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Unexplained Uterine Bleeding Since May 2007 - Concord,NC

Starting in May 2007 I began to bleed very heavy like I was on my menstraul cycle. Heavy bleeding for my time of the month is not unusual so I thought nothing of it but when it didn't stop for 3 Months, I went to the OBGYN and the nurse practitioner done a hand pelvic exam, and stated oh your just having the period from hell, and sent me home. I continued to bleed very heavily with a lot of clots 24/7, I had to start wearing adult depends at times when it was extrememly heavy and I was messing up my clothes. I went in for another appt. all they did was take a pregnancy test, say well your not pregnant and sent me home. By January of 2008 I went back in because I was still bleeding heavily 24/7 with clots, they finally decided to do a sonahystagram and found I had uterine polyps which were removed by surgery and found to be non cancerous, while they were in there they also did a D & C during surgery, the doctor assured me this would fix the problem and the bleeding should stop. It didn't I am still bleeding and since January 2008 I have asked continuously for more test of any kind to try to find the problem. His solution lets put in a Mirena IUD which has now been in for 6 weeks, and I am still bleeding. Last week September 2008 I go in for my checkup, again he only does the hand pelvic exam, states the IUD is still in place, we're running out of options. I asked him to check my hormone levels and he stated well you hear of people doing that but those test aren't accurate, we just don't need to do that. Also the whole time my breasts have been leaking like I'm still breastfeeding, but my son was weaned when he was 18 mths, and he's now 3 yrs old.

Can anyone please help?

What can I do next?

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You need to find another OB/GYN!!!! This is not normal. No one can bleed that much and not be anemic.

Get a new doctor, immediately. And if the new one doesn't help, keep going to another and another. This isn't normal, and you need somebody who will help you get to the bottom of it. Good luck!

I would recommend you find a new doctor. This is definitely not normal. If one doctor doesn't find this to be a problem or is not listening to you, be diligent & keep on until you find one.

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Here's a few things that may cause heavy bleeding in your case:
1. Thyroid disease ( so make sure to have that checked)
2. Obesity (so, if you've gained weight over the years, even a 5-10 pound weight loss can help get periods back on track)
3. Fibroids or polyps (since you've obviously had ultrasounds, I'm going to assume that that's been worked up)
4. Anovulatory bleeding (basically, if you're not producing an egg each month from your ovaries then the lining inside your uterus will build up and cause you to have heavy periods. This is why birth controls can help because they can regulate hormones and therefore the lining of your uterus)
Here's what can help:
1. Birth control (just about any method). The Mirena IUD takes several months before you see any improvement, so I'm not surprised that 6 weeks has had no effect.
2. If you don't want any more children, an endometrial ablation (burning the inside lining of your uterus) can help with the bleeding
3. Again...if you don't want any more children and other options have failed, a hysterectomy will definitely get rid of the bleeding (the only 100% effective method, by the way)
4. If you still want children, a D&C (scraping the lining of your uterus) can also help but may only be a temporary solution if no cause can be found for your bleeding. If you combine the D&C with birth control afterwards, you'll have greater success.
I hope that this helps. It's not a complete list. Sometimes it takes a long time to get control of heavy bleeding but continue to be proactive in trying new things.

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Dear Girl!
It is time to check with a hormone specialist - pref. a
Dr that deals in Natural healing.
If you believe in spiritual healing - then ask people to pray for a healing. It does work.
If you can remember - did this start right after a trauma in your life??? We sometimes respond to things in odd ways.
I say this because I had pain in my neck for seven years - finally found out it was due to a move away from my Mom ( I hadn't cut the aporn string)
Wishing you the very best of health. Dr C.

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Hey C.! don't take the advice from one doctor. See one or two or three other doctors to see what they have to say. Surf the internet for the symptoms you are having and see what you can find out. I once missed a period a few years back. My gynecologist said I have (oh the name escapes me but, it's something common) suggested we do a hysterctomy...but, he said let's pluck out your uterus...uh, I didn't like the use of pluck. I didn't feel it was very professional. I came home and checked it out on the internet. There were other options for the removal of what he said I had. I made an appointment with a female gynecolgist in Memphis. She did a pelvic exam and she had me sign a paper requesting this doctor send her my files. She did not feel what he said I had nor by my files did I have what he said I had....I've had periods again since then.....the female doctor I saw is Dr. Mary Bannister. She seemed to understand and was really into finding out what was wrong. I had a hormone test done and it came back fine..she said sometimes us womens hormones do these things but, I did not have what the other doctor said I had and I did not need a hystertomy!!!!! Get second opinions and I hope you find the problem....

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YES, go to another doctor....BUT I wanted to add something to consider. This may not apply to you - but just in case, I wanted to share (I'll try to make this short). I had the same issue with bleeding & the OBGYN. Finally, I broke down and went to the emergency room. They did an X-ray (before this I had 3 ultrasounds that showed nothing). Turns out I had adhesions (scar tissue from having my appendix out like 10 years before) wrapped around one of my ovaries which was obstructing it and my bowels. Ended up having surgery and all is fine now.....although I lost a lot of blood for bleeding constantly for 6 months! This probably isn't what is going on with you - I'm just saying that it pays to go in another direction. Good luck to you and please let us know what happens!

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i would definitely seek a 2nd opinion. especially if the doctor says he's out of options. try a specialty group like unc or duke where the physicians are more accustomed to things outside of the norm. not sure where you are located but both duke and unc have satellite offices outside of durham/chapel hill in places like raleigh. good luck.

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I started having periods so heavy that I was changing a super-plus absorbancy tampon every 15 minutes or less. I ruined so many pairs of pants it's not funny. My OB/Gyn didn't want to do a hysterectomy because of my age (28 at the time), so we opted for a somewhat new procedure called a DNC and Ablation. When they did the ultrasound prior to surgery the tech said by the thickness of my uterine wall that I should have a period any day. The bad part was that it had just ended two days prior. The surgery went very well and they did the DNC first and removed as much of the ligning as they could then did the ablation part that ultimately burns off anything that is left so that tissue won't grow in the future. Since the surgery last August I have only had a period heavy enough to need a tampon once! Most of the time it's simply a panty liner for one or two days and that's it. The surgery isn't an option if you ever plan to have more kids in the future though. Good luck, I hope this helps!

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Go see a different OB. It could just be menorrhagia which is a benign increase in menstrual flow, but it can also be the early stages of endometrial cancer, uterine cancer, etc. If you need a good OB,I see a physician named LArry Griffin and he is fabulous. Phone is ###-###-####, located in Louiville. Don't sit on it, your children need their mamma.

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Hi C.,

Take a deep breathe and realize that things are going to get better. I'm sure with two kids, it is scary when there is something wrong with you that you do not understand.

You may feel frustrated with your situation and be wondering if its going to work out. It is. Your doctor put you through extra stress because of his lack of commitment to your case.

I would also suggest getting a woman doctor who is both committed and empathetic.

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Hi C., It is shocking that this has gone on for so long without effective treatment. The medical help you are getting is conservative, and not inappropriate, but not adequate. I assume they are checking your hematocrit to make sure you are not losing too much blood, Obviously, the endometrial lining of your uterus is totally out of whack. They may try an ablation next. That's where the lining of the uterus is almost all removed and therefore doesn't bleed. Make and appointment to specifically address this bleeding problem. Write down the entire history of this problem and speak up about how distressing it has been. If they brush you off or are annoyed with your persistence, find another Dr. If you have insurance, check first to make sure you go to a Dr. who accepts it. If the bleeding cannot be controlled conservatively, and it is affecting your health and emotional well being, you will need a hysterectomy, which is common, but major surgery. I hope this is helpful.

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Please find another doctor. Talk to friends and/or family members about who they use. You are putting your overall health at risk. If your not comfortable asking people you know ask your primary doctor who they recommend. Your primary doctor may even be able to run test. You are at risk for anemia which can do more damage than make you tired.

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FIND ANOTHER DOCTOR!!! Preferably a woman. I too had problems like yours and it ended up being a combination of hormone imbalances and ovarian cysts. The male doctor I was going to at first put me on SUGAR PILLS!!! He evidently thought it was all in my head. (the pain - he never tried to explain the bleeding). Don't stop until you find an answer - but don't give your current doctor the chance to waste any more of your time. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

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And now you know why what a doctor does is called a "practice"! Having worked with many doctors in my career, I may be a little bit jaded, especially when the doctor thinks s/he is G-d. Heaven forbid they should admit they're stumped.

Hie thee to a different doctor, preferably at a teaching hospital like Vanderbilt where they tend to be more current in their knowledge! Duke is another fine teaching hospital.

Don't waste a minute, please, and do NOT accept that you cannot be seen for months -- you're bleeding profusely, for heaven's sake!! This is not a decision that the front desk employee should be making. Insist that you talk with the doctor's RN or with the doctor herself! You must be your own best advocate and that might mean getting a bit pushy.

Please let us know how things go.


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I say definatly go to another dr. Ask your family dr to refer you to another one if you dont know who to go to. Your thyroid should be checked as it can cause heavy bleeding. If thats ok then you hsould have a laperscopy done to see if you have endometriosis. You might need a D&C to "clean you out" or if your done having kids a endometrial ablaision (they freeze the uterus to slow bleeding). I am about to have the ablasion done cause I have stage 4 endometriosis. If you have any questions PM me as I have been bleeding heavy and delt with female issues since I was 19. There is so many tests and things that can be done for bleeding you hsould not have to suffer and it makes me angry that you have suffered this long.

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Dear C., I have never responded to one of these and for some reason am drawn to answer yours. Coming from a holistic approach, (I am a licensed talk therapist and licensed massage therapist) if you have had all the western medical test run and nothing is coming up I would have you ask yourself the question, "Are you giving and giving to others and not taking care of your own needs and replenishing your resources". Just a thought. Our bodies do funny and unusual things when we are under stress and don't listen. I might also suggest seeing an acupuncturist.
Good luck, C.

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Find another doctor. You want a doctor you trust and will problem solve when they encounter such situations. I had problems when I went off the pill. My cycles were 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, then I bled for 45 days (not as heavy as you though). I went in and they basically told me that my hormones were out of whack and I was not ovulating. It's been a while, so I won't get this exactly right, but basically, either my estrogen or my progesterone wasn't getting high enough to peak resulting in the release of an egg. Despite having what I thought was a period, I actually hadn't had one in about 6 months. As a result, my uterine lining got thicker and thicker and was sloughing off what it could. He gave me progesterone to peak the hormone levels, then when I stopped taking that (only about 5 days) I had a full period. Then he gave me clomid to help increase the other hormone, estrogen, I think, to help my body ovulate in hopes to jump start my body’s natural hormones.

Imagine my hormonal rage when the insurance company said they wouldn't cover it because it was obviously fertility treatments! In my crying rage I blurted out something like, "You bleed for 45 days and tell me you aren't going to go to the doctor!" HA!

Anyway, many years and two kids later we are taking our chances on having another because I refuse to go back on the pill.

I haven't been exactly where you stand, but I've been near there. It is no fun! You wonder what's wrong with your body. You are frustrated. You are hormonal. Find the help you need. Find a doctor that specializes in problem solving.

Good luck and God bless!

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I have had similar instances before and it is quite irritating to say the least. I am certain that this interferes with your love life. When my honeymoon was plagued with a similar ordeal, I took what some would call extreme measures but, it is very well worth it. The doctors do not know what to do other than to put you on birth control, hormone therapy and still may not eliminate the symptoms of what you are experiencing or the root cause in the first place.

Since I was nine years old, I have had a very unpredictable cycle. I never knew when to expect my period and sometimes would not have my menses for 3-6 months and then when my menses came on, I would not know how long to expect it to stay. Once, I bled for more than 3months not counting the weeks where I thought that I would stop bleeding but, only spotted on and off. I broke down when it got to the point where I had the equivalent of a diaper rash and had to buy ointment for myself. It has been years ago.

Well, hundreds of dollars of tests were taken and I even consulted a dear friend of mine who is an OB/Gyn in Pennsylvania and no real information was given to me to help me. THE DOCTORS DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO!

There is a brighter side to this story. After doing plenty of reading and working with a sister circle for womb healing, I was able to make some lifestyle changes for the better that eventually regulated my cycle and now my bleeding is not so heavy. I used to soak through 1 or more pads in 1-hour, now, my heaviest days (2) is 1 pad every 3-4 hours. I cut processed foods, eating whole grains, no refined sugars and definitely NO HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP! I let go of all mucus binding foods. I gave up dairy (I loved cheese)and eggs. Also I increased my intake of raw fruits and vegetables to be a minimum of 50% of what I would eat. I had some blockages in my colon that weighed heavy on my reproductive system that I removed with taking a kidney liver flush for a couple of weeks and using an enema occasionally.

You may want to explore some natural options that may deal more with the cause than the expressed symptoms. You will find that in may put you in a place where you are more in-tuned with your body and can treat yourself better than any doctor.

I wish you the best of luck. It only took me a bit more than a month before I began noticing some physical and consistent positive changes but, all bodies are created uniquely so my experience may not be exactly how it will work for you.

I know that this may be lengthy. If you have any other questions or would like me to be more specific then you may contact me personally and we can continue from there.

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I sort of had the same problem with out the polyps. I nursed my little girl until she was 8 months old and she basically weaned herself. During that whole time I didn't have a period at all which I had read could happen sometimes so I didn't worry about it. However once I Quite nursing it wsa like a dam broke. I bled for over a year having one test after another. I had stronger birth control pills and weaker birthcontrol pills even though I had a tubal with the c-section when I had my daughter. I had always had a heavy period but this was rediculious. I was passing clots as big as my hand sometimes, like you, it was taking over my life. Finally my primary care physican sent me to another OB GYN and he suggested a Hydrothermal Ablasion. You can look it up online. He thought this could be my only option since nothing else seemed to work. He gave me several websites to read about it and said I could get back to him on it which I appreciated. After researching it I decided to have it done. At that point I would have tried almost anything. Unfortunately after the procedure started they discovered that procedure wasn't going to work for me so they a DNC instead. You didn't mention if you have had one of these or not. Now in my case that did the trick for the most part. My periods are still 5-7 days instead of the 3-5 that I have always been used to and still heavy but nothing like they were for that year and a half before the procedure.

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Dearest C.!

GET A DIFFERENT DOCTOR!! (And, yes, I'm yelling -- or, at least, exclaiming loudly! LOL) If you took your car to a mechanic and he left it in the same condition with a terse 'explanation' that didn't make sense or just 'fixed' it enough to 'get you there' but it was still using twice as much gas as it should, you'd go to a different mechanic, wouldn't you? Well, YOU're MUCH MORE important than a car!

Blessings 2 U!

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Try going to an endocrinologist. They study hormones. I'm not a doctor, but maybe your uterus is continuing to bleed because your hormones are screwed up. In the mean time, eat lots of vegetables, and keep your iron up. Hope this helps!

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When my sister had this problem, they did an outpatient procedure every six months or so to cauterize the uterus so she wouldn't have a period. They can only do this if there is no chance you are going to want to (or get) pregnant, though. She did this for 3 years or so, until it got so bad that they went ahead and did a hysterectomy.
Be sure that you aren't letting your doctor just "blow you off," and don't be afraid to go somewhere else to get a second opinion. I'm sure others on the forum could recommend wonderful, attentive OBGYNs in this area! (We just moved here...)

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Dear C.,

I echo the advice from several others in that you definitely need to seek a second opinion from a specialist. There are several tests that might need to be done. Although there are women who experience this, it is not normal by any means.
The stress from not knowing what is causing it, and on your body's natural cycles will continue to wear you down physically and mentally, so get help asap.
My daughter had female problems and severe clotting a few years ago and she went to Duke. They helped her a lot, did a series of tests, and after a d&c, hormone shots, and vitamins along with dietary changes to deal with anemia, she did much better.
Keep us posted, and best of luck to you. Take an offensive position about your personal health, and be assertive about finding the cause and obtaining some relief.

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You need a new doctor -- someone who is taking your complaints seriously. To let you go over a year with prolonged bleeding is unconscionable!

I just looked up "unexplained uterine bleeding" and came up with this page http://www.emedicine.com/med/TOPIC2353.HTM which basically says there is something they call "Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding" (DUB), for lack of a better idea of what it is. The symptoms sound like what you've described. However, it's what they call it when they don't know what else to call it. You can read this page and see if there is anything they can do, other than treat the anemia you are almost certain to have after so much heavy bleeding.

I would suggest that you look into herbal things you can do to build up your female system -- and there are a lot of herbal supplements out there for things like this. Even though it seems the doctors can't figure it out, this is not normal, and you may be able to regulate your system if you find the right supplement.

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You need to change doctors. I have had a few "periods from hell" and that is enough for me!!!! FYI if you take Iboprophin it slow the bleeding. I had a couple of periods that were just horrible turns out it is the medication I am taking. Are you taking any medications. I have high blood pressure and they put me on DIovan it cased me to bleed terribly.

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Sorry you are dealing with that--
Have you been seeing the same doctor since you started bleeding? Have you gotten a second opinion?

Change physician immediately! Go to a specialist! There is definately a problem.

i don't want to alarm you but these are some of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. have your dr do a ca 125 test. it is not a standard but doesn't cost that much and will give you an idea of where you are compared to the norm. which is from 0-35 i am an ovarian cancer survivor and this dis ease is a hard one to beat. i have been on chemo for nearly 4 years now. most of the time you have to demand this test. there is no clear test to determine this cancer. also get a vaginal ultrasound, they look inside with a probe, it's not painful just bothersome. if you have ANY questions please email me for more of my experiance you can also look at my page on myspace..



also google ovarian cancer for more information

sept is ovarian cacner awareness month
September is Nat'L Cancer Awareness Month!

The American Cancer Society reports more than 15,000 women will die from ovarian cancer this year.

Often called the 'silent killer,' there are often no symptoms, or only mild symptoms until late stages of the disease.

And there is no routine screening for the disease. In June of 2007, a list of common symptoms was established.

The American Cancer Society reports these are the most common warning signs:

Pelvic or abdominal pain
Trouble eating or feeling full quickly
Urinary symptoms such as urgency or frequency

Who is at risk:

Family History
Breast Cancer
Estrogen Replacement /Fertility Medication
Sources: American Cancer Society, HHS, Dr.

Steven Seltzer

National Women's Health Information Center: (800-994-9662)

National Cancer Institute Cancer Information Service Phone: (800) 422-6237

American Cancer Society
Phone: (800)-2345

Gynecologic Cancer Foundation
Phone: (800) 444-4441

National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Phone: ###-###-####

Please visit the L'Oreal Paris website to see how you can help spread HOPE.

http://www. lorealcolorofhope. com/index. html?cid=coh_lorus_tout

blessings and love,
hugs and prayers,
L. jean

Get a second opinion. Go see another doctor. I feel for you. I hope someone figures it out. Good luck.

I can tell you my personal experience with the Mirena IUD. I have had it for almost 3 months now. They said it should slow down any period bleeding if not stop it. I have had more frequent, longer lasting periods than ever. I can't say they have been any heavier but its hard to recall since I did have it put in only 9 weeks after giving birth so I never really regained any type of normal menstrual cycle. So basically I can't imagine it being the solution to your problem. If it does anything it might just mask what the real issue is that is causing the extremely heavy, constant bleeding.
If my ob was as passive about this issue as it sounds yours has been, I would have switched doctors and had and second and maybe even third opinions by now. That is definitely not something you should have had to deal with for this long. Seek new help now!

I would recommend you find a new doctor. This is definitely not normal. If one doctor doesn't find this to be a problem or is not listening to you, be diligent & keep on until you find one.

I don't like how long it took your doctor to run tests. Call any of your friends or family in the medical profession and ask who the best OBGYN in town is. Get a second opinion.

Go to another doctor... ASAP!!

Many things can cause this, but it is absurd that it has gone on so long with no relief. Go to another Dr. Endometriosis? and Fibroids come to mind, regardless you need a Dr. that is going to be proactive. This kind of bleeding can eventually make you anemeic, which is the last thing you need having two little ones.

go to another you proble need a hesterstime

You need to get another opinion. Possibly ask friends, etc if anyone has a highly recommended GYN. There is one that I have heard raves about but not been to myself.
Dr. Mestemacher whose office is on Wolf River Blvd. There is a complete hormone make over seminar being given at that office on Sept 30 @ 6:30. The Regel Pharmacy is giving the seminar and you can purchase tickets from them for $15 or at the door for $20. I have also heard wonderful things about this pharmacy especially from ladies that are having "women issues" - www.regelpharmalab.com is you want to check them out.

First, you should tell your Doctor he's Incompetent, no way that type of bleeding should go on that long. I had a very similar experience and I had to have a D & C . My bleeding stopped in 7 days. Go to another doctor!

It's time for you to get a NEW DOCTOR!!! What you are experiencing is not normal. I cannot believe they haven't at least done a D & C. Your doctor is not treating you properly and you need to go somewhere else immediately.

I think i would be finding me another Doctor.!

Hello C.,

I feel horrible for you. I will echo the thoughts of most of the others in that you must get another doctor or at least a second opinion. If you do not know one, I can tell you that Dr. Judith Walters is very good. Try her or anyone at that practice. Do not let a lack, or perceived lack, of coverage stop you. Call your insurance company and explain the situation. You must get a second opinion.

Good luck and better health.


You definitely need to get a second opinion. It doesn't sound like your doc is taking this seriously enough. He may be correct in his diagnosis, but the treatment he is offering sounds terrible. If I were you I'd get recommendations from friends, and find another doctor to check you out ASAP! Good luck!!

I would either ask your Dr about a uterine ablation (not painless, but you would be under general anesthesia), get a second opinion from a different doctor, or maybe even change doctors altogether. If you are having cramping with this bleeding, maybe this is endometriosis. I am a nurse and have worked in OB/GYN in the past, and had severe endometriosis myself. I had to have a total hysterectomy at 29 myself. I had a horrible time with bleeding and excrutiating pain. I know how aggravating that bleeding is.

Second opinion, uterine ablation, another doctor. Those would be my next steps if I were you.

Hope you get better. Best of luck!

It sounds like you may need to consider another gyn. If your insurance covers others, it may be time to start asking for recommendations or give the list and see who others are happy with or comfortable with. This seems to have gone on too long.

I think you need to go see another doctor. Find one that someone highly recommends. Good luck. I will say a prayer for you.

I would definitely seek a second opinion. Sorry you are having such a hard time. Hopefully a different midwife or a dr. will have some answers for you. Best of luck.

You need to find another OB/GYN!!!! This is not normal. No one can bleed that much and not be anemic.

C., I had similar situation and I can help! There is a procedure called a "thermal ablation" sp? could be spelled "thermal ablasion" where they (giving this to you in layman's terms) insert a bag into the uterus and fill it with hot water - no you don't feel anything - that cauterizes the uterus. Nothing can adhere to it so therefore there isn't a lining to shed monthly. It has been three years next month and I have very rarely had a period at all, just a little spotting some months. It's been wonderful! (Just need to remember to do your monthly breast exams since there's no period to remind you!) My previous OBGYN basically let me bleed despite complaints....only wanted to suggest the pill but I didn't have my hubby go thru a vasectomy so I could take the pill! I got the name of my new OBGYN from our family doctor (He told me about this procedure because his own wife had it done). I highly recommend him. If you are in Louisville, KY area, his name is Dr. Forrester in the Partners in Women's Health practice. If not, perhaps find some internet info about procedure to take in to your current doc? Some Dr's don't want to try new things so you may end up in the market for a new OBGYN but don't give up! I'll pray that you can get this taken care of quickly. It's certainly no fun to bleed constantly :) J.

Yes... that solution is easy:

That one obviously is a quack and doesn't care.

I am a nurse. Make an appt immediately with another GYN doc. Explain all uou have said to us, and find out what is wrong. This is not normal, and you have received terrible care.
You have to be your own advocate. Good luck and keep us posted.

Hi C., I'm real sorry about your dilemma, I don't really know if what I have will help you, here goes: Maybe You Could Look Online for Womans Clinics that Specialize in Your Symptoms,Find a Few You Like & e-mail or Call them, For Thier Idea's on What you Should/Could Do, Some Do 0ffer This Online - The One I Looked Into did Unfortunately for Me No Insurance - And if They Don't Answer Online Questions They May Offer You a Referral OR Some Advice, Like What do They Suggest You DO - GO - CALL - What Exactly Are Your Options. C., I have had similar problems with some Doctors here in Nashville. For them to tell you, your Normal - and your ok, is unacceptable, your probably at your wits end, and may be experiencing some depression,if so I've left some #'s these people were very empathetic and gave me some great referrals of course without insurance or ability to travel I was out of luck but it was nice to know some people do care and went above & beyond to get #'s for me to try and get help with my problem. I hope this will help in some small way I do not believe what is going on in your body is normal or healthy.(1-800-950-NAMI(6264) 1-800-969-6642 the Mayo Clinic may be of some help too)I don't in any way think your problem is emotional, mine was'nt either, however these people referred me to the people I needed to speak with. I think you may have luck Online too, God Bless & Good Luck

I have a Mirena IUD and it took me 3 months to stop bleeding after insertion. I think it is quite common to go that long before the bleeding subsides. Since then, I have loved it. Shorter, lighter periods. You just have to be patient initially.
I would also get a second opinion if the bleeding continues outside the post-insertion recommended time. I hope you feel better soon!

It's time to get a second opinion, from a good OBGYN!

Get a new doctor, immediately. And if the new one doesn't help, keep going to another and another. This isn't normal, and you need somebody who will help you get to the bottom of it. Good luck!

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