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Unexplained Uterine Bleeding Since May 2007 - Concord,NC

Starting in May 2007 I began to bleed very heavy like I was on my menstraul cycle. Heavy bleeding for my time of the month is not unusual so I thought nothing of it but when it didn't stop for 3 Months, I went to the OBGYN and the nurse practitioner done a hand pelvic exam, and stated oh your just having the period from hell, and sent me home. I continued to bleed very heavily with a lot of clots 24/7, I had to start wearing adult depends at times when it was extrememly heavy and I was messing up my clothes. I went in for another appt. all they did was take a pregnancy test, say well your not pregnant and sent me home. By January of 2008 I went back in because I was still bleeding heavily 24/7 with clots, they finally decided to do a sonahystagram and found I had uterine polyps which were removed by surgery and found to be non cancerous, while they were in there they also did a D & C during surgery, the doctor assured me this would fix the problem and the bleeding should stop. It didn't I am still bleeding and since January 2008 I have asked continuously for more test of any kind to try to find the problem. His solution lets put in a Mirena IUD which has now been in for 6 weeks, and I am still bleeding. Last week September 2008 I go in for my checkup, again he only does the hand pelvic exam, states the IUD is still in place, we're running out of options. I asked him to check my hormone levels and he stated well you hear of people doing that but those test aren't accurate, we just don't need to do that. Also the whole time my breasts have been leaking like I'm still breastfeeding, but my son was weaned when he was 18 mths, and he's now 3 yrs old.

Can anyone please help?

What can I do next?

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You need to find another OB/GYN!!!! This is not normal. No one can bleed that much and not be anemic.

Get a new doctor, immediately. And if the new one doesn't help, keep going to another and another. This isn't normal, and you need somebody who will help you get to the bottom of it. Good luck!

I would recommend you find a new doctor. This is definitely not normal. If one doctor doesn't find this to be a problem or is not listening to you, be diligent & keep on until you find one.

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Here's a few things that may cause heavy bleeding in your case:
1. Thyroid disease ( so make sure to have that checked)
2. Obesity (so, if you've gained weight over the years, even a 5-10 pound weight loss can help get periods back on track)
3. Fibroids or polyps (since you've obviously had ultrasounds, I'm going to assume that that's been worked up)
4. Anovulatory bleeding (basically, if you're not producing an egg each month from your ovaries then the lining inside your uterus will build up and cause you to have heavy periods. This is why birth controls can help because they can regulate hormones and therefore the lining of your uterus)
Here's what can help:
1. Birth control (just about any method). The Mirena IUD takes several months before you see any improvement, so I'm not surprised that 6 weeks has had no effect.
2. If you don't want any more children, an endometrial ablation (burning the inside lining of your uterus) can help with the bleeding
3. Again...if you don't want any more children and other options have failed, a hysterectomy will definitely get rid of the bleeding (the only 100% effective method, by the way)
4. If you still want children, a D&C (scraping the lining of your uterus) can also help but may only be a temporary solution if no cause can be found for your bleeding. If you combine the D&C with birth control afterwards, you'll have greater success.
I hope that this helps. It's not a complete list. Sometimes it takes a long time to get control of heavy bleeding but continue to be proactive in trying new things.

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Dear Girl!
It is time to check with a hormone specialist - pref. a
Dr that deals in Natural healing.
If you believe in spiritual healing - then ask people to pray for a healing. It does work.
If you can remember - did this start right after a trauma in your life??? We sometimes respond to things in odd ways.
I say this because I had pain in my neck for seven years - finally found out it was due to a move away from my Mom ( I hadn't cut the aporn string)
Wishing you the very best of health. Dr C.

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Hey C.! don't take the advice from one doctor. See one or two or three other doctors to see what they have to say. Surf the internet for the symptoms you are having and see what you can find out. I once missed a period a few years back. My gynecologist said I have (oh the name escapes me but, it's something common) suggested we do a hysterctomy...but, he said let's pluck out your uterus...uh, I didn't like the use of pluck. I didn't feel it was very professional. I came home and checked it out on the internet. There were other options for the removal of what he said I had. I made an appointment with a female gynecolgist in Memphis. She did a pelvic exam and she had me sign a paper requesting this doctor send her my files. She did not feel what he said I had nor by my files did I have what he said I had....I've had periods again since then.....the female doctor I saw is Dr. Mary Bannister. She seemed to understand and was really into finding out what was wrong. I had a hormone test done and it came back fine..she said sometimes us womens hormones do these things but, I did not have what the other doctor said I had and I did not need a hystertomy!!!!! Get second opinions and I hope you find the problem....

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YES, go to another doctor....BUT I wanted to add something to consider. This may not apply to you - but just in case, I wanted to share (I'll try to make this short). I had the same issue with bleeding & the OBGYN. Finally, I broke down and went to the emergency room. They did an X-ray (before this I had 3 ultrasounds that showed nothing). Turns out I had adhesions (scar tissue from having my appendix out like 10 years before) wrapped around one of my ovaries which was obstructing it and my bowels. Ended up having surgery and all is fine now.....although I lost a lot of blood for bleeding constantly for 6 months! This probably isn't what is going on with you - I'm just saying that it pays to go in another direction. Good luck to you and please let us know what happens!

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i would definitely seek a 2nd opinion. especially if the doctor says he's out of options. try a specialty group like unc or duke where the physicians are more accustomed to things outside of the norm. not sure where you are located but both duke and unc have satellite offices outside of durham/chapel hill in places like raleigh. good luck.

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I started having periods so heavy that I was changing a super-plus absorbancy tampon every 15 minutes or less. I ruined so many pairs of pants it's not funny. My OB/Gyn didn't want to do a hysterectomy because of my age (28 at the time), so we opted for a somewhat new procedure called a DNC and Ablation. When they did the ultrasound prior to surgery the tech said by the thickness of my uterine wall that I should have a period any day. The bad part was that it had just ended two days prior. The surgery went very well and they did the DNC first and removed as much of the ligning as they could then did the ablation part that ultimately burns off anything that is left so that tissue won't grow in the future. Since the surgery last August I have only had a period heavy enough to need a tampon once! Most of the time it's simply a panty liner for one or two days and that's it. The surgery isn't an option if you ever plan to have more kids in the future though. Good luck, I hope this helps!

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Go see a different OB. It could just be menorrhagia which is a benign increase in menstrual flow, but it can also be the early stages of endometrial cancer, uterine cancer, etc. If you need a good OB,I see a physician named LArry Griffin and he is fabulous. Phone is ###-###-####, located in Louiville. Don't sit on it, your children need their mamma.

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Hi C.,

Take a deep breathe and realize that things are going to get better. I'm sure with two kids, it is scary when there is something wrong with you that you do not understand.

You may feel frustrated with your situation and be wondering if its going to work out. It is. Your doctor put you through extra stress because of his lack of commitment to your case.

I would also suggest getting a woman doctor who is both committed and empathetic.

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