendously during pregnancy and after! Blessings....

I thought about using this product during my pregnancy, but asked my OB...and she said no. We didn't go in to a big discussion about it, but I was ok with it because I was skipping anything that "could"/"might" have an impact on my babies. The same thing with getting a flu shot - I opted for the mercury free version "just in case".

I'm sure there are some alternatives - hopefully someone will post!

I treat women for facial problems using microdermabrasion and laser. Pregnancy can cause discoloration on your face anyway (hormones/melasma) why wud you risk it? For 9 months go without and heed your doctors advice. My personal experience is each person reacts differently to these skin treatments. You can't predict your results based on someone elses.

Hey M.,

Your current OB probably was just looking it up by the name Proactive, instead of the actual name of the medication, which is Benzoyl Peroxide. My OB said he was pretty much okay with most of the over the counter topicals for acne. Also, my dermatologist was okay with it, and even prescribed some other things to help me. I tend to trust her even more than my OB about those meds, because they study them and the latest safety/pregnancy stuff about them. I was on Retin-A for years already, and she told me to stop that. She said that even that was probably okay because less than 5% get into your bloodstream and my not even cross the placenta, but to stop it just in case because it was a retinoid. So I tend to believe her. I also did a lot of research on my own from other Dr.s/books that seem to find no evidence of Benzoyl Peroxide doing any harm.

I used to Acne Free in the evening (a generic of ProActive) during my whole pregnancy with my son. I tried to go without at first, but my skin got so much worse during pregnancy. I also used a glycolic acid gel in the morning which also seem to help.

I know a lot of people would side with not using because of the "not knowing". I guess I just think if more than one Dr. told me it was okay, I would trust them. I needed all the help I could with my self image, and you could just go crazy wondering about whether everything is safe on your skin, like sunless tanner, lotions, sunscreen, make-up or even your soap! Just listen to your Doctors, do your research and trust you instincts.

Congrats on your 3rd baby!

i actually have not even thought of it, since it is a topical ointment I have continued to use it during my pregnancy as it is the only thing that has helped my acne...I also used it during my last pregnancy with no side effects for me or my child...now i am wondering if i should have looked into it more?

I was concerned about using Proactiv as well during my pregnancy. I took all my Proactiv products to my perinatologist, who treated me during my entire pregnancy and she said they would be fine to use. I had no side effects or problems that I know of.

As opposed to looking up Proactiv, you may want to get your OB's opinion on benzoyl peroxide (Proactiv's active ingredient...I use Proactiv too, btw). Proactiv alone dries out my skin BAAAAAAAD (makes me look like I'm peeling and suffering from a sunburn), so I use only the Proactiv lotion with Arbonne products (I've tried a huge combination of other anti-acne and moisturizing products; through a lot of trial and error, this is the combination that works best for me). OK that was way too much information, but the point I'm trying to make is that Proactiv uses benzoyl peroxide, and a couple of the Arbonne products I'm using contain salicylic acid.
My OB actually told me that she prefers her pregnant patients refrain from using products containing EITHER ingredient...she said that neither is specifically known to cause harm, but since their effects are UNKNOWN she just likes to err on the side of caution.
So, I basically had incredibly crappy skin throughout my entire pregnancy...I mean bad, bad, bad...way worse than when I was a teenager...blech!
However, a friend of mine who was pregnant at the same time as me was told by her OB that she would be allowed to use Proactiv (or other OTC benzoyl peroxide products), but only after the first trimester....
So, it really just seems to be related to how cautious your particular OB likes to be with this kind of stuff...I doubt it will really do any harm, but just mention benzoyl peroxide to your OB instead of Proactiv, and see what she says.
Good luck and congrats on your pregnancy!!

I used Proactive the entire time that I was pregnant last year---with my OB's approval. I didn't have any problems at all. I am 38 and I gave birth to a very healthy little girl that is 8 months old now.

I used Proactiv for both pregnancies and everything was fine.

I used Proactive during both of my pregnancies with no problems. I actually have never read or been told of anything that made me think it would not be safe to use.

I was told to NOT use it because of an ingrediant found in Proactive. I had problems during my pregnancy and asked about using it and was told by my doctor that I should NOT use it.

It's one of those things (like eating lunch meat) as to how you want to handle it. There is a slight chance (like eating lunch meat) it could harm the baby. Nothing has been that well researched about the ingredients. You will have some docs tell you NEVER to use it (salycilic acid) and NEVER to eat lunch meat. Then other docs will say it's okay in moderation (or if you heat the lunch meat)...so it's really up to you. I know women that still take aspirin even though that's a KNOWN birth defect cause agent...me personally I would (and have) lived with a broken out face while pregnant and don't risk it just in case. I did use Kiss My Face Obsessively Organic Acne cream which is all natural...you can get it at Sprouts and Central Market.

i did a lot of research on this stuff too b/c my acne during prego days was terrible. Anything with salicylic acids in them in a def NO NO!! i used witch hazel with a few drops of tea tree oil in it and it worked GREAT!!!

My OB specifically said only to use acne topicals with salicylic acid, NOT benzol peroxide--which is in proactive.

I would be cautious.

I have used Proactive during all my three pregnancies and have not had any problems. I just continued using it during the pregnancies and following with no problems. My last OB I asked said it was not a problem. It is the best cleanser I have found for my face and I have had no side aefects while pregnant and it has had no effects on my children.

I used it while I was pregnant and had no complications...I understand your worry though!

I used it during both of my pregnancies and never had any problems. Both my girls are just fine. and as smart as can be.

Put your unborn child first!!! Stop using it if you don't have the information to support using it. Your child's health is more important!!

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