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Use of Zantac in Infants

Our ped. recommended using zantac with our 4 week old to help with reflux and spitting up. Has anyone used it? Any opinions on it? Other suggestions to help with reflux/spitting up?

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We filled the prescription, but have not used it...yet. She is really strained and crying when she is trying to pass gas or poop. She is not a good burper and have begun to cry as soon as
I try to burp her. It makes me wonder if gas could be making the spitting up worse. Then I wonder is the prescription would help or gas drops or gripe water. I hate seeing her uncomfortable and not being able to help.

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My pediatrician reccomended the same thing for my 4 week old we were also told to mix 1 tablespoon of rice cereal for each ounce of formula. It worked wonderful. My son did not spit up nearly as much and started to gain weight wonderfully. By 9 months we no longer needed to use it. Good Luck.

We used it when my son was about a month old until he was about 6 months old. It didn't help with the spitting up but it really helped him to be able to eat better. He would scream every time he ate because of the reflux. So he still spit up like crazy but at least he wasn't in pain.

Hi J.,

I used Zantac on my son when he was 4 months old. It helped a little but I think the reflux is something he just started to outgrow once we introduced solid foods. The zantac didn't cause any adverse reactions or anything, I just don't feel that it helped to much. Good luck :-) M.

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Honestly, the only thing I can really say about zantac is that drs prescribe it A LOT. I know in my case, my son started getting very fussy shortly after he turned 1 month old. He would go through times where he did spit up pretty frequently, and he hardly ever slept. My ped put him on a trial run of zantac. She explained that it might be a mild reflux issue causing it, or it could be colick. If reflux, the zantac would help. If colick, then it wouldn't. I researched it, put my son on it for a week, when I saw no improvement I stopped. I know 2 other women with babies who were also prescribed zantac at a very young age for some length of time. My son didn't have any bad reaction to it and neither did their children. One of them kept her daughter on it for almost a year and said it did help. I would definitely try to switch to a different formula or change your diet if breastfeeding first and see how that goes. From what I can tell, zantac is very safe for babies, but maybe because of this docs seem to write you a prescription for it as soon as you mention spitting up or fussiness in an otherwise healthy baby. It shouldn't hurt to try using it, just watch your baby to see if its actually making a difference. Its a quick fix if your baby has a reflux issue, but alot of times its not necessary. And as I said, some docs prescribe it so they can rule out reflux if it doesn't work. Hope this helped!

My 4th and 6th children were on Zantac until about 6 months. I think it helped a little, but not too much. I also introduced baby food later ... around 6 or 7 mo old.

Hello, I work in a NICU and we use zantac frequently for our babies w/ reflux. You can also try frequent burping during feeds. Also, avoid putting the baby down immed. after a feed. Try sitting her up in a bouncie seat or something where she'll be on an incline for at leat 1/2 hr after feeds. Sometimes giving smaller volumes more frequently works better too. Hope this helps!

Hi J., my son had a horrible case of acid reflux disease that began at 7 days old. He was hospitalized for 9 days and was suffering from apnea as a result. (He would stop breathing for a short period of time) One of the medicines that he was put on as a result was Omeprazole. I believe that it is a generic form of Zantac, or is similar to it. It made a huge difference in him. He was also given a medication that quickened his digestive system so that reflux occurred more infrequently. I hope that this info helps!
C. W

Hello J.,

I recommend Zantac for reflux and spitting up because it really did seem to help my son. He was throwing up a lot, and it smelled very acidic. It seemed to help stop the throwing up & lessen it if he did. He didn't cry as much when he did throw up because I think it previously burned his throat because of the acid, but the zantac took the burning away.

Hello, My daughter's peditrician put her on it as well. She did wonderfully with it, the dosage was .4ml three times a day-of course when we got-we got it flavored for her and she didn't mind taken it. She was on it for a little while and then she was fine and we took her off it when we thought she was fine and hasn't had a problem since, I think she just out grew it but the acid reflux was bothering her with a burning sensation in the throat and it helped alot. She was also told us to put a little rice in with her formula to help keep it heavier in her stomach to keep it down. It worked great-I think she was off of it by 8 months or so. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Hope this helped

HI!My son was born 7 weeks premature and at the age 3 months he was spitting up. The doctor had changed his formula 3 times and then they put him on zantac and put him on cereal. For every 2 oz we had to put 1 tsp of cereal in his bottle. Between the 2 by the time he was eating regular food he was alot better. I would put your son on the zantac and the cereal/it really does work. WHen you get the zantac you may want to have it flavored it really doesn't taste or smell to good. I hope everything works out for you.

Hi J.,

I used Zantac on my son when he was 4 months old. It helped a little but I think the reflux is something he just started to outgrow once we introduced solid foods. The zantac didn't cause any adverse reactions or anything, I just don't feel that it helped to much. Good luck :-) M.

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