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Unusual Legs Cramps

My wife (soon to be 1st time mother in June) has been having cramps in her legs the last little while. It is only in one leg (calf to be more specific). It happens a couple times a week and then she is sore for a couple days. I know that she can't take alot of drugs to help with it. Does anyone know anything or have any suggestions. It is making her uncomfortable at night. She has tried to eat alot of bananas but that didn't seem to work either. Any help would be greatly appriciated.

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Against all reason I placed a bar of soap at the end of our bed. So far my wife hasn't had another cramp. We have another doctors appointment this week so we will ask him about the other stuff, but so far the bar of soap seems to be working. Thanks for all the advice.

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Have her put a heating pad on the sore leg on low heat, and also elevate her legs. it will help the blood circulate to her legs better which will help with the cramping.

HEY! I am a 1st time mom and I experienced what you wife is experiencing. They are leg cramps and she doesnt need drugs. Tell her not to point her toes when she stretches. If she does, tell her to point her toes back towards her and massage her calf muscle. She can take a magnesium calcium supplement. Leg cramps are caused by a calcium deficency. hope that helps!


I had bad leg cramps too! I would be sore for days. My doctor told me to put a bar of Ivory Soap under my fitted sheet at night by my legs. I asked why that would help and she said she didn't know why, but it works. It did! As long as that soap was by my legs I didn't get cramps. But if it moved away from my legs, I did. Crazy, but it works.

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Hi I am a mother of four beautiful children and found that taking extra calcium when I was pregnant helped with the leg cramps. It is safe for both mom and baby too.

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I used to get cramps in my calf muscles that were excrutiating while I was pregnant. I found that I lacked both calcium, vitiman E and potasium. I'm not a huge milk fan but I do like choc. milk so I would drink a Carnation Instant breakfast sometimes 3X a day - that seemed to help ALOT! I also was very careful not to point and flex my toes while I was in bed. That would trigger them instantly. Hopefully that will help - Good luck!

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Every time I'm pregnant I get the same cramps in my calf. They are absolutely awful. During my last pregnancy (about 6 months ago), I read a medical article about leg cramps during pregnancy. It said that the only proven way to reduce these cramps was to stretch the muscle prior to going to sleep or resting. And when you first feel the onset of the cramp, jump up and put weight on the muscle & stretch it as soon as possible (walk around on it). I personally found that this reduced the number and intensity of my cramps. Good luck!

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I also got leg cramps i started taking Full spectrum minerals high in calcium about 1,000 mg a day. I did and my leg cramps went away. P.s. You can get them at any herb shop ask the cashier. C. A

Unfortunately, that is one of the "great" perks of being pregnant. It is a miserable, uncomfortable feeling that really has no remedies. More calcium is my suggestion. One thing I tried during my last pregnancy was when I stretched my legs, I tried not to point my toes. As long as I kept my foot flexed, I avoided the leg cramps.

Good Luck!

My husband has leg cramps and suggests quinine water. Check with your doctor or phamacist. I think it would be safe. He takes the pill form but feels the water would be less potent for you. Some have suggested a little salt but we haven't had sucess with that. S.

Leg cramps are normal during pregnancy, but I would still talk to your doctor. It could be a more serious prblem like a blood clot.
When your wife gets the cramps in her legs,first ask her if she would like for her leg to be rubbed, you don't want a mood swing up one side and down teh other. Rub her legs for her and after she gets out of the shower rub them then since the warm water will relax her a little.
Good luck with your baby.
If you are asking questions for your wifes welfare now I know you'll be a great dad.
Just keep asking your wife what you can do for her. Even if she doesn't say anything, she's appriciating all you're doing for her.
A happy pregnant woman is the best for everyone:)

Many women during pregnancy, experience similar leg and toe cramps. Your body is undergoing dramatic changes and minerals need to be supplemented at times, above what's in your normal prenatal multi. Whereas pregnant & lactating women need, at least, 355mg (elemental) magnesium, magnesium is necessary for nerve & muscle functioning, (i.e. muscle cramps) and combined with calcium can work as a natural tranquilizer. Chelated magnesium is best, but if you take Magnesium Oxide, be aware of loose bowels. Do not take straight magnexium after meals, since it neutralizes needed stomach acids, combined with calcium is best.Meat, fish and dairy are relatively poor sources, but nuts, seeds & green veggie probably supply ample magnesium normally. As always, check with your doctor before supplementing but he will probably concur with your choice.
Continue to drink plenty of spring or distilled water for hydration purposes as well, and additional electrolytes, just as an athlete would, after all, you ARE running quite a race right now. good luck and good health.

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