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Urination Problems with 4 Year Old Female.

Lets see, I took my daughter in three days ago for possible UTI or bladder infection. She was complaining it hurt to urinate. The doctors office called on the next day saying there are no signs of infection. Well it has been four days now and she still complains in hurts. They did tell me to use Hydrocortizone cream around the vagina area for any local irritation. This does not seem to be helping. Now she is waking up at least twice in the middle of the night with accidents. We are changing her underwear and pj bottoms each time. This is not normal for her. She is also running to the bathroom during the day and has some accidents during the day. We have battled daytime accidents for awhile but what concerns me is the night time pattern and the fact it still hurts. Has anyone ever had this happen to them. Please any advice would help.

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Thanks everyone for the quick responses to my delimma. I did take her back to the doctor. They took another sample and ran a culture on it this time. I won't know the results until today however he went ahead and started her on a antibotic so she would not suffer through the weekend. By Saturday it was not hurting anymore...what does that tell you. There was definitely an infection. Once again thanks everyone for your answers, I learned something new from each of one of your answers.

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It was probably too soon to see the infection last time. There is a test you can buy over the counter or take her back to the Dr.

I completely agree, if another visit to the doctor doesn't help then it is time for a second opinion. Issues like this can cause more damage.

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Hi M.,

If it is a UTI (and it sure sounds like it), your daughter is probably miserable. I agree about having her drink A LOT, especially pure cranberry juice if you can get her to (it's really sour). You can probably find the cranberry juice at a health food store or a store like Whole Foods or Fresh Market. It ain't cheap, but it solves the problem for me (I know some may dispute that, but I've had it work many times)! There are also cranberry tablets, but that would probably be hard for a little one. Even if you are going back to the doctor, the cranberry and heavy volume of liquids should help her feel a little better while you wait to get in.

Good luck,

I completely agree, if another visit to the doctor doesn't help then it is time for a second opinion. Issues like this can cause more damage.

Ah the female problems! I have chronic bladder infections, so I have been through the ringer on these tests, and the dr not hearing when you have the real deal symptoms. I am always watchful of my girls for UTI's, i hate for them to be in this kind of discomfort.

I definitely think you should take her in to be retested. Even though it is unpleasant, a catheter is really the best way to get urine for testing on this. Sometimes it takes time for it to show up, and if it gets worse it could cause a serious kidney infection, so go with your gut and go back in. In any case, it could be the sign of an underlying disorder, the symptoms and actions you are describing are definitely something to take action on. It could be some kind of physical malformation that is just coming up, or even a kidney stone, or something she ingested that is causing bladder irritation.

Make sure to stay away from caffeine and chocolate, as those will irritate an already sensitive urinary tract.

You also need to get this settled before the holidays. Since it will take some time to process the results, insist that they give her something to ease her discomfort, like Hyoscyamine/hycosamine aka Levsin (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyoscyamine). Also ask if you can go directly to the lab to have her pee for them, so the processing time is cut down. Finally make sure they culture the results, not merely look to see if there is blood/bacteria. Culturing will help them to get the correct antibiotic and be able to see if there is even a small amount of bacteria, but it will take longer.

Best of luck ... feel free to email me if you need anything, questions or support. Keep in mind the dr's offices are thinking about the holidays too, so you need to be on top of your kid's care.

A. Moore

to play it safe take her for a second check with a different doctor that know more about kidneys and bladders.
if nothing shows but with pain i believe it will. then it may be her feeling like not moms baby and wanting more of mom.
i have two girls and 4 granddaughters and every time the was some pain there was a reason for it. any thing from uti to kidney stones.

if the hurt cont. and the urge to go is always there aske them to test her for "IC" you can learn more at www.ic-network.com

It could be a yeast infection - they will cause redness and painful urintation, and if it is yeast, hydrocortisone cream won't help.
I'd get a second opinion, but in the meantime, I'd also give her yogurt and cranberry juice.

My daughter does this occasionally, when she said it hurt 2 days in a row and refused to pee, I also noticed she was very red in that area. I took her in to see the Dr.he said it looked like a fungal infection at the opening of her vagina, not exactly a typical yeast infection. He gave us a topical ointment to use 2 times per day and it was fine in about 3 days. She still gets this from time to time, I use the ointment for a day or two and it will clear up. Maybe there's another Dr. you could see or just go back letting the Dr. know what he told you to do isn't helping and she's having accidents and is in pain. God Bless.

Run do not walk back to the doctor. I had my first UTI at 5 weeks of age. I have had them my entire life and had every thing imaginable. One thing that was consistent thru out was that my Urine NEVER SHOWED INFECTION until the 3rd day of the culture. They will try to tell you that if it isn't immediate or within 24 hours that it is not an infection. ThAT IS NOT SO. THis baby has a full blown kidney or bladder infection by now. I would take her back TODAY and get her rechecked, if they refuse to do the cultures as you ask, change dr's. GOOD Grief, they should have told you to come right back if she wasn't better withing 48 hours. I hope she is better quickly

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