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Upper Frenulum Broke!! HELP!

Hi moms,

I had a question. My husband and I are trying to decide if we should go to the hospital. My son has what they call a low frenulum under his upper lip. I'm hoping someone knows something about that because its hard to explain. Basically, the piece of flesh that connects the top lip to the gum is lower than it should be. It usually extends to the bottom of the top gums sometimes causing a gap in between the two front top teeth. The frenulum can be low at the bottom also, but they call this a tongue tie, which he has this also, but that's not my concern right now.

Anyways, tonight he fell and somehow he tore that piece of flesh. It bled quite a bit and then the bleeding stopped. It is still hanging on by a very smalll piece of flesh but it's basically torn. This is something that may actually be a blessing in disquise because maybe he wont have any problems with the spacing in his teeth with that missing. But because of the blood etc, and the way it looks, I am concerned. I just want to make sure it's ok and we don't need to rush him to the hospital or something. I'm hoping someone out there has an experience with this or some helpful advice. Thanks moms! ...........Sorry to ramble!

What can I do next?

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As the other mom's have stated, the mouth does bleed a lot. My son also fell and ripped the same area. I too, freaked out. When I took him to the Dr. the Dr. stated that he was fine and that he just may not have the most perfect smile when he gets older. This happened to him when he was 3yrs and he is 5 yrs now and you can't even tell anything happened. You can bring him to the Dr. to ease your mind, but there is really nothing they will be able to do. The best advice I can give you is to make sure to ice it and watch what foods you give to him, I would give soft foods for a few days so that you do not open the wound again. Good Luck...

My son has both of these, but we haven't done anything about it (like clipping it). We did go see an ENT about it, and he said that if you clip it then my son would still have to do mouth exercises to keep it from "growing back". If he's not bleeding profusely, then I would wait. I would also then make an appointment with his pedi doc just for them to check it out. Now I'm not a doctor, so if it's really bothering you, then go see a doctor. You're his mom, and you're the best judge right now. Do what makes you feel better. Hope all is well with your son!!

Hi T.,
I am a dental assistant. I would not worry about the broken skin. a lot of bleeding is normal from the mouth. Just be sure to ice it to releave the swelling and discomfort. However....If he hit his teeth hard you may want to take him to see your dentist. I would be more concerned with damage to his teeth, IF he fell on them....If not, just make him comfortable and he will be feeling better in a day or two...The mouth heals very fast!
Good Luck

I am not an expert but this happened to a good friend of mine. Her son was 3 when it happened & it did bleed ALOT and became swollen but I know they did not take him to the ER or doctor. They iced it & gave him pureed and/or soft foods. He was grumpy for a few days and did not eat as much but he returned to normal. Sometimes it looks worse than it is. If you are worried you could always call your doctors emergency line & see what they say. Good luck!


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