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Using Fenugreek Vs. Reglan

My husband has started to give my son a bottle of breast milk during the evening while I continue to pump. He will easily take 2-3 ounces in one feeding. I've noticed that since he gets milk out of the bottle easier than my nipple now, he wants more food. Last night he ate 3 ounces then went to breast for an additional 30 minutes, then my husband gave him another ounce in a bottle.

At night, I feel like I am not able to produce as much milk since we started the bottle. I've heard various recommendations on fenugreek and reglan. My OB/GYN prescribed me reglan since she didn't know the side effects for fenugreek on both my son and myself. Any recommendations?

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I used fenugreek with good results. You can get it at GNC, etc. Go to Kellymom.com for great advise. There's ton to read or you can post in their forum if you need more info. Just do a search for increasing milk supply.

J. - First, let me say that I'm no expert. I tried both Fenugreek and Reglan without success. But that was just me -- my body just couldn't produce enough milk and we had to go to formula. Since I tried both, I can say that you should definitely try the Fenugreek first, and then after 10 days if you don't feel it has produced a result, then try the Reglan. Reglan is a perscription, and it has many more side effects than the Fenugreek. I've had several other mothers tell me that the Fenugreek worked just fine for them and without all the side effects.

I hope this is helpful, and if you'd like to ask me any questions, please feel free to email me from my profile. Also, I live in Mt Prospect, and I have some of the tablets and tea left over that I'd gladly give you for free. (I used the Mother Love product mentioned by another mom.) My son was born in April, so they're still good.

Good luck!

I used fenugreek with my daughter 2 years ago. I thought it worked really well. The only side affect I noticed was when I sweat it smelled like maple syrup.
I don't know anything about Reglan.
The Fenugreek worked the same day I took it and I got it from GNC for a giant bottle it was like $20.00.

Hope this helps.

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Your baby is only 3 weeks old and clusterfeeding at night is very common at this age. This is how they build your milk supply up to grow and thrive. Reglan comes with serious side effects, among which is depression. Fenugreek is great, but better suited for an older baby. Taken in the recommended dose at this point can cause your baby to have gas and upset tummy. If you start to take either of these 2 and then stop cold turkey, your supply can really suffer, so you have to be careful and wean off slowly if you decide to take it.

What you can do at this point to help your supply is drink TONS of water, eat plenty of calorie rich healthy foods, drink Mother's Milk tea, rest whenever possible, AND nurse on demand. I know you think your dh is helping you out by offering a bottle in the evenings, but the best thing for your supply is to have your baby nurse constantly during these evening hours. It doesn't last forever--at most til he's 8 weeks old. He's a little guy and he can rebuild your supply to what he needs if you continue to nurse him on demand, frequently.

Park yourself on the couch or comfy chair each night and just switch from side to side as he fusses. Don't worry about what you can pump out at this point. You are still establishing your milk supply, which is not fully established until around 6 weeks of age. Put your dh on diaper duty, swaddling patrol, and in charge of keeping your water bottle refilled. This is what will help you make more milk than a prescription.

Good luck!

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At 2 about 2 weeks and 6 weeks of age babies go through growth spurts. They will nurse all day to increase your milk supply to meet their growing needs. Breast feeding is supply and demand. If you start cutting out nursings your supply will diminish. Why are you taking medications? Do you know reglan's side effect is to dry you out, ie. dry mouth! It is given pre-op to keep patients from vomitting during surgery.

You need to increase your fluid intake (no caffiene) and let the baby feed on demand. You are still establishing your milk supply. Maybe a bottle at a different time of day would work better. Why bottles at all. There are many other things dads can do - like bathing, playing, changing!

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I would not worry about taking something right now. Instead nurse on demand. Letting him nurse when he wants it is what will up your supply over anything else.....nursing is all supply and demand. When he wants to eat more than normal it is his way of making your body make more milk. So just feed when he wants it...it may be more in the evening because it is true that you may make slightly less milk at night....I know I do. You can still pump maybe once a week or so and have your husband give him a bottle if you want to get him used to the bottle, but don't get him TOO used to a bottle or he will not want the breast anymore...milk comes out of a bottle easier and if he gets used to it he won't want to do the work anymore, and then with pumping only your supply will wane quickly.

I would not take Reglan unless I had tried every other possibility. It has serious risks with it. I did use Fenugreek but only when I was pumping full time and nursing on the weekend....and pumping just doesn't create the supply that direct nursing does so I had to take it every once in a while to help out. The only side effect Fenugreek has is that it can make you and baby smell like maple syrup (and you should take this much for it to be effective), and it can lower your blood sugar (this is one of it's other uses) so if you have low blood sugar to begin with, probably wouldn't be good. But a PP is right that it can cause upset tummy/gas in a baby that little. Let your baby make your supply, it the way nursing was intended to work. Pump inbetween to build up a stash, or maybe once a week just to keep him acclimated. My 5 month old gets a bottle maybe once every 2 or 3 weeks and he does find with it.

Also, babies go through growth spurts during which they may want to feed more often to up your supply. 3 weeks is a common time for a growth spurt. Read here for more info on that: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/normal/growth-spurt.html

I went through a time with my older son where he was nursing every half hour. He'd barely be done before he wanted more again. It is normal and will pass quickly as long as you go with the flow and nurse him when he's hungry.

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Stop pumping and bottle feeding. Just nurse him when he's hungry and stop stressing out! His nursing will stimulate additional milk production. Let your husband do something else to bond with him.

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I agree with the others. You should be working completely on supply and demand right now... Stop the bottle for a while. Cluster feeding is normal. Totally normal. Expect to be doing not much else but nursing for the first couple months. It will get easier.

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The advice I got was not to give a bottle or any sort of artificial nipple until they are between 6 and 8 weeks old. You don't want him getting used to a bottle, in my experience it can really screw things up. If you are serious about nursing, stick with the nursing for now, the bottle can come later. I have used Mother Milk Plus, side effect is that it may cause gas, but it works.
Good Luck.

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Hi there,
A couple of things that LC's have told me in the past. Your baby is more efficient than a pump at keeping your milk production up...and what you do today affects your production tomorrow. Can you add an extra feeding or two at other times during the day? And are you getting enough rest, water, and nutrition? You might decide to nurse exclusively for a week until your body catches up to your baby's new appetite. Good luck and congratulations on your new little one!

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From what I have heard, starting the bottle can start between 5 and 8 weeks. Right now your supply is still getting established and responding to your son's need. I would hold off on the bottles for a few more weeks. You can still add a pumping in once a day at the same time (around 1 hour after a feeding)...but you can also wait on that too. Give your body a chance to adjust to your son. The female body is amazing. When he needs more your body will produce more. Feeding on demand is the best way to establish a good supply. Some moms do need herbal support...but give your body a chance first. It's still early.

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