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Uses for Baby Food Jars?

I was just wondering if anyone had crafty ideas of what to use baby jars for? Or if anyone would like me to save them to use?

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This past Christmas I made gifts of home-meade hand scrub, and tied paper and ribbon around the top. You can use things like coffee, or sea salt, and mix with oil (I used grapessed oil I got from Giant Eagle) until you get a good consistency, and you can add drops of scent, like body spays you always get..: )

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I used them for stained glass-look candle holders for wedding favors. We were on a tight budget so I made my own favors. My two girls even helped. This would probably would make a great idea for a bible school class or a kindergarten class even. (It can get messy...but worth it in the end.) You get tissue paper of your choice and cut up into small pieces of various shapes and sizes. You take elmers glue and add water until pretty runny. You dip the tissue paper in the glue-water and wrap onto the jars. After you have covered the jar, take a paint brush and dip into the glue-water and go over the entire thing. Sit aside and let it dry. Tie a ribbon around the top and add a tealight candle.

We use the plastic ones for packing lunches and many preschools take donations of them to use for glitter shakers, etc. But back in the 70s my grandfather nailed the lids to 1 x 1's about 3 feet long and then put each one by one on a round wood wheel. Hard to picture but each of the 1 x 1 pieces of wood held all kinds of jars of nuts, bolts, screws, washers and because the glass was clear it was easy to see what they were. He hung the wheels over his tool bench so they were all accessible. It was sort of like a long hanging turntable. You may be able to use that information to figure out some use for yourself. Good luck

We use ours for everything. You can organize the toolbox, nails, screws, washers etc. we also use it for a sugar bowl. how about snack carriers, perfect portion for cheerios. If you look up online uses for baby food jars you will be surprised how many uses their are.

Oil lanterns; poke a small hole in the lid for the wick. I probably saw this application in ReadyMade magazine sometime ago.

You can make snow globes, thats what we did this Christmas

ABSOLUTELY! If the hubby has a wooden workbench, have him put a nail through the lid and he can store his small tools, nails, screws, or other small objects in the jars, and just twist back to the lid for an organized work area.
I made several into a "bored" jar. When the kids are bored, have them take a slip of paper out of the jar and they have to do what's written on the paper. It's always a new surprise. (write things like, write a letter to grandma, paint w/finger paints, do something crafty)

For my sisters shower we put a tea light in them and a ribbon around the top. Also when my daughter was in kindergarten i filled the bigger ones with candy and tied the school colors around for all her classmates. It is fun coming up with ideas for them :-)

The jars are great gifts at Christmas or Valentines Day is coming up.

Get some wrapping paper and put it around the top and put a ribbon around it once you fill it with candy. we did this for my children's teachers for christmas. Fill it with whatever kind of candy you like and decorate the top. Hope that was helpful.

One year I filled them with potpourri and tied small doilies to the tops and gave them to family and friends as part of their Christmas presents. Also my husband and I etched a design in them, filled them wth jellybeans added fabric and bows to the lids and used them as wedding favors. I've seen other people use them for storage of small items - pins, paperclips, etc.

oh gosh .. i googled baby food jar crafts and got tons of sites that came up. check it out.

Sand art! My kids' daycare did it and they were really cute. Different layers of colored sand, then if they want they can stick a toothpick down in and make a swirl.

Since we were kids, we always used baby food jars for nails, tacks, etc, so they wouldn't be scattered in the bottom of a drawer. The bigger jars can be used for those plastic frosting tips. How about for cotton balls, cotton swabs, toothbrush holder for kids that they can decorate. Call your local schools and see if they can use them for arts and crafts and donate them there. Offer them online on Freecycle as many use them for crafts.

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Snow globes, hot choc for two mix, cookies for two mix, candles, paper weights...just google crafts with baby food jars, and tons pop up.

Alright I can't find it online but I think it was from Family Handyman Magazine. You screw the lids into a board and then put your nuts, bolts, etc in the jars and screw them on. Then all those little pieces are easily accessible in the workshop.

This past Christmas I made gifts of home-meade hand scrub, and tied paper and ribbon around the top. You can use things like coffee, or sea salt, and mix with oil (I used grapessed oil I got from Giant Eagle) until you get a good consistency, and you can add drops of scent, like body spays you always get..: )

You can always donate them to the school.

My dad used to screw the lids into a long board and mount it in our basement on the ceiling (it was only a 7 ft ceiling). He filled the jars with various nuts, bolts & screws and then screwed them into their lids. It was very handy and it kept all those little things off of his workbench.

I did a vacation bible school this past summer and i used baby food jars to make "snow globes" our theme was God created everything so i used them on the day that we talked about God creating land and water. we added some sand, food coloring, small seashells and oil..it was very cute.

Hope this helps.

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