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Using Blankets and Stuffed Animals in Crib

My daughter is 5 1/2 months old and I was wondering if it is ok to use blankets and a stuffed animal when she sleeps? I have not in the past because of risk of SIDS. Now that it is getting colder, I worry that she is too cold all night! I do put her in warmer pajamas or one of those wearable blankets. She also loves stuffed animals and I let her play with them, but always take it away when she is put down for the night. Is it still a risk to let her sleep with these? I had to take the bumber out of her crib because I went to check on her one night and she had her head underneath it. She moves around so much in her sleep so I'm worried that she will bunch a blanket up or press her face into a stuffed toy.

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Thanks for all the responses! I've decided to just hold off putting anything in the crib and buy some more blanket sleepers. Thanks for all the good advice everyone!

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I have a 2 1/2 year old and a10 month old. The baby sleeps with a blanket as did the 2 1/2 year old. After the baby is good and a sleep I go in and move everything away from his face. He does sleep better with the blankets and animals.

My pediatrician said as soon as babies are able to roll over easily both ways, they are better able to move a blanket or whatever away from their face. My son is 4 months, and he has this little blankie w/bear and he LOVES to sleep with it near his face. I know I am probably a terrible mother, but he really does sleep better if he has it near him. I feel badd it's so cute when he's cuddled up to it! I think it's the fimiliar smell that he likes.

Good luck

Hi! Basically I'm reiterating what everyone else is saying...what I did for my kids was tucking the blanket it, so that it only came up about 1/3 of the way up the crib. Just enough so they would be warm, but not enough to impede any breathing, etc. I'd also wait on stuffed animals until they're about a year.

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I wouldn't do it. I work for a CHildren's Hospital and the SIDS Program says nothing nothing nothing in the crib until at least 18 months. You can always swaddle your child or layer up. No bumpers either they can suffocate as well.

Try to secure the bumper tighter. Let her hold one bear that's big enough for her not to swallow but small enough for her not to press her face into and not breathe. I use to fold a comforter and blanket on top of the mattress in my son's crib. Then I'd put him in a warm sleeper with footies or socks. Then a warm thin baby blanket, fresh out of the dryer layed on him from the waist down.
Good Luck!

I would not use the stuffed animals yet but I'd put a blanket half way up on her back and tuck it on the right and left of the mattress. I'd consider a light weight blanket that breathes well if you don't want to tuck it in. I'd tuck it in for another 3 months if you can. JMO.


Go with your instinct first. If your baby is active at night, maybe try putting a onesie on along with the jammies and socks, or even double up on the jammies. My son is very cold at night and I found adding these items helped. My son is nine months and since he was about six months we gave him a very soft dog to sleep with, this is his comfort. Also try a blanket with larger holes in it, perhaps one that was knitted. My mother in law made us one for our son and we use that when he sleeps. We haven't had any problems but when we first added these items I checked on him about every hour, afraid he would suffocate or something. being a first time also brings a lot of worries, again if you dont feel comfortable yet with blankets or animals, extra layers wont hurt.

I was always told if you put them on their belly and they can lift their head and turn it then they should be ok...just when she falls asleep just move them to the bottom of the bed... That is what I did with my little ones.... A.

My daughter was born in January, now 21 months old. It got very cold in our house, especially the room that we had her in because it was right over our outside entry way. The winter PJs were not enough so I always covered her up with a heavy blanket. She moved around a lot (she would always do a complete 360) so she ended up kicking it off anyway. I figured if she got cold she would cry. My sister got me a couple sleeper bags to put over her long sleeve onsie and pants. That worked out great as well. She's had a few stuffed animals in her crib since the day she was born. She wasn't one of those kids that likes to chew on things but she did find comfort in them. Just like when we were kids our parents had everything in the crib. Go with what you think is right.

Hi Kristen, personally I wouldn't be too worried if she can hold up her head and move around, my baby was born in august last yr and around this time last yr I started wrapping her up in blankets when she slept because she couldn't move around. If you feel safe enough to do it then you should. My baby would always kick off her blanket at about 6 months and use it as a pillow, just watch what she does during her nap and if you think she does good with a blanket try it.

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