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Uneven Ear Piercing on 8-Month Old Daughter

HELP! I chose to have my 8-month old daughter's ears pierced almost 3 weeks ago (Note: If you're of the opinion that mothers shouldn't have their baby's ears pierced, please respect my decision and do not reply to this post to tell me I'm a horrible mom). The entire process went smoothly (she barely cried) and the holes are in good shape (not infected or red). Here's the problem: The holes are terribly uneven! The right one is extremely close to the front of the ear lobe and higher than the other, while the left one is a good finger-length back from the edge of the ear lobe. If I get the right one redone, do I need to wait for the first hole to close? If so, how long does that take? I'm not excited about her having only one earring in, but I don't want to put her through piercing both again if I don't have to. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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I took the advice of several of you and called a local piercing shop and spoke with my daughter's pediatrician's office. Both said to remove the poorly positioned earring and allow the hole a few weeks to close, then have it redone. I also called the place where we had it done and the manager said the same thing. She also said she would re-pierce the ear herself (at no charge, of course). So we waited a few weeks and had it redone today. It is SO much better now! Thank you to all of you who responded. I was overwhelmed at how many of you took an interest in helping me with this situation. THANK YOU!!!

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I think I'd go to a different ear-piercing place and have them take a look. They can give you advice about repiercing/growing back/etc.

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Hi K., I understand. The same thing happened to my granddaughter. One earring was to close to the edge. I was afraid that if she every wore hoops or heavy earrings later in life that it would tear through so we went back to Walmart, where she had it done and they said to leave the earring out for a couple of weeks and come back and have it repierced. I know I didn't want her to go through the pain again but it's better now than to have a problem later. I say go back to where you got her ears pierced and show them and they will instruct you. Hopefully, she won't cry that much this time too.

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If you must have her wear earrings then I would suggest waiting for the hole to grow up and then have another one done. But if you can wait until she's a little older than just let her holes grow up and be done with it. She's young so I wouldn't think it would take too long fo the holes to close.

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I am not an expert at this by any means however I think if you take them they will grow up very quickly. So then you can have them pierced again. I am not sure where you got them done but you should check on getting them done at the pediatrician's office. I know some of them do it.(or atleast used to)

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I don't know if you want to wait to have the right ear repierced because the ear forms scar tissure around the hole. If where the hole should be is close to where the existing one is, it will be twice as hard to pierce it once it has healed. Wow, that was a a tongue twister! LOL
Really, the holes should be dead center on the lobe. If they are too low or close to the edge, they will not be able to support the weight of a heavier earring when she gets older. If you're worried, you can take her to a professional piercing palor to get their opinion. It may sound silly, but those folks pierce for a living and they know what they're doing. Good luck!

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Hi K.,
I used to be a manager for a well-known retail store that pierces ears before I had children. What I would suggest to you is that you take the earring out and wait a couple of weeks for the ear to heal itself. Take your daughter AND the earring that you removed back to the place you got her ears pierced. Talk to the MANAGER of the store, let them know what happened and that you were unhappy with the placement. The reason I say talk to the manager is that they should have the most skills and knowledge about ear piercing. If you take them the earring they may be able to exchange it for a new piercing free of charge depending on where you got the piercing done to keep the customer happy (meaning you would not have to buy a new pair of earrings to get your daughters ears repierced). They may need the earring for inventory purposes. We had to return ours to the home office for disposal. This was the policy for the company I worked for several years ago.
Just an FYI for you and others who have written in: piercing through cartilage is really the only time you'd have to worry about scar tissue and the lobes have none, they are just fatty tissue.
I do not think you should take your daughter to a body piercer. Yes they usually have a clean, sterile environment, and are very knowledgable about piercing, but unless you are looking to get a higher gaged earring (larger hole), which in your daughters case you are not, you do not need to go to them just to get your ears pierced. There are other, more child-friendly places for that.
You could also take your child to your local doctor as well, but you will run the risk of having them be uneven again. Keep in mind they do not make a living of piercing ears and may not have the most up-to-date devices used for piercing ears.
Hope this helps!

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Oh hey... I know what you are going through because I went through the same thing with my now 4 year old daughter. When I got home my husband was really upset because our daughter had one right and the other one uneven. We did not know what to do but we opted for taking both out and waiting until she is old enough to sit still. She does not have her ears pierced now and we use the sticky type from time to time. I know when she gets older she'll make the decision to go through it. We just did not want to live with her saying later on, gee mom! couldn't you just have taken it out? Once the holes are in for a while, they won't close. Good luck and I hope you do what's best. take care...

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I say take her back to the peircer and let them know they doneit wrong and have them pierce her in the right spot and allow the other one to close.That way it will be fixed, the old hole on that 1 side will clse up and yo won't have to worry about 1 ear being fine and the other being sore if u do it at a later time.Plus if you take her back now the peircer should fix it for free.If the person does not offer it then ask yourself.It's common business sense to correct your mistake for free if yo fail to do your job right.

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First of all - - go back to the place you got the piercing done & get your $$ back - - It takes a while for the holes to grow up - - maybe take her to another piercing place & see if they can make it look better with another piercing of the "bad" ear. They can see if it would help - - The peircing is more of a shock to them than a really painful experience - - it is done & over before they know it - - mine oldest 2 were only 6 weeks old -- I haven't pierced my 2 year old's yet - - your 8 month old is just aware what is going on (some stranger messing with her ears!!) - - take her to see if another jeweler can fix it! Good Luck!

S. Morgan

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This happened to my good friend in AZ. After much asking from others around her she decided it was best to just take both out and let them heal. It only took about 2 months. Then she went to a different place to have it done again and she marked the ears herself so the same thing would not happen again.

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I am so sorry about this. I had my daughter's pierced @ 2 months and she is fine:) I believe you should go ahead and have it repierced NOW. The scar tissue after a piercing is so thick that it might make it very uncomfortable for her. I agree with the other mom's. Call around to different piercing places or "body-Piercing" parlors and ask if they pierce ears as well. I know you don't want to think of your baby being in one of those places---but honestly it will be one of THE most sanitary places you've ever been in:) If you can't find help there, look in the yellow pages for ear piercing places or try the internet for referrals.
I hope this all works out for you. By the way, you are a fine mom, don't worry if other moms don't like the fact that you've pierced your childs ears. GEEEZ-I KNOW I got the looks when Alex was only 2 months--but she's my little lady. If you wait too long, they play with their ears a lot and the ears get infected.

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