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Upper Respiratory Infection

I have a 7 month old daughter and a 3 year old daughter that are both sick. I'm more concerned about my baby because she can't take medicine like my 3 year old can. She is so stuffed up, can hardly breathe, stopped wanting to eat baby food, only will be nursed but not as often as usual, lost a little weight, only wants to be held by mom, not wanting to play, has a very bad cough, just lost her voice today, and doesn't want to sleep but when she does not for long. I keep cleaning her nose by using drops and then use a sucker to clean it out. 30 minutes will go by and she will be stuffed up again. I brought her to the doctor twice already because this has been going on for 2 weeks already and just getting worse. They said she is fine and just has a upper respiratory infection and there's nothing they or I can do because she is young. They said the best thing for her is that I'm nursing her and she is still want nurse. As for her losing weight they said it's nothing to worry a lot about unless she loses more than 5 pounds. I never had this problem with my first daughter until she was a little over a year but not as bad. I didn't nurse her and doctors told me that nursing stops babies from getting sick unlike babies that are bottle fed. So go figure I don't think doctors know what there talking about as much as what we think. anyways I was wondering if anybody could give me advice for her that would make her feel better than what she does now. I would greatly appreciate it and I think that experienced mom's know best.

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Have you tried propping her bed up when she sleeps? Either use a wedge or put some blankets under the matress. This can help with the stuffiness while sleeping. Have you tried baby vicks? We have found rubbing a little baby vicks on my daughter's chest seemed to help ease some of the symptoms. If it is going on for over 2 weeks I think I might go see another doctor for a second opinion. Good luck!

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I say you definitly go for a second opinion. Your kids might need a little prednisone or something to help them kick this infection. Although it is not safe to use often, a couple of doses should help the other medication and move the sickness out quickly. Another option you can look into is a nebulizer for breathing treatments. Besides oral medication to help counter normal symptoms, the breathing machine can deliver medicine straight to the area that needs it, the chest and sinuses.
Good luck, and definitly prop baby up a little while sleeping. Get well wishes for the little ones!

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Take some of your Mommy milk and use it in her nose instead of the medicated drops. It is amazing. As she nurses, your body "reads" the pathogen and then makes the antibody required to fight it. Mother Nature has this down.
And also if you email me, I can send you info on a natural and safe anti-viral/antibiotic that belongs on every Moms shelf.

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Hi - G. - this is a longer term fix, but if you want to avoid colds, or reduce symptoms/shorter illness when they do catch a cold, get them on Juice Plus soft chews (at least for your three year old). It ensures they are getting whole food nutrients from fruits and vegetables in their bodies protecting their health, making their body function better and lowering their risk of virtually every disease. If you'd like more information on Juice Plus you can go to wethriveonjuiceplus.com or reply to this email. My kids have been taking for five years and hardly ever get sick and I have peace of mind that they are getting their fruits and vegetables. Hope they feel better soon!

Hi! I hope your baby is feeling better. I work with a company who offers an excellent multivitamin with a probiotic that helps to build an infant's immune system. It will help your baby to fight off the infection sooner. Have you heard of Shaklee Corporation? They are a 53-year old, CA-based, privately owned company, whose products are constantly quality-tested for purity. Here is the link. Please feel free to contact me for more information. All the best!

I totally feel your pain. I have a 9 month old (breastfed) and she's been sick twice. The first was a cold but she was so stuffed up and couldn't sleep because of it. A trick I learned when I had my son was to put breast milk in their nose. It acts as a natural antibiotic and helps clear it up. I would express some in a cup and use a medicine dropper and sort of shoot it in to her nose. I know it sounds weird but it does help. You can't do it too often so whenever she's stuffed up, try it. I also bought a eucalyptus, lavender rub that I put on her chest and back when she's sleeping. It's by "Little Colds" and it's great. You can also make your own if you have essential oils and olive oil. Mix one or two drops of each oil with some olive oil and put it on her chest/back.

I just said the same thing; "I thought breast fed babies weren't supposed to get sick" but I guess they do. My son didn't get his first cold until he was 1.

And about the eating, my daughter was doing the same thing. She didn't really want her solids and she wasn't nursing as well or as much. I know she just didn't feel good. As long as I could still see her rolls I knew she was ok. My daughter hasn't gained much weight due to this and might have also lost some but she seems to be doing fine and thriving. I'm sure yours is as well.

Good luck, hopefully some of this will work for you

Have you tried elevating her mattress so her sinuses can drain or having her sleep in a swing or her car seat? This will allow her to breathe and will also allow those sinuses to drain.
Another tip our doctor showed us was how to irrigate our child's nose well by squeezing a large volume of salt water in his nose with an eye dropper, then tip him upside down so his nose can drain. Then you can use the nasal aspirator to get the remaining nasal fluids easily. Be warned, if you thought you had a lot before, you'll be surprised how much you will get doing this.
Finally, are you using a humidifier? This acts as an expectorant to get the stuff out of her chest and nose. You can also sit in a bathroom with the hot water running to create steam to get the same effect.

Make sure you close her little mouth if open. Even if she is stuffed up. Breast feeding is good and that makes her breathe through her nose. It helps immune and inflammation in her lungs. If you do this you will notice a difference right away. ButeykoBreathingclinic.com. Don't let this cause her to start mouth breathing causes a multitude of problems later. M., BBPractitioner and oral facial myofunctional therapist.

Nose Frida, the snot sucker. they sell it at whole foods.
the pain and infection is caused by the snot. this sucker gets it all out. my infant had three colds before he turned three months. I swear by this tool.

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