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Urgently Seeking Neurologist in the Cobb Area

I am seeking a Neurologist in the Cobb County Area. I would prefer the location be in the Cobb county area, but I will travel. My 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with Petit Mal Epilepsy about 3 years ago we were living in Maryland at the time. She has never had convulsions but would experience staring spells. She was prescribed depakote,capsules mixed in food, which she hated to take because she said it tasted horrible. I tasted myself and it had no taste. She took the meds for about a year or so, I noticed that the med made her lathargic and tired so I stopped the medication. The doctor she was seeing here in Woodstock did not seem to understand why she was displaying those symptopms and reactions to the medication. Her grades began to slip, so I took her off th meds. She has ben off of the meds for about a year and she has been doing great. Her grades were great, hadn't seen a staring spell in months. Recently her grades slipped in one eight weeks from a "A" to an "F". When I started noticing her grades slipping I asked the teachers if they were seeing her daydreaming and noone noticed it, but today her teacher called and said that she had a staring spell today. She still has a "A" in some subjects so I do not understand how/why/if the "F" is attributed to the staring spells or the other recent behavior problems I have been having out of her. She has been very moody and sleeping alot, which I thought was because she is a "pre-teen". She is normally a very respectful, well mannered, loving and loved by all young lady, so this these recent changes are baffling to me. I wasn't too pleased with the neurologist she was seeing when we moved back here from Maryland am URGENTLY trying to locate a new doctor. Please help.

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T. B,

Marietta Neurological Associates ###-###-####) in the neighborhood of Kennestone Hospital is a practice we began using when our daughter needed to see a neurologist 20 plus years ago. Her symptoms began at 13 months and she did experience a seizure. What a frightening experience! After the second (actually occurred in the pediatrician's office while being seen) she was referred to a specialist. The doctor she saw continued to treat her until after she graduated from college and with great success. She now lives in Charlotte and was dismissed as a patient from a practice there within the last year. Your description of "staring" is quite familiar to me and although our daughter was treated early on with medication, it took someone who was willing to try different meds and combinations until he was satisfied with the results we got. Dr. Peter Re' has actually treated both of our daughters and myself as two of us have been migraine sufferers. We have also been very pleased with our treatment success. My mother-in-law is presently in treatment with Dr. Holmes in the same practice for Parkinson's. We have also been quite pleased with him as well. Let me know if you have any other questions that I might answer for you related to our experience or our daughter's history with her seizure disorder. Bless you and good luck!

Also, Depakote was never prescribed in our case although I have known of others who have taken it.

B. L

If you live in Woodstock, GA I would suggest Bridgemill Neurological Associates. The doctors are Jonathan Pearlstein and Stephanie Riemann. The office at 3755 Sixes Road; Suite 300. I see Dr. Pearlstein for my mygraine headaches, and I really like him.

Another doctor group is Marietta Neurological Associates located at 780 Canton Rd.; Suite 400. They have 6 doctors but the one I am familar with is Dr. Joseph Hormes. Dr. Hormes specializes in Stroke patients, and sees my Mom for Parkenson & Alhemizer. He is a very nice doctor too.

Good luck in picking a doctor for your daughter.

E. F.

I have always had the best doctors when I called Scottish Rite Children's hospital asking for a few doctor's names. I did have a great neuro for peds but he went on to do something else his name was Dr. Miller. Sorry I would ref you to him but he's doing something else now he was an older gentleman and was wonderful with my son's Erb's Palsy. I will be going to the Erb's Palsy Clinic at Atlanta Children Hospital in about 6 months there's only a few doctor's that are in it that Dr.Miller referred me to but I'm not sure what else they do but they are Neuro doctor's for peds. I do have to say I have had many hours at Scottish Rite and they are really great with children.

We see Dr Andrew Reisner. He is associated with scottish rite children's hospital. He saved our daughters life. He treated her during a recent episode of encephalitis. All of the icu nurses highly recomend him and say they would trust their own children to him. One even said She wished her could treat her, but he specializes in pediatrics. We checked out his records with the american medical association and were again advised he is a really good doctor. We highly recomend him. He is located right across from Scottish rite in atlanta.

I just saw (last week) Dr. Alan Maloon with Marietta Neurology. He is located by Kennestone. Google him and their website should come up. He seemed very nice. I have migraines and have other past issues. If he doesn't work, I saw a neuro in Roswell who was very nice, too. I can give you that contact info. Good luck!


I was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 18, and when I moved to Atlanta after college I also searched long and hard for a neurologist. I see Dr. Matthews Gwynn. He is not in the East Cobb area, but I really like him. He is located near Children's Hospital at Johnson Ferry and Peachtree Dunwoody. I also took depakote (was allergic, so quickly went off it), but you should look into the long term effects of the medication such as having children, etc. I tried a few medications before I found one that I wasn't allergic to, but looking back on it, I think some of them would have prevented me from having a family. Good Luck!

Dr. Boydston at Children's Healthcare is AWESOME. He's a ped. neurosurgeon. I know it's a little drive- I live in East Cobb- but isn't it worth it to have an outstanding group of doctors? Good luck!

I am so sorry to here your story. I wanted to let you know about my Doctor. I have seen over the past 6 years or so and he is really good! Dr. Gary Kaplan at Wellstar, he has an office at Cobb Hospital as well as in Douglasville. Good Luck!

Child Neurology Associates

They are not in Cobb, but down near Scottish Rite. They are SOOOOOO worth the drive. They were wonderful with my daughter. People come from all over the south to meet with them. Here is their website http://www.childneuro.org/

Hi, my 11 year old daughter is currently under the care of a neurosurgeon, Dr. Andrew Reisner. He is with Pediatric Neurosurgey Assoc. We live in East Cobb and make the drive to his office, which is located across from Scottish Rite hospital. He is great, and he saved our daughter's life this summer. All the doctor's we came in contact with at Scottish Rite were fantastic. It is a wonderful children's hospital. So if you find a doctor associated with Children's healthcare of Atlanta, they should be good. Hope this helps. Good Luck!

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