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Urine Smell--med. Side Effect?

My son was put on abuterol do to a horrible cough and then amoxicillin for an ear infection. All of a sudden his urine has such a strong smell. Could this be a side effect from one of the medicines or something I should get checked out? The urine doesnt have a particular odor I can describe it is just very strong and unusual smelling. Thanks an advanced for any help.

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Ok thank you so much. I feel better now.

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My oldest son has the same thing when he has had amoxicillin it does go away after the medicine is out of his system. Hope this helps.


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Hi L.
Normally when you take anything like amoxcillin or penecillin there is a odor when you urine. My son has had the same as well as my self. If you still are not sure call the doctor.
K. H

My oldest son has the same thing when he has had amoxicillin it does go away after the medicine is out of his system. Hope this helps.


Yep, meds will do that. If you notice blood or he complains of pain call your doctor. =)

Make sure he gets plenty of liquids. Don't know if you breastfeed or formula feed, but while it's usually a little early to give water, doing it while he's sick will help dilute the urine and keep him hydrated until he's better.
Hope he's all better quickly!

He could be dehydrated, try giving more fluids and see if it makes a difference.

It's from the antibotic. It's a normal side effect just be sure he drinks more liquids.

That is the amoxicillin. What happens is after the amoxicillin has done it's job, a majority of the amoxicillin is excreted out of the body via urine- because it is no longer needed. You should still continue to finish the doctor prescribed length of days/dose amount of the antibiotics, but it will continue to smell until it is done. It is nothing to be worried about at all, and is completely normal.

Hi L.,

It is most likely an odor from the infection and also the medicines that are going through his little body. Make sure he gets plenty of fluids to flush everything through.


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